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The Practice of Dorje Drolo

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By Rudolph Bauer, Phd

A practice that invokes the fierceness of the primordial Guru ~

1. I embrace the nature of my own awareness, which is primordial awareness itself, unbound openness, the nature of compassion and spacious illumination.

2. Out of the intensity of compassion for myself and others, I am able to act and I invoke the fierceness of the fiery light of dissolving and voiding… dissolving and voiding of anger, and the rage of impotency in my own self… dissolving even the trace of victimization.

3. As the Heruka of inherent pure awareness, free of all conceptual thought, free of destructive states of self negation and self stupidity, I am able to act and cut through various dimensions of obstructive spirit that are delusive for myself and others.

4. Directly perceiving the Heruka of the primordial ground I am able to act through direct perception and understand the character of the various situations that manifest in the oneness of awareness. And from within the base of laminate awareness I am able to act decisively with courage and able to cut through whatever has to be cut through in order to be free from fixation, unending states of being stuck and repetitious re-occupation.

5. In the blazing fire of wisdom gnosis I invoke the presence of the guru, which is the presence of primordial awareness manifesting in myself as myself. In my heart is a luminous sphere as bright as the sun and circling this light is the mantra HUNG HUNG HUNG.

6. Through this HUNG everything dissolves into the innermost luminosity and through PHAT, PHAT, PHAT whatever has to be dissolved is dissolved. Having become the fierce archetypical power I have the voice of Dorje Drollod, the fierceness of subduing the demonic in myself and in situations around me. I become fearless and live in courage and in the integrity of the primordially pure awareness field. And so I live in bliss and am fearful of no one.

7. I live in the space of oneness beyond intellectual redundancy and I love the company of the fearless and fierce companions of the blazing power of luminosity. The Heruka’s and Dakini’s of the archetypical dimension of the wonderful and amazing field of consciousness, in their protection I live, in this life and in life after life.

8. I consistently take refuge in the awareness free of duality and the refuge field dissolves into my own self as my own self. And within this state of fierceness and intensity, all anger and hatred is severed and dissolved. And so I become free. And in the center of the blazing space that I am, arises the luminous blue bindu. From this sphere, light rays of burning brilliance radiate forth. This blue HUNG is the essence of the life force and this purifying light radiates into the infinite horizon, illuminating experience.

9. The luminous light of awareness brings transparency to the appearances both within and without. Within my being I experience the vortexual intensity of innate awareness increasing my capacity to dissolve negative states of mind and the consequent situations that block and dim the experience of the radiant luminosity.

10. The fierce intensity of awareness allows me to integrate the wildness of my mind. The expanding innermost light allows me to meet the ever unfolding dramatic karma and the ever unfolding events of the world, which is the brilliantly terrifying form of appearance and spaciousness. Living both in timeless awareness and in time, I become the universal person who never moves from bliss and spaciousness. I become the HE RU KA, the person who is able to act decisively out of compassion and meet every situation just as it is.

11. I know that everything is the expanse of the knowingness of the three kayas and I am able to experience nature as it is.

12. OM HA HUNG VAJRA MAHA GURU DROWO LOD SIDDHI HUNG. I embrace the primordial and indestructible guru whose blessing I invoke.