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Triple aspects of Gayatri Gayatri, the mother of the Vedas, is known by three names: Gayatri, Savitri, and Saraswathi.
It is believed that she is present in all three forms within the human spirit at all times.

Gayatri Mantra is not related to any particular time, place, or person.

Gayatri represents the Mastery of the senses. Gayatri is the protector of the five pranas (Life forces) in humans.

When Gayatri acts as protector of the Life-forces, she is known as Savitri.

Savitri signifies the teaching of Truth.

Savitri is known in the puranic story as the devoted wife who brought her husband back to Life.

Savitri is the presiding deity of the five pranas.

She protects those who lead a Life of Truth.

The three represent purity in Thought, word, and deed (thrikarana shuddhi).

When one’s intelligence and intuition are developed by recitation of the Mantra, the activating deity is Gayatri.

Gayatri is described as “the embodiment of all goddesses (Sarvadhevathaa-swaruupini)”.

SaiBaba, 17-3-1983 The five faces of Gayatri Gayatri is said to have five faces and hence is called Panchamukhi.

The five faces embody the Mantra itself and are represent below:

1. Om (the Pranava).

The Pranava Principle represents the eight different forms of Wealth (ashta-aishvarya).

2. Bhur Bhuvas Suvah: the unity of Body, Mind and soul.
3. Thath-Savithur-varenyam: (with line 4) translates to, Light dispels darkness –without Light, darkness will not go
4. Bhargo Dhevasya dheemahi: translates to, “Throw away the darkness.”
5. Dheyo yo hah prachodayaath: translates to, “Let the effulgence of the Divine dispel the darkness of Ignorance.”.Gayatri means ‘that which saves, when repeated’! It is the torch of Spiritual Wisdom (jnana)


[Saibaba, 25-2-1965] Stotra (description of the glory), Dhyana (Meditation), and prarthana (prayer) are all contained in the Gayatri Mantra.

The benefits of the Gayatri Mantra to your Spiritual development:

Gayatri will protect your Body, make your intellect shine and improve your Power of speech.

If the Mantra is chanted, various kinds of powers will emerge in one.

Hence the Gayatri Mantra should not be treated casually.

The attitude of surrender will grow in us as we regularly recite the Gayatri Mantra.

The rays of the Gayatri Mantra illumine the Mind and intelligence and promote Knowledge, Wisdom and discrimination.

This Gayatri has the subtle Power of removing Evil tendencies and implanting virtuous habits

The Gayatri promotes the acquisition of Daivasakthi (God-Power).

When you should say the Gayatri “Time, like man, has three qualities: sathwa, rajas, and thamas (poised or pure or serenity, passion, and inertia).

The day is divided into three parts:

· 4am to 8am and 4pm to 8pm have the sathwic (equanimous) quality;
· 8am to 4pm are rajasic (passionate);
· 8pm and 4am are tamasic (inaction).

The eight hours from 8pm to 4am are used mainly for sleep.

The eight hours of the day (from 8am to 4pm) are employed by all beings, including Animals and birds, in the Discharge of their day to day duties and are regarded as rajasic (active pursuit).

When the four sathwic hours of the morning are used for engaging oneself in good actions like worship, virtuous deeds, and keeping good company, one is sure to raise oneself from the human to the Divine level.

It is during the sathwic period (4am to 8am and 4pm to 8pm) that the Gayatri Mantra should be recited.” [Saibaba,17-3-1983]

Essentially, the morning, and evening are ideal times, but it would also work well during your bath/shower Ritual.

As you clean your Body, so to the Gayatri would work to clean your Thought processes.

It would also act as an Offering to the Goddess.

The Gayatri can also be recited before meals, effectively sanctifying the meal as an Offering to the deity.

As Prasad, once it is offered to the Deity through your voice in Mantra, it can then be consumed, and in so doing you take in the Power of Gayatri.