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List Of Nyingma Kama Empowerments Bestowed By Kyabje Yangthang Rinpoche, Bodhgaya, 2010

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Date Nr. Empowerment
29.1. 1. Kyab dro dom pa / Refuge vows
2. Chang chub sem dom / Bodhicitta vow
3. From Kriya tantra: Drime Ozer /Stainless light rays preliminary empowerment tagon
30.1. 4. Main empowerment (ngo zhi Drime Ozer / Stainless light rays
5. Permisson-blessing je nang / Sangye Menla / Medicine Buddha [skt.Bhaishajyaguru
6. Even shorter permission-blessing rig te, lit. giving knowledge Dukar / White Umbrella, [skt. Sittatapatra
31.1. 7. Namjom tro kar / White wrathful destroyer [skt.Vajra Vidarana, form of Vajrapani)
8. Namjom tro nag / Black wrathful destroyer
9. Among the Inner Tantra, from Highest Mahayoga: Sangye Nyamjor [skt. Buddha Samayoga tagon / [[Union of Mind of All the Buddhas, preliminary]] emp.
10. Union of Mind of All the Buddhas, main empowerment
1.2. Anniversary of Longchenpa [1308-1363]
2.2. 11. Yangdag dagam gupa`i tagon / Semi Circle of Vishudda Nine Deities, preliminary emp.
12. Semi Circle of Vishudda Nine Deities, main empowerment
13. Shinje khathun Yamantaka preliminary emp.
3.2. 14. Shinje khathun Yamantaka main emp.
Jampal shinje shi marpo` i / Red Butcher Yamantaka Manjushri preliminary emp.
15. Red Butcher Yamantaka Manjushri main emp.
16. Permisson-blessing of Red Butcher Yamantaka Manjushri` s Body, Speech and Mind
17. Black Six-Faced Butcher Yamantaka Manjushri preliminary emp.
18. Black Six-Face Butcher Yamantaka Manjushri`s Completely Secret Mind main emp.
19. Phurpa gyulug gyi tagon / Mahayoga tradition Vajrakilaya, prelim.emp
4.2. 20 Mahayoga tradition Vajrakilaya, main emp.
21 Permission blessing of Mahayoga tradition Vajrakilaya emp.
5.2. 22 Phurpa ronglug / Rongzompa tradition Vajrakilaya emp.
23 Phurpa roglug gyi kor le/ From the cycle of Rog name of tradition) Phurpa tradtition:
Vajrakilaya of Rog that grants supreme great bliss empowerment emp.
24 Lopon nam sum gyi gong pa…/ From the Bumnag tradition of the Enlightened Intention of the three teachers: Transmission of instruction on Phurpa of Tsogyal), emp.
25 Gyutrul drawa zhiwa dring po`i…/ Peaceful Net of Magical Manifestation Middling version/ [skt.Mayajala preliminary emp.
[note. Mayajala cycle, whch contains well known Guhyagarbha tantra sangwa nyingpo, is considered to be the root tantra of Mahayoga)
6.2. 26 Dor sem gyu trul drawa zhiwa…/Peaceful Net of Magical Manifestation of Vajrasattva, Supreme boat for sailing in the ocean of mandalas, Middling version emp.
27 Tsepame lunglug.. / Amitayus according to Anuyoga tradition emp.
28 Gyutrul drawa trowo…/ Wrathful Net of Magical Manifestation preliminary emp.
7.2. 29 Gyutrul drawa trowo…/ Wrathful Net of Magical Manifestation Vajra laughter of Herukas emp.
8.2. 30 Narag dongdrug dechen lamsang/ Shaking out the pit of hell, good path to great bliss
31 Dragmar kama o dren…/ Red Guru Dragpo according to kama tradition of Odren Palgyi Wangchug [one of 25 students of Guru Rinpoche)
32 Kagye kama dzong…./ From the Cycle of Eight Logos according to Kama: Garland of Vajras emp.
33 Nang gyu lame../ From the cycle of Inner tantras of Highest Anuyoga tradition/ From the 11th chapter of Dupa do Sutra that gathers all enlightened intentions]: Vajrapani who guides from evil destinies emp.
34 Lha mi thegpa / Vehicle of devas and humans emp.
9.2. 35 Nyantho kyi thegpa / Vehicle of shravakas hearers emp.
36 Rangyal kyi thegpa / Vehicle of pratyekabuddhas [[[Wikipedia:solitary|solitary]] realized buddhas) emp.
37 changsem kyi thegpa / Vehicle of bodhisattvas emp.
10.2. 38 Jacho thun mong.. / Kriya and carya vehicle preliminary emp.
39 Jacho thun mong.. / Kriya and carya vehicle main emp.
40 Yoga`I theg pa`I.. / Yoga tantra vehicle emp.
41 Tsog chen dupa`i ../ Great assembly preliminary emp.
11.2. 42 Tsog chen dupa`i ../ Great assembly main emp.
[note Great assembly is the name of fundamental sadhana of the anuyoga root tantra Gongpa dupa, whose elaborate initiation is this Root empowerment to the Nine vehicles).
12.2. 43 Dudo`I yenlag../ Relative bodhicitta as a branch of Dupa do emp.
44 Thaten tegya../ Conclusion entrustment of Dupa do emp.
45 Dondam changsem../ Absolute bodhicitta emp.
13.2. 46 Nang gyu lame ati yoga semde kor .../ From the cycle of mind section (semde) of unsurpasable atiyoga beonging to inner tantras: 18 rigpa`i tsal wang / Empowerments of creative dynamics of awarness pertianing to the 18 mother and son texts [main and supplementary texts - five early and 13 later translations plus tree fundamental texts making together 21 texts of dzogchen semde} / [translation of this empowerment might also be] 18 empowerments of the energy of primordial awarness
14.2. 47 Nang gyu lame ati yoga longde kor.../ From the cycle of Highest atiyoga section of longde (space section) / Empowerment of Vajra bridge of longde
48 Jendrel gyu gyi tensung..legden …/ From the cycle of Protectors of tantra teachings, Mahakala Legden Chief of the Assembly
49 Namse dragpo tangonchen …/ Vaisravana on Blue Horse emp.
50 Yeshe kyi mamo ekajati …/ Seven classes of Primordial wisdom protectress Mamo Ekajati emp.
15.2. 51 Nang gyu lame ati yoga mengagde kor../ From the cycle of Highest atiyoga section of mengagde [instruction section]: Seventeen tantras of Great Perfection emp.
52 Khonlug nyingm gurgon …/ From the Nyingma Khon tradition: Mahakala Gurgon, skt. Panyjaranatha emp.
53 Trinle kyi gonpo trakshad …/ Permission blessing of Mahakala Trakshad
There are Mahakalas of body, speech, mind, qualities and activity. This particular one belong to activity aspect]
54 Palgon tagzhon nub lug…/ Empowerment connected with sadhana according to Nub tradition of Mahakala riding the tiger
55 Jedrel tensung gi kor le… / From the Cycle of Protectors of tantra teachings: The Empowerment of secret razor of fierce mantras Shri Mahakala Tsogdag
56 Dupa do tarten tsewang …/ Long-life Amitayus (from Dupa do) conclusion-entrustment empowerment

Next year Kyabje Yangthang Rinpoche will bestow oral transmission [lung] for Nyingma kama, (for which we received the empowerments this year). Dharma friends who helped with translation: Hernan [mainly trans. from tibetan), Nick [[[Wikipedia:correction|correction]] and notes], Ariel and Dylan [[[Wikipedia:correction|correction]] of tibetan and english], Lukas [typing] Sarva mangalam.