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Water Hare Year

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 The RABBIT - Chinese name:

Ranking Order - Fourth
Hours ruled by the Rabbit: 5am to 7am
Direction of this sign - Directly East
Season and principle month: Spring - March
Fixed Element: Wood

29-Jan-1903--15-Feb-1904 - Element-Water(-)
25-Jan-1963--12-Feb-1964 - Element-Water(-)

Water has the gift to dilute highly fixed qualities in a sign but in a rather passive personality like the Rabbit, the element may further weaken an already hesitant temperament. Even then the Water Rabbit is a highly charming personality, one which has his/her own ways of making it good in the world.

One of the most appealing traits of the Rabbit in general is their affability and pleasing natures. This sign more than any other likes to get along with all kinds of people and has an almost uncanny knack of putting everyone they meet at ease. When allied with the element Water, this affability is further amplified, making this Rabbit one of the best-tempered and likable personalities. This owes something to the Water’s ability to bring about a greater empathy in the sign; a Water Rabbit is particularly sensitive to the emotions of others and since he or she hates to hurt another person's feelings, he or she always knows exactly how to treat a person delicately. As a result, Water Rabbits make excellent friends and lovers as much as successes in professions like customer service and public relations - they know what others need and love to give it to them.

Then again the Water Rabbit has higher level of communication skills as compared to those of other elements. The Rabbit as it is a good conversationalist – they know just the thing to say to someone, whether he/she is angry, sad, shy or curious. Since Water acts to make the powers of communication flow more easily, this Rabbit is highly evolved in the way they reach out with verbal as well as non-verbal ways to others. Sometimes though the Water Rabbit can get quite chatty and at such times they may convey the impression of skimming over the surface of things rather than deeper intelligence or commitment.

According to the astrological systems including the Chinese one, the element of Water lends fluidity to those it affects. Any person who is affected by Water their horoscope will be more willing to let others have their way, and will be less interested in conflict. The Rabbit is already a gentle and docile being which is why the influence of Water makes him/her even more easy-going and adjusting. This is a person who is least willing to get into a disagreement, much less a conflict, among all the Chinese zodiac signs. The Water Rabbit will do his/her utmost to adapt to other people or circumstances so that there is minimum scope of unhappiness and stress.

Unfortunately the Water Rabbit’s eagerness to take the line of least resistance has some negative consequences. WaterRabbits may be easily intimidated and often taken advantage of by more aggressive personalities. Their kind natures and strong dislike of conflict lead them to give in to others, even if they should not. Even when human opposition is not an issue, the Rabbit may give up too easily, quit a project or cause at the sign of the least bit of trouble or discomfort. For all these reasons, the Water Rabbit may lose out on a few worldly opportunities even though they may know of other ways to make up for their loss. In personal relationships too, the Water Rabbit may suffer from too much timidity to take a chance at love. Sometimes their dislike of conflict is so strong that they would much rather walk away from a personal or romantic situation rather than stay and resolve relationship issues.

People born under the year of the Rabbit tend to be fortunately blessed, strong willed, hate disagreements, careful, unobtrusive, systematic and confident. The Rabbit is one of the most fortunate of all the Chinese star signs. With their live and let live attitude toward life they don't often get into trouble and seldom make enemies. Although they can often put themselves first due to their fondness for comfort, they are considerate, kind and thoughtful towards others. Rabbits are said to be elegant and kindly and the Rabbit is the symbol of long life. They are said to draw their life energy from the moon. Although being graceful, kind and sensitive and leading tranquil lives, they do have a tendency towards being removed, indifferent and somewhat temperamental. In business they do tend to be fortunate but this comes from being shrewd, crafty and hardnosed. On the whole the Rabbit likes an easy, good time and gives sensible solid advice, although they do shy away from commitments.

The year of the Rabbit: is in sharp contrast to the explosive year of the tiger. It is a year of placidity and respite where little will be set in stone; a carefree happy year that will be both temperate and relaxed.

People born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rabbit can be timid like their animal, but it doesn't mean they are afraid of taking on challenges. Rather, Rabbit people cannot stand interpersonal conflict. This is because they are very sensitive to the feelings of others, and easily overwhelmed if a disagreement turns into an argument. This is why it is never a good idea to corner a Rabbit person. Any disagreements must be discussed calmly, when both parties are relaxed, or else the Rabbit person will flee. Rabbits can even abandon personal or romantic relationships rather than experience conflict-that is how much anxiety they suffer.

Rabbits are quiet intellectuals. They love reading and learning, and although they are social people, they need alone time with their thoughts. Rabbits are very clever and cautious, and never jump into anything without thinking. Because of this, Rabbits rarely find themselves in danger.

Despite their caution, people who are born under the sign of the Rabbit according to the Chinese horoscope know how to relax and have fun. In fact, a Rabbit may invite you to put down your work for the day and enjoy him or her in idle pleasures. Rabbits never procrastinate on serious projects, but they do realize that you only live once, and sometimes you just need to stop and smell the flowers!

The Chinese sign of the Rabbit imparts creativity on those born under it. Rabbits are lucky-they are born with one foot in the realm of practicality and one foot in the realm of creativity. A Rabbit's home is likely to be tastefully decorated with plush fabrics and furniture. Rabbits love to be surrounded by comfort and familiarity, and will not feel quite themselves if they are isolated from home, routine, or family.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the element of Water lends fluidity to those it affects. Any person who is affected by Water in their Chinese horoscope will be more willing to let others have their way, and will be less interested in conflict. Since Rabbits are already fairly docile and dislike conflict, a Water Rabbit is a gentle and easygoing person indeed.

The influence of Water on someone born in the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac greatly increases his or her empathy. A Water Rabbit is particularly sensitive to the emotions of others, and since he or she hates to hurt another person's feelings, he or she always knows exactly how to treat a person delicately. As a result, Water Rabbits make excellent customer service people-they know what others need and love to give it to them.

A Water Rabbit is a very giving Chinese sign. These people need to be very careful, or they will be taken advantage of. Their kind natures and strong dislike of conflict lead them to give in to others, even if they should not. Water Rabbits may be easily intimidated, and should remember that they deserve just as much as others do, and that sometimes it is worth it to stand up for themselves

The water Rabbit is a popular, intuitive and considerate person. They can be quite sensitive and get offended quite easily. They are extremely accurate and like to do everything thoroughly; they also have an amazing memory. - See more at:

The Water Rabbit tends to be quite quiet and can seem quite withdrawn at times. They express their ideas well and are very highly regarded by all their family, friends and workmates and is very successful with many aspects of their life.

The Rabbit has many desirable qualities and is very careful in life. They are intellectual, polite and peaceful people. They dislike any sort of unpleasantness and will always try to steer clear of arguments and disputes. They will always be able to calm a bad situation down and maintain peace.

Rabbits have a great appreciation for art and the finer things in life; they also love to party, which will usually be at the upper class restaurants and nightspots in town. The Rabbit is a humorous and intellectual person who loves to be involved in a debate.

Their views and advice are always appreciated by others and are always portrayed as prudent and diplomatic people. They will rarely get angry and will turn a blind eye when there is something that displeases them just to keep the peace. They like to remain on good terms with everybody, but can get rather sensitive and will see any form of criticism as an insult aimed at them. They will quickly leave the area if there is any sort of trouble heading in their direction.

The Rabbit is a silent yet efficient worker and has an extremely good memory. They are extremely perceptive when it comes to business, but their level of accomplishment often depends on the conditions that prevail. They do not cope well when there is tension in the air or when they have to make a sudden decision. They will always try to plan everything that they do, if there is a busy week ahead at work they might make a list of jobs in order to get done etc.

Rabbits do not like to take risks and really don’t like it when a change is implemented. The Rabbit seeks a quiet and long established environment.

The Rabbit is meticulous and will succeed extremely well as a diplomat, lawyer, shopkeeper or priest as well as any other job where they can show their superb skills to big crowds of people. Rabbits will be very loyal to their employers and will never go behind their backs to rival companies.

They adore their home and will spend a fortune maintaining it and fitting it with the latest gadgets, they do however love to collect, and this means there may be a lot of antiques around their home. They will spend a lot of time making sure their home is constantly clean.

The Rabbit is usually very lucky in life and often is blessed with being in the right place at the right time. They are very talented and quick thinking. They may sometimes put pleasure before work but this will usually be fine for the Rabbit as they are usually expected to live a life free of problems and pain.

The Rabbit is quick, clever and ambitious, but seldom finishes what he starts. He epitomizes gentleness, refinement and elegance. He prefers situations that are perfectly favorable according to his specific desires and will bypass all obstacles and persons he does not find suitable. As a result, he is rarely angry, hostile or aggressive.

The Rabbit is the happiest sign of the Zodiac -- gifted, nice to be with, discreet, refined, reserved, ambitious but not too much so, and virtuous in the bargain. Nobody ignores Rabbits, for they are good company and know how to make the best of themselves. However, Rabbits are superficial and their good qualities are superficial also.

The Rabbit is a social creature, tactful, cool, and sensitive to others. Yet this calm can become aloof, the sensitivity can be quirky and thin-skinned, and the intelligence can become dilettantish.

Rabbits seem to be born with an innate sagacity, a natural shrewdness which makes them streetwise when it comes to the affairs of the world. Intuitive and with a canny understanding, they seem to possess an ability to see things before they happen, a talent which secures them the best deals both in business and in life, while also ensuring them financial stability and security. With perfect understanding of their partners, they frequently have the advantage, and in the practice of human relations, they are unrivaled in what requires subtle negotiations. They will undertake nothing before they have weighed the pros and cons and examined the deal from every angle. Because of this, people admire the Rabbit and take him into their confidence. He shines in trade, especially in some offbeat aspect of it like antiques, which permits him to capitalize on his good taste. Politics, diplomacy and the law all offer the Rabbit equally good opportunities -- provided always that he can live the tranquil life he craves within their orbit.

Style as well as an eye for beauty are especially associated with this group whose members possess refined tastes together with artistic skills. Highly creative people, art is of particular interest to them. Because of the Rabbit's built-in acquisitive nature, many become great collectors, filling their houses with beautiful paintings and objets d'art. In whatever walk of life Rabbits find themselves, they will always be distinguished by this sense of refinement and their cultured views. Elegant both physically and intellectually, Rabbits will always stand out from the crowd either as extremely stylish dressers or because they create an individualistic fashion statement of their own.

Under the influence of the element of Water, he is meditative and empathetic, with a fragile and emotional nature, unable to bear harassment or other unpleasantness. He possesses an excellent memory and may have the ability to transmit his ideas to others on an unconscious, mental level. He tends to be subjective and his perceptions are easily distorted by emotional issues. This makes him indecisive and prone to fall in with the dictates of others.