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The Cintamani Chakra Dharani Sutra (如意輪陀羅尼經)

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The Cintamani Chakra Dharani Sutra

(This sutra is originated from Maha-padma-vajra-samaya-adhiṣṭhāna-guhya-na-abavarana-sutra)



Chapter 1: Prelude


As I heard, at one time the Buddha was at Mount Kusinara (雞喇斯山) together with uncountable numbers of bodhisattvas complete.

At that time Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva rose from his seat and tidied his garment and then kneeled for a prolonged time while making the anjali mudra (合掌) and said to the Buddha:

Blessed One, I have maha-padma-kuta-vajra-guhya-na-abavarana-cintamani-chakra-dharani-samaya (大蓮華峯金剛祕密無障礙如意輪陀羅尼明三昧耶) that can satisfy all superb fortunate karma; whatever one wishes shall attain cintamani-siddhi.

May the Buddha allow me to speak with great compassion and I shall uphold the magical power of the Buddha; and for the benefit of all sentient beings that I am willing to speak.

Blessed One, this dharani mantra possesses victorious power as if the wish-fulfilling tree.

It is the great precious rain of magicians; whatever they wish shall be given.

Such is the mani jewel.

It can fulfill all supreme wishes of all sentient beings.

It is my only hope that the Buddha empowers (me) with compassion.”

At that time, the Buddha told Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva and said:

“It is very kind of you because of great compassion, asking on behalf of sentient beings. I have performed the empowerment and listening to you without any obstacles.

So speak and reveal this Cintamani-chakra-dharani-mantra.”

Then the Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva bestowed with the Buddha’s order and retinues, he immediately stood up with anjali mudra and performed prostration respectfully.

After he encircled the Buddha three circles and then returned to his own seat.

With a joyful heart, he looked at the assembled crowed in pleasure and smiling; and he spoken the fundamental dharani as below:

Namo ratnatrayaya

(1). Namo arya (2) avalokitesvaraya (3). Bodhisattvaya (4) mahasattvaya (5) mahakarunikaya (6). Tadyatah (7): om (8) cakra mirati cintamani (9) patumi (10) ruru (11) tista (12) jvala (13) akalisaya (14) hum (15) phat (16) svaha (17)

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Maha-hrdaya-dharani-mantra (大心陀羅尼明):

Om (1) patuma (2) cintamani (3) maha jvala (4) hum (5)

Hina-hrdaya-dharani-mantra (小心陀羅尼明):

Om (1) jvala patumi (2) hum (3)

At this point, when the Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva said this dharani, the earth, mountains and jungles shook six times.

Various evil spirits of great power such as vinayaka, the obstacle creators trembled with great fear.

Palaces of demons all burnt by great fire.

The demonic kings and retinues all give rise to great fear.

All low down

naga-kanya (龍女),
yaksa-kanya (藥叉女),
maharaga-kanya all became suffocated and laid lamely on the ground.

All doors of hell opened up automatically.

All sinful sentient beings within were liberated and they all being reborn into heaven and enjoyed supreme pleasure.

Then various devas each holding various wonderful heavenly benzoin, gośīrsa-candana (牛頭栴檀), agarwood (沈水) powder incenses, incense pastes and burning incense;

also unique and wonderful heavenly flowers.

Also various precious necklaces, hairpins, pendants, rings, armlets, precious canopies, precious crowns, deva garment and various decorative items rained down from the sky as offerings to the Buddha and the assembly.

Various colorful clouds filled the sky and heavenly music emitted automatically in the air and unbelievable harmonious and elegant voices as offerings to the Buddha.

Whoever hears these sounds would stay with the force of compassion and endurance (慈忍力).

All such magical manifestations are in fact due to the magical powers of Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva-guhya-cintamani-cakra-dharani-mantra.

At this time, the Buddha emitted wonderful kalavinka (迦陵頻伽) type of wonderful Sanskrit-nadam (梵聲) praising Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva with this profound and wonderful kata ():

It is very kind of this virtuous man because you can pity all sentient beings.

You spoke this great beneficial cintamani-dharani to assist sentient beings.

You enable believers purified their sins, delivered them from three realms and hence attain enlightenment.

Anyone who follows the dharma practice, then whatever wishes shall be granted this life and hereafter.

After the Buddha has completed the kata, he further told Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva:

Virtuous man, you should repeat this magical powerful dharani mantra and the essence of practising the ritual so that these sentient beings shall be benefited greately.”

Chapter 2: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Removing Karmic Obstacles 如意輪陀羅尼經破業障品第二

At this time, Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva again said to the Buddha:

“If there are

kumara who wishes to beg for great merit this life, he/she should be diligent days and nights according to this Cintamani-cakra-dharani-mantra without having to choose an auspicious date.

It is also needless to fast for one day or two. Also no need to take bath and built an altar.

He/she only needs to wear ordinary clothing and cleanse with mantric water and that he/she can consume vegetarian food as usual and perform the siddhi ritual.

The mantri should sit with lotus asana facing east in a clean room day and night.

He/she should visualize Avalokitesvara in front of him/her with perfect facial features as if of rising sun that emits great light and sitting in a lotus flower.

The sadhaka should perform sadhana one heartedly and burns agarwood incense as offerings. He/she should perform prostrations respectfully according to his/her wish.

Fragrant flower offerings should not cease.

Six times a day and each time he/she should recite mantra for 1,080 times continuously.

The sadhaka should recite a number of 3 lakh times (1 lakh = 100,000).

He/she should stay concentrated in yoga-dharma-nidhyāna (瑜伽觀法 visualization) and recites sadhana.

Then all five serious sins (五無間罪) of past and present and other extremely serious karma obstacles shall automatically be removed.

The person shall experience various very auspicious dreams. One should know this is the sign of sins diminishing. It is the protection of Avalokitesvara and from this kusala-mula (善根) hundreds and thousands of karma (事業) shall all attain siddhi with one hearted mantra recitation.

All magical powers of mantra shall not be able to achieve the magical power of this cintamani-cakra-dharani-mantra.

This is the reason that this dharani if anyone can believe and practise it, then all 4 heavy sins (四重), 5 rebilious sins (五逆) and dasa-kusala (十惡) bad karma; those who bear sins that ought to fall into Avici Hell (阿毘地獄) shall have the sins removed.

If a person suffers from

heat related illnesses,
wind illnesses,
anthracnose ;
anthrax (癀病),
sputum (痰病),
poisons and curses (蠱毒厭禱),
sore (疔瘡),
boils (),
scabies (),
epilepsy (),
limbs related illnesses,
various disasters,

spiritual issues for one day, two days, three days, four days until seven days; all shall be cured after performing the sadhana.

All yaksa, raksa, vinayaka and evil spirits shall not be able to harm this person.

In addition, knives, wars, water, fire, strong wind, thunder, hail, the king, robbers and enemies shall not harm him/her.

All ugly appearances and lack of fortune karma, mutation of evil stars (惡星變怪) shall automatically be destroyed.

Poisonous snakes (), snakes, viper (), lizards, spiders, lions, tigers, wolves and all fierce animals shall not be able to harm the said person.

If there are military conflicts and law suits, due to the mantra accomplishments all shall be able to be liberated. If one always recite this dharani between 3am to 5 am (五更) for 1,080 times, all of the matters mentioned above shall be liberated, free and easy.

If one can recites this dharani 6 times a day for 1,080 times each time, then the Avalokitesvara shall appear in his/her dreams. He shall come to the person and say: “Virtuous man/woman, please don’t be afraid. Whatever you wish shall be granted.”

Or the person may see Amitabah or the Sukhavati (極樂世界); stately matters concerning palaces and penthouses.

Or the person may see congregation of bodhisattvas of Sukhavati.

Or it is that buddhas and bodhisattvas of 10 directions that he/she may see. Or it is possible that the person sees Avalokitesvara in the 7 jewel palace at Mount Potalaka (補陀落山).

Or the person may see his/her body being purified inside and out. Or the person may see that the kings and ministers make offerings respectfully to him/her.

Or he/she may see that all of his/her pass sins being removed.

One should know that this person shall not be reborn viviparous (胎生) but he/she shall be born as the transformation of a lotus (蓮花化生/padma-aupapādaka) with pleasant appearances.

He/she shall wear deva garment with ornaments.

He/she shall be bestowed with pūrvanivāsānusmṛtijñāna (宿命智) until he/she attains enlightenment.

This person shall not fall into three evil realms (三惡道) and he/she shall always be accompanied by buddhas and bodhisattvas and he/she shall be born in avaivartika-bhūmi (不退地/non-retractable ground).

Chapter 3: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sadhana Acara


Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva again told the Buddha:

Blessed One, this guhya-cintamani-cakra-dharani contains two dharma purposes: the first is of this world and the second is for the other world.

The so-called (worldly dharma is) siddhi of sadhana for supreme wish fulfillment, taming of sentient beings (攝化有情) and accumulation of fortunes, wealth and also victorious power.

On the other hand, the out-of-this-world dharma means

punya (福德/blessed virtues),
moksa (/enlightenment),
sambhara (資糧),
alaṃkāraka (莊嚴/adornment),
increase in compassion,
helping the suffering sentient beings,
beloved by public and etc.

The secret of this sutra is that one must practise in secrecy. It should not be revealed to the ignorance.

If one attain siddhi with this guhya-samaya (祕密三昧耶祕密三昧耶) then it is best just to keep it to oneself and not speaking out loud. If one indeed (wish to) accomplish this supreme dharani dharma, he/she should think of Avalokitesvara with perfect features as if morning rising sun shining with bright light one heartedly in whatever places (clean or otherwise) or during eating or otherwise.

Then he/she should recite the dharani without wondering mind. If one performs recitation consistently without making mistakes then Avalokitesvara shall appear his golden body.

(Avalokitesvara) removes defilements and then empowers (the mantri) with magical power so that whatever he/she wished for shall be fulfilled. He/she shall attain various magical powers,

anda-dana (安怛陀那) method,
cintamani method,
ageless medicine method (住年藥法),
precious jewel rain method (雨寶雨法),
discovery of hidden treasure method,
 entering asaru cave method,
shape shifting method and
various medicine methods.

Also vajra method (杵法), vase method (瓶法) and all worldly various entertainment methods shall be attained.

If there are kings, queens, concubines, princes, princesses, ministers, brahmana, satria, vaisya (毘舍), sudra (首陀), bhiksu (比丘), men, women, kumara, kumara or follower of external paths (外道); whoever willing to be subdued under this dharma and upholds it must know the number of recitations.

When a king performs sadhana, in 7 days and 6 times a day, he need to recite 1,080 times each time.

If a concubine performs sadhana, then she should recite 900 times for each recitation. A prince should recite 800 times, a princess should recite 700 times, a minister should recite 600 times, a brahmana should recite 500 times, a ksatria should recite 400 times. If the person is a vaisya, then he/should recite 300 times.

A shudra should recite 200 times; a bhiksu should recite 108 times. A common man should recite 106 times and a common woman should recite 103 times. A boy should recite 100 times and a girl should recite 90 times.

The above is known as ‘recitation method’ (課法). All supreme matters shall be accomplished by reciting mantra and calling name: rich, famous, fortune, happiness, properties, money, grains, silk, slaves, maids, elephants, horses.

All matters shall increase according to one’s wish.

The mantri should start from later night (後夜, 2am-6am) until dawn and the recitation should be 1,080 times continuously then unlimited affairs shall be accomplished. Men and women on heaven and earth shall come speedily as wind to seek refuge and praise (the mantri).

If one wishes to see Avalokitesvara materialize and grant wishes, then he/she should bath and clean his/her body and then use perfume powder to rub his/her body. He/she should always change into clean clothing and eat three white foods (三白食).

The mantri should prepare incense, flowers, perfumes, three white drinks and foods, fruits (果蓏) as offerings according to his/her ability. Agarwood, white cendana incenses etc should be mixed with butter and honey.

The mantri should be seated in lotus asana facing east while visualizing Avalokitesvara and recites cintamani-cakra-dharani.

After one recitation, a portion of the mixture is burnt for a total of 100,000 times.

After that Avalokitesvara shall materialize himself and teach the mantri the speech accomplishment mantra (語成就明) to fulfill his/her wishes.

If one wishes to see vajra-grabha-graha-bodhisattva (執金剛藏菩薩) to materialize, then the mantri should use agarwood, benzoin etc and mix with butter and honey then with once mantra recitation and calling vajra-grabha-graha-bodhisattva, a portion of the material is burnt for a total of 100,000 times.

The vajra-grabha-graha-bodhisattva shall appear. He shall view mantri as if his own beloved son and bestow the mantri with all dharani ritual implements.

If one wishes to see various buddhas and bodhisattvas to materialize, then he/she should use agarwood and by once mantra recitation and calls all buddhas and bodhisattvas.

After that a portion of the material is burnt and the ritual is repeated for a total of 100,000 times, various buddhas and bodhisattvas shall materialize and remove obstacles of the mantri and fulfill his/her wishes.

If one wishes to make all great magicians appear, then he/she should use benzoin to mix with butter and for 7 days and nights the mantri should recite mantra once and calling the great magician once;

also burning a portion of the material for 7 days and nights. Then all great magicians shall automatically come to the person each holding mantra rituals teaching the mantri.

They shall empower the mantri with magical powers and follow him/her around and protect him/her.

If one wishes the master of mahāsāhasra-lokadhātu (三千大千世界), Indra, Brahma and various deva to present, then he/she should use benzoin, kunduruka (薰陸香) etc to mix with butter and honey.

With once mantra recitation, calling Indra and Brahma-deva-raja once and burning a portion of material for a total of 7 days and nights.

Then Indra, Brahma-deva-raja and various deva shall show themselves to preach dharma and console the mantri; and also grant him/her wishes while providing protection.

Chapter 4: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Dharma Mudra


Then Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva again speaked to the Buddha:

“This guhya-cintamani-dharani-mantra-mudra is used as protection, making offerings, summoning and dispatching all must used according to method of visualizations clearly and no mistakes should be made. Then one shall accomplish this secret samaya.

The maha-padma-samaya-mudra I (大蓮花三昧耶印第一):

First both hands making anjali mudra then using two index fingers, middle fingers and ring fingers erect and opening up but slightly bending.

The index finger tips should be parted half an inch away.

Thumbs and small fingers erect touching but slightly bent.

The mantra of the mudra:

Namo ratnatrayaya (1) namo aryavalokitesvaraya (2) bodhisattvaya (3) mahasattvaya (4) mahakarunikaya (5) om (6) samaekjami (7) santi danti (8) sarva samaya (9) rupra bhisaj (10) nuru runi (11) svaha (12)

When one wishes to construct mandala, he/she should first recite ‘body and mindmantra for 1,080 times at the site.

Then he/she should make this mudra and recites this mantra 7 times.

The mantri must use the mudra to seal four corners: east, west, south and west; up and down each three times.

After that he/she should calm his/her mind and visualize the mudra transforms into hundred thousand petals 7-jewel lotus as offering to all buddhas, bodhisattvas, devas, nagas and spirits so that they are happy.

When the mantri wishes to wash and bath, he/she should use the hina-hrdya-mantra with ‘jah’ ([打-丁+(姊-女)]) syllable (to empower) mantra water 7 times and then he/she uses his/her right hand to touch the water.

After that the water can be used to perform ritual bath. Water without being blessed should not be used.

Secondly, the liberation mudra (解脫印):

Small fingers and ring fingers crossing in the palms right holding on the left.

Both middle fingers erect with tips touching each other. Both index fingers each bent as if hooks lying three quarters (三分) on the back of middle fingers. Two thumbs erect and leaning onto each other.

The mantra:

Namo maha sri yeka (

1) om
(2) sthokimayajaomia
(3) siddhi
(4) sattvaya
(5) sivisivi
(6) sipamia apahah
(7) sarva amrita stani
(8) svaha

A mantri should make this mudra and recites mantra three times. He/she should seal top of his/her head, shoulders, heart and throat.

After the body protection, the mudra is used to encircling clothing thus preventing all vinayaka to create obstacles.

This mudra is also used to seal and protect all offering substances.

Thirdly, mantra for treating soils (治土明):

Om (1) jvala (2) hum (3)

The mantri should collect clean soil and divide it into three piles. Then he/she should use this mantra to empower the soils 7 times: the first pile of soil is used to wash his/her waist and below, the second pile is used to wash both shoulders and the third is used to wash own head and neck.

The fourthly, mudra of body protection by touching (觸護身印):

Two index fingers, ring fingers, small fingers crossing between palms with right on top of left. Two middle finger tips bent and meet on the back of index finger nails. Two thumbs erect and pressing onto the side of middle finger nails.

The mantra:

Om (1) kurudrana (2) hum joh (3)

Next the mantri makes this mudra and recites mantra 3 times for protection and then seals various parts/places and on entering toilet. One should perform as such when entering or exiting as if normal cleansing.

Also he/she should go to a place by holding a pile of soil and then washes his/her hands and also rinse his/her mouth and teeth.

Fifthly, the mudra for rinsing mouth (漱口印):

Right thumb, index finger and middle finger slightly bent; ring finger and small finger bent as if hook.

The mantra:

Om (1) dhudhuri (2) jurujuru (3) svaha (4)

Then one should make this mudra to hold water and empower the water 3 times for washing teeth and rinsing mouth; also to sprinkle the water around for cleansing.

If one wishes to take bath, he/she should first bath the three gems (三寶) and then he/she should bath Arya-Avalokitesvara and finally his/her own body.

Sixthly, the mudra for bathing 3 gems (浴三寶印):

Palms facing upwards with sides touching, both index finger tips bent and pressing onto the sides of thumb finger nails with two middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers stretching forward.

The mantra:

Om (1) tisaisaibodha (2) svaha (3)

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Secondly make this mudra to gather water and recites mantra 3 times for bathing Buddha.

Second time bathing then remove the ‘bodha’ and replace it with ‘dharma’ and finally remove the ‘dharmaword and replace it with ‘sangha’. Each time one should pour 3 scoops of water to bath the 3 gems.

After that, one should bath the satya-devata.

Seventhly, the Arya-avalokitesvara bathing mudra (聖觀自在浴印):

(Also the mantri takes water to pour down from his/her head)

The bathing mudra (洗浴印):

Two palms facing upwards with sides touching side by side. Index fingers, middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers each erect but bent; thumbs each holding to lower line (下文) of index finger.

The mantra reads:

Namo ratna trayaya (1) namo arya (2) valokitesvaraya (3) bodhisattvaya (4) maha sattvaya (5) maha karunikaya (6) tadyatah (7): dusai maha dusai (8) surapati (9) svaha (10)

Then the mantri should use this mudra to collect 3 scoops of water and empowers the water by chanting mantra 3 times and then bath the Arya-Avalokitesvara and himself/herself.

After that he/she should pour the water onto his/her head and bath his/her body.

Eight, the self-empowerment mudra (自灌頂印):

Two ring fingers to cross between the palms right on top of left.

Two small fingers erect and tips touching each other. Two middle fingers erect but with first section slightly bent and tips touching each other.

Two index fingers each lying at the middle section of middle fingers; two thumbs holding two index finger tips.

The mantra:

Om (1) hakhariri (2) hum jah (3)

After washing, one should make this mudra and recites this mantra 3 times; then collect some water for self-empowerment. This shall remove all obstacle creators.

Nineth, changing clothing mudra (著衣印):

Two thumbs each holding onto finger nails of index, middle, ring and small finger nails.

The mantra:

Om (1) vimamra (2) svaha (3)

Following that, one should this mudra to collect water and recites mantra 3 times and sprinkles it at clothing.

In addition one should use hina-hrdaya-mantra (小心明) to empower clothing 3 times.

After changing, he/she should exit to a clean place and squatting facing east. Additionally, he/she should use ‘bathing peas’ (澡豆) water to wash hands and rinse mouth.

The rinsing of mouth mantra is the same as above.

The tenth: Forbiddance of top mudra (禁頂印):

One’s right middle finger, ring finger and small finger making fist while he thumb holding onto the middle surface line of thumb.

The mantra reads:

Om (1) juru juli (2) svaha (3)

Secondly make this mudra at the top of one’s head and recites mantra 3 times. During bathing ritual and in between, one should not be angry and give rise to asrava-hrdaya (漏心/affliction heart), he/she also should not see various stinking and filthy stuffs and bad companies.

The mantri should think of Arya-Avalokitesvara and enters the bodhi-mandala (道場) to prostrate to the 3-gems and then he/she should prostrate to Arya-Avalokitesvara and uses the hina-hrdaya-mantra to empower water 5 times for sprinkling at various offering substances and medicines and also to sprinkle the bodhi-mandala.

The 11th, body protection mudra (護身印):

Small fingers crossed between palms, ring fingers bent and holding onto crossing point of small fingers.

Middle fingers erect and tips touching. Two index finger tips bent and at a distance of half of an inch (半分) from the upper section of middle fingers. Two thumbs opening up sideways.

The mantra reads:

Om (1) vajra dhini (2) pranipataya (3) svaha (4)

Next the mantri should make this mudra and recites mantra 3 times; then seal the top of his/her head, shoulders, throat and heart. This will form the body protection.

(12th) The major body protection mudra (大護身印):

The mudra is as before but the mantra reads:

Om (1) jvalananya (2) hum jah (3)

Next perform the above body protection mudra and recites mantra 3 times follow by sealing 5 places with mudra and forms the major body protection.

The 13th: Body armour mudra (被甲印):

Both palms opening facing upwards with 10 fingers spreading.

The mantra:

Om (1) tupitupigayatupi (2) prajvalarini (3) svaha (4)

Next the mantri should make this mudra and recites mantra 3 times then touching the mudra from top to bottom until both feet. This forms the body armor.

The 14th: The mantra of 10 boundaries (十方界明):

Om (1) arali (2)

One should use this mantra to empower water and white mustard seeds and spread them towards 8 directions as boundary protection.

Further he/she should use the hina-hrdaya-mantra to empower water and white mustard seeds to spread towards the 8 directions, up and down as boundary protection.

The 15th: [[mudra] for protecting mandala boundaries]] (結壇界印):

Two middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers crossing and hooking amongst others between palms with right on top of left.

Two index fingers erect but slanting with tips touching.

Two thumbs erect and point towards one’s body. Recites the hina-hrdaya-mantra 7 times and makes the mudra.

The mantri should encircle the mandala 3 times with the mudra to form the mandala boundary protection.

Then he/she can place perfume containers the seats of the saints.

Flowers should be spread in the water as offerings.

The 16th: The mantra for clearing path (治路明):

Om (1) panamini (2) bhagavati (3) muhaya muhaya (4) ranimuhani (5) svaha (6)

This mantra is recited when one wishes to conjure.

He/she should hold the incense burner and recites mantra for 7 times to open a path in the sky and to remove all obstacles.

This shall alert the Arya-Avalokitesvara and saints to come and bestow blessings.

The 17th: The mudra for summoning (請召印):

Two middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers crossing and hooking at each other while palms facing upwards; right on top of left. Two index fingers erect but slanting with both tips touching.

Two thumbs facing forward. Two middle fingers move to and fro: if the middle fingers move inwards, then it is summoning; if the middle fingers move outward, that is called ‘the method to dispatch the saints’ (送諸聖者法).

The mantra reads:

Om (1) duru duru (2) svaha (3)

Then makes this mudra and recites mantra 7 times to conjure the saints into the bodhi-manda:

The 18th: Welcoming mudra (迎印):

All ten fingers crossing each other between palms thus making fist with right on top of left. Each fingers protruding middle section. Erecting right thumb and moving it to and fro.

The mantra reads:

Namo ratna trayaya (1) namo arya (2) valokitesvaraya (3) bodhisattvaya (4) mahasattvaya (5) mahakarunikaya (6) patuma patuma (7) patuma pani (8) sara sara (9) yiksi yaksi (10) bhagavan (11) nariyavalokitesvaraya (12) anugan pamo pataya (13) arali (14)

Next make this mudra and recites the mantra three times. The mudra must move clockwise while imagining the saints entering the mandala for receiving offerings.

The 19th: perfume mudra (香水印): 

All 10 fingers crossing each other right on top of left between palms making a fist with left thumb erecting.

The mantra: Om (1) aruli (2)

Next one should make this mudra and recites mantra 3 times. This mudra is used to seal perfume devices and then the perfume is held at one’s forehead as offering and invitation.

The 20th: padma-asana-mudra (華座印):

Both palms facing upward, two index fingers, middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers each erect and back to back. Two index fingers each attaches to the back of middle fingers. Tips of both index fingers are at level with middle finger upper lines. Two thumbs lying on the lower line of index fingers.

The mantra reads:

Om (1) patuma mairaya (2) svaha (3)

Next one should make this mudra and recite mantra 3 times as a means of laying flower seats. He/she should speak to the saints: “Do come with kindness and from the power of pūrvapranidhāna (本願/original vow) and without forsaking great compassion.

Ascend to this humble place and please open up your unsurpassed grace so as to bestow adhiṣṭhāna (加持) hence enjoying these offerings. Please fulfill all sentient beings’ wishes hence please be seated.

Then make the ‘invitation to be seated mudra’ (請坐印) and visualize that all saints each sitting at their individual places.

The 21st: The invitation to be seated mudra (請坐印):

Two index fingers, ring fingers, small fingers crossing each other between palms with right on top of left forming fist. Two thumbs bent into palms, two middle fingers erect with tips touching; middle finger tips are moved to and fro.

Next makes this mudra and reciting the hina-hrdaya-mantra 3 times to invite Arya-Avalokitesvara and various bodhisattvas to be seated. Then the mantri one should conjure kuntali vajra (軍茶利金剛) to perform a tight boundary protection.

The 22nd: Obstacle removal mudra (除障印):

Two middle fingers, two ring fingers, two small fingers crossing each other between palms; right on top of left. Two index fingers erect but slanting with tips touching each other.

Two thumbs erect with tips touching.

The mantra reads:

Om (1) alianangkhapalipaya (3) bhinini (4) svaha (5)

Next perform this mudra and recites mantra 3 times to seal all flowers, incenses and offerings etc for obstacle removal.

The 23rd: Offering mudra (供養印):

With hands creating the anjali mudra (合掌) then two thumbs, middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers cross each other right on left; two index fingers lying onto the back of middle fingers at upper sections.

The mantra reads:

Namo sarva budha (1) budisattvanam (2) sarva yiwayiti (3) sapara imam (4) gagahnagam (5) svaha (6)

Next create this mudra and recites mantra 3 times while visualizing various substances is being offered to the saints.

He/she should also make various verses to praise the three gems and Avalokitesvara and then the mantri should perform dedications (迴向) according to his/her own will and also to repent of sins and generate bodhi heart (發菩提心).

The 24th: The begging of life mudra (求生印):

Two thumbs and small fingers erect but slightly bent; tips touching each other. Two index fingers, middle fingers and ring fingers each erect and spread but slightly bent. Let the distance in between be one inch.

The mudra reads:

Om (1) patu mubahvaya (2) svaha (3)

Next make this mudra and recites mantra 3 times to indicate that all holy ones are all happy and that they shall protect, bless and grant fortune and wish.

The 25th: The fundamental mudra (根本印):

Two hands making anjali mudra but center of palms do not touch each other. Two thumbs erect and leaning side by side. Two index fingers bent and tips touching onto the tips of thumbs. Recite the maha-hrdaya-mantra and hina-hrdaya-mantra onto medicine and protection.

The maha-hrrdaya-mudra (大心印):

As before mudra but left hand moves to level of the heart and palm facing upeards; right hand palm facing outwards. Recite the maha-hrdaya-mantra 3 times and make the mudra. This represents the wish of Avalokitesvara to accomplish all matters.

The 27th: The purification of mani pearl:

Om (1) anmari dahyanmei sriye (2) svaha (4)

Next use this purified pearl to empower prayer beads. One should use lotus seeds or mani pearls and then clean them with ‘5 pure substances of a cow’ and recites the pearl mantra for 7 times.

After tying the beads together, one should further recites mantra for 108 times and then use the prayer beads according to ritual.

The 28th: The counting of mala mudra (數珠印):

One should use his/her right hand to put the mala in the palms. The mala should be held within one’s palms with anjali mudra.

The holding of mala mantra (捧珠明):

Om (1) vasupati (2) sriye (3) patimamangru (4) svaha (5)

One should recite this mantra for 1,080 times as purification practice.

Before holding the mala, the mantri should recite mala mantra 3 times. Both hands hold (the mala) at heart level about 6 inches away.

Or one can also hold the mala in front of one’s nose.

The mantri should use 10 fingers each to hold and turn the mala.

One bead should be held while reciting mantra once before proceeding to the next bead.

One should concentrate one heartedly without wandering on other matters. He/she should think of (Sanskrit) characters of Avalokitesvara Dharani.

His/her body and mind is covered with bright light and care should be taken so as not to make mistake.

The mantri should recite mantra according to his/her ability until ten million times; or until his/her body is extremely tired that he/she can then rest.

At this point, the mantri should open his/her eyes and look at Avalokitesvara.

He/she should make the anjali mudra and prostrate; and also he/she should praise Avalokitesvara with various hymns.

When one wishes to exit the bodhi-manda/mandala, he/she should again present scented water and makes this thought: “What methods should I use so that all sentient beings can be freed from the cycles of life and death and achieve enlightenment?”

If one wishes to attain medicine siddhi (成就藥), he/she should think of Avalokitesvara and one heartedly concentrate on the medicine while reciting mantra earnestly until waning and waxing of moon or sun.

If the medicine becomes hot, emits smoke or light, then the medicine is done.

The 29th: Removal of boundary protection mudra (解界印):

Two ring fingers hooking at each other right on top of left between palms.

Two thumbs holding onto the ring finger nails. Two middle fingers erect with tips touching. Two index fingers resting onto the back of the middle fingers back-to-back and tow small fingers erect touching each other.

The mantra reads:

Om (1) hrih asamang nining (2) hum (3)

Next one should make this mudra and recites mantra 7 times while turning the mudra counter-clockwise 3 times to remove boundary protection. After the boundary is removed, he/she should further present scented water as offerings and then dispatch the saints. One should make the above invitation mudra but dial the finger outwards to send off the saints. 

The 30th: The 5 pure mantra (五淨明):

Om (1) yaksudi (2) svaha (3)

If a mantri accidentally touched or consumed dirty food, he/she should recite this 5 pure mantra for 108 times at cow’s 5 pure substances. Then the mantri should use a piece of weed (茅草) to stir the substances until they mixed well and then he/she should consume the mixture.

This shall remove the defilement and restores purity. All medicine, offering utensils, perfume, flowers, incense pastes, incenses, foods and drinks, oil lamps, incense powders, consumable foods, clothing, sprinkling water, bath water and purification; all should use the hina-hrdaya-mantra to empower the substances 5 times to enhance victorious aura and also to remove obstacles.   Chapter 5: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sutra Mandala Upacara 如意輪陀羅尼經壇法品第五

At this time Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva again told the Buddha:

Blessed One, this secret Cintamani Cakra Dharani is the maha-mandala-mudra-samaya.

It can accomplish 3 types of worldly medicine. It can make people happy to see and listen and beloved. When during solar or lunar eclipses, 2 or 7 days before the time, one should go to a quiet place and measuring a square of 4 elbows’ length or 5 elbows’ length, or 8 elbows’ length according to one’s ability.

After that according to the method, all dirty soil, rubbles, stones, bones and woods should be removed.

Then clean yellow soil is used to fill and flatten the place. First one should use cow dung to fill then the yellow soil. Next fragrant soils should be used as fine touch and decoration.

There should be two courts.

The center of the inner court should be drawn a 32 petals opened lotus flower.

The image of Cintamani Cakra Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva should be drawn in the center of the lotus throne facing west and in lotus asana.

He should have a pleasant expression and his body is golden in color. He is wearing a jewel crown and there is a nirmāna-buddha (化佛) on the top of the crown.

The bodhisattva is holding a budding lotus flower. On the throne should be drawn a cintamani.

His right hand is making a gesture of giving dharma talk.

(He) wears various deva garments, pearls, pendants, rings and armlets as ornaments. His body emits various lights.

On the east should be drawn sarvāśā –paripūri-vidyaraja (圓滿意願明王),

on the left should be drawn the Avadāta-Vasana-Avalokitesvara-Matr-Bodhisattva (白衣觀世音母菩薩),

on the north should be drawn Mahāsthāmaprāpta-Bodhisattva (大勢至菩薩), on the left should be drawn Tara-Bodhisattva (多羅菩薩),

on the west side should be drawn Hayagriva-vidyaraja and on his left should be drawn Ekajatā-raksah (一髻羅剎女),

on the south side should be drawn Catuḥ-pārśva-Avalokitesvara-Bodhisattva and on his left should be Bhrukuti-Bodhisattva (毘俱胝菩薩).

All the bodhisattvas etc wear jewel crowns, pearls, necklaces, ear rings, armlets and various deva garments as ornaments. They sit on lotus flowers with half lotus asana (半加趺).

On the external east side should be drawn Indra-deva (天帝釋) and various devas accompanied both sides. On the south side should be drawn Yama-raja with preti (鬼母/hungry ghosts) accompanied on both sides.

On the west should be drawn varuna-deva-raja (水天王) accompanied by Nanda-nagaraja (難陀龍王) and Upadana-nagaraja (烏波難馱龍王) and various nagarajas.

On the north is the Dhana-da (多聞天王) accompanied by various yaksas.

On the southeast side should be drawn Agni-deva (火天) accompanied by tapas-rsi (苦行仙).

On the southwest side should be drawn raksa-raja accompanied by various raksa. On the northwest side should be drawn vayu-devaraja (風天王) accompanied by vayu-daivata.

On the nortweast side should be drawn Mahesvara-devaraja (大自在天王) accompanied by kumbanda (宮槃茶) ghost.

Also on the east side should be drawn Surya (日天子) accompanied by sapta-rṣi-tārā (七星/ursa major) daivata.

Also on the west should be drawn Candra (月天子) accompanied by sapta-rṣi-tārā (七星/ursa major) daivata.

Also on the west side should be drawn Asaru-raja (阿素落王) surrounded by asaru servants. In addition, on the west door should be drawn Sivapagar-vidyaraja (始縛婆歌明王).

All of the daivata each holding ritual implements and wearing various types of garments adorned accordingly and sitting with half-lotus asana. Jewel staircases should be drawn in internal and external court boundaries.

On the boundaries of internal court should be drawn various colorful cintamani surrounded by flames. On the boundaries of external court should be drawn single-pronged vajra (獨股金剛杵) with tips touching and surrounded by flames.

If anyone who cannot satisfy the power of this secret mandala samaya, he/she can only draw seats and then inscribes names on the seats. After that he/she can perform offerings and he/she too shall attain accomplishment.

Before an artist starts to draw, he/she should bath and then change into new clothing.

The artist should be embraced with aṣṭāṅga-samanvāgatam upavāsam (八戒齋法) and then draw and decorate the drawing accordingly.

Coloring materials and pens should be clean and in good order. After the drawing is done, the mantri should bath and wear new clothing.

He/she should perform protection rituals for him/her and his/her companions.

Then he/she should create boundary protection, invitation and make perfume offerings.

He/she should burn agarwood incense, white sandalwood incense, benzoin, kunduruka (薰陸香) inside the mandala and in front of Arya-Avalokitesvara.

The mantri should put lotus leaf inside the medicine container and then use lotus leaf to cover the container.

After that he/she should use cow’s 5 pure substances to sprinkle onto the medicine.

He/she should make mudras to protect and empower. Each according to individual sequence that offerings of perfume, flowers, fruits, three white foods and drinks and various foods, beverages, butter , oil lamps and flower garlands.

One should present the samaya order so that all shall be illuminated and informed.

The perfume for invitation, perfume for offerings, flowers, incense pastes, incense, fruits, foods, drinks, oil lamps should be empowered with mantra 3 times.

This secret mandala samaya is the materialization and wish of Arya-Avalokitesvara, it is the place where all daivata and rsi respect, praised and protect.

This is where all sentient beings remove all sinful obstacles. This is where one accomplishes worldly and non-worldly medicines; it is the place where sentient beings increase in blessing accumulation and when their lives end, they shall be reborn into the Pure Land.

They shall be lotus-born and wear deva garment and automatically adorned, they shall attain pūrvanivāsānusmṛtijñāna (宿命智) until achieve enlightenment.

And that they shall not fall into evil realms.

Chapter 6: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sutra Using Medicine 如意輪陀羅尼經佩藥品第六

Next, Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva further said to the Buddha: “Blessed One, this secret cintamani cakra dharani mantra contains 3 types of medicine:

First, mouthpiece (含藥), second is the eye-medicine (眼藥) and third medicine for wearing (佩藥).

The ingredients are:

go-rocana (牛黃),
white chendana (白栴檀香),
tulip (欝金香),
karpura (龍腦香),
kasturi (麝香),
lavaṅga (丁香),
true cardamom (白荳蔻),
stamen of red lotus flowers (紅蓮花鬚),
utpala leaf (青蓮花),
sumaranapotala (the Chinese and
western mandara (coral tree)) leaves, and
phānita (石蜜/stone honey).

The mantri should anoint the mandala and perform boundary protection and empowers medicine for 1,080 times. Then all of the ingredients are mixed, pounded into powder, sieve and made into pills.

When pounding and mixing the medicine, one should rhythmically recite the mantra.

The empowerment of the medicine should not cease and one should not talk to others about mundane issues.

The ritual shall be a success. Then the medicine is put into a medicine container and then it is put in front of the Avalokitesvara in the mandala.

The mantri should recite fundamental Maha-hrdaya mantra and hina-hrdaya-mantra to empower the medicine until a complete cycle of waxing and waning of sun and moon.

The medicine shall become warm, emits smoke or light.

If the medicine becomes warm, the mantri should burn the medicine and fumigate his/her clothing and then wears it; and anoint the medicine on his/her forehead, face, between eye brows.

Then all people shall love, respect and obey his/her religious teachings.

If smoke is present and he/she burns the medicine and fumigate his/her clothing and then wears it; and that he/she anoints the medicine. He/she shall attain antadana-isvarah-siddhi (安怛陀那自在成就).

If the medicine multiplies and the medicine is burnt to fumigate the clothing and also anoint; then the person shall increase in fortune and he/she shall have long life. All spirits shall be afraid and they will not dare to bother the mantri; all illnesses caused by spirits shall be cured.

If the light is present and the medicine is used to fumigate clothing, then whoever wears it and anoint the medicine shall attain magical powers and becomes the position of a magician.

Kings, prince, queen, concubines, maids, ministers, officials, assistants, men, women and children will be happy to see him/her and respectfully serve and make offerings to him/her.

They shall offer various treasures and jewels and willingly praise the mantri.

All disasters, karmic obstacles, 5 types of serious sins (五無間罪), those who ought to be cast into Avici Hell shall be saved.

From the empowered medicine one’s fortune increases, no one will be tired of seeing him/her. He/she shall have his/her major wishes fulfilled as if the sun: where ever it goes, the darkness shall be gone.

All shall love him/her and all matters shall be accomplished. Water disasters, fire disasters, weapons, poisons, evil curses, wild animals, poisonous insects shall not be able to create disaster.

If there is anyone facing punishment or to be killed, then by the power of being fumigated and anointment of this medicine, the knives shall be broken and the person shall be freed.

If there is anyone who being bounded by handcuffs and shackles; and being imprisoned in jail. If he/she uses this medicine to fumigate and wears it, he/she shall be freed.

When this mantri performs ritual, he/she should be one heartedly and faithfully believe the ritual and he/she should not doubt. If one follows the ritual to solve problems then he/she shall not be empty-handed (this medicine is poisonous, please do not consume simply).

Chapter 7: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sutra Mouthpiece Medicine


At this time, Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva further said to the Buddha:

Blessed One, this dharani mantra contains mouthpiece medicine beloved and respected by all in this world.

The ingredients of the same portion: kapura, kasturi, tulip and go-rocana should be mixed and pounded into powder and then mixed with rain water.

The ingredients should then be made into pills the size of hemp seeds.

But first one should anoint the mandala and perform boundary protection; and then recites mantra for 1,080 times to empower the medicine.

The medicine pills should be filled into a container and then placed in the mandala in front of Avalokitesvara. The mantri should recite the fundamental dharani, maha-hrdaya-mantra and hina-hrdaya-mantra.

When a mantri wish to perform siddhi ritual, he/she should wait until the moon or sun is full. If the medicine becomes warm, emits smoke and emits light; then the medicine should be dried in a dark place.

If the medicine becomes warm, then it should be held in the mouth and then recites mantra. In this way, all people shall be attracted to him/her and everyone shall rush to pay him/her respect and praise her. All oral illnesses shall be gone and one’s breath shall be fresh and clean.

If the medicine smokes, then the mantri should hold it in his/her mouth and performs mantra recitation.

Then whatever he/she wishes shall automatically be fulfilled satisfactorily. All disasters shall be removed and speech karma shall be purified. Whoever sees him/her shall respect and subdued.

If the medicine increases and it is put in the mouth to perform recitation, then he/she shall have his/her life span prolonged. All spirits shall be afraid to see him/her and they shall disperse.

If the medicine emits light and it is held in the mouth and performed mantra recitation, then he/she shall attain the status of a magician and he/she shall attain pūrvanivāsānusmṛtijñāna (宿命智).

All his/her 5 serious sins shall automatically be eliminated. He/she shall be freed from all worldly difficulties.

The king, prince, queen, concubines, maids, ministers, people, external paths etc shall love to listen to whatever the mantri has to say. They shall all believe in and willing to serve the mantri.

They shall donate various treasures and jewels to the mantri and they shall perform whatever the mantri wishes.

It is as if the Cakravartin-raja Maitreyan (曼馱多) compassionately educates the world. He/she shall be able to sit in a bead with Indra-deva.

When this mantri holds the medicine in his/her mouth, the power enables him/her to remember whatever he/she heard. He/she shall obtain worldly wisdom and he/she shall be victorious in debates. His/her voice shall be pleasant as if kinara and people shall love to hear.

If anyone who holds the medicine and fight in war, then he/she shall be victorious over the enemy. If one always holds the medicine and performs sadhana, Arya-Avalokitesvara shall appear in front of the person and fulfill his/her wishes.

Also, if one constructs a mandala measuring 4 elbows size with base height 1 foot and 2 inches after flatten, filled and wiped. One should use cow dung, yellow soil, and white sandalwood mud to paint.

The image of Arya-Avalokitesvara should be put in the altar facing west. Offerings of incense, flowers, oil lamps should be made 3 times a day except for bitter flowers or stingy flowers.

One should burn agarwood incense and white sandalwood incense as offerings. One should use white sandalwood to make a mani building doorpost (幢棖) at one elbow height.

The head of the post should be decorated with colorful silk and dangling banner ties. A mani pearl should be placed at the head of the post. The pearl should be made of red crystal (紅頗梨) or crystal; all shall be clean and flawless.

The banner should be placed on the mandala and 7 medicine pills should be hung on the banner. The mantri should be sit with lotus asana on the west of the mandala facing east.

He/she should recite the fundamental dharani mantra, the maha-hrdaya-mantra and the hina-hrdaya-mantra to invite

Each time he/she should recite mantra for 1,080 times.

He/she should burn incense and throw flowers couple with hymns and praises in Sanskrit as offerings. After 100 days and nights, the Arya-Avalokitesvara shall grant him/her wishes.

All shall be subdued and willing to stay quietly. The mantri shall be able to be accompanied by magicians and due to his/her karma, he/she shall be respected and protected by rsi.

When the person dies, he/she shall be invited to the cetaka’s place so one should not doubt. This is called the ‘ritual of wishful secret servant’ (如意密使之法).

The quantity of medicine should be in the form of pulverized pills depending on the number of days accordingly. The powder should be mixed with stone honey and then made into pill form. After that they should be stored in a silver container. The mantri should recite maha- and hina-hrdaya-mantra for 1,080 times each. He/she should hold the medicine and recites mantra once; and then touch the medicine onto the bodhisattva’s feet for 108 times. Once done, the medicine is stored in a clean and secret place.

Before one is to put a pill into his/her mouth, he/she should recite mantra for 3~7 times. After that he/she can put a pill into his/her mouth and recite the 3 mantras silently for 108 times. Then those difficult to subdue spirits shall be able to be overcome and they shall be able to be deployed willfully to accomplish all matters.

Whether one holds a pill in his/her mouth or carries it along, where ever he/she goes shall be welcomed and all secretly wonderful matters can be accomplished. If one enters a palace or amongst monks, or he/she enters a village or amongst external paths, and because he/she holds medicine in his/her mouth and silently recites mantra; all shall be kind and listen to his/her teaching. All shall be according to the mantri’s will and happy to be in his/her company. Whatever the mantri wishes shall be given. He/she shall be able to beloved and supported by honorable persons.

Anyone who always perform this ritual, then on daily basis that he/she shall be able to enjoy supremely wonderful offerings. If he/she goes to war, then he/she shall be victorious. This is because Arya-Avalokitesvara protects this person at all times as if his own beloved son hence he/she is in great freedom. One should be one hearted in performing this ritual (to be effective) except otherwise.

Chapter 8: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sutra Eye Medicine 如意輪陀羅尼經眼藥品第八

Then Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-mahasattva further said to the Buddha:

Blessed One, this dharani-mantra eye medicine can make all sentient beings obtain great victory and willful accomplishments. Arya-Avalokitesvara shall grant all requests with perfection.

One should get equal quantity of the below ingredients: manah-sila (雄黃), kakobaniyasan (In Tang Dynasty, it is the leftover of burnt 蒼耳子/xanthium sibiricum), stamen of red lotus flowers (紅蓮花鬚), utpala leaf (青蓮花), go-rocana (牛黃), tulip (欝金香), turmeric ((黃[木*薑]) other translation said dried ginger) small fold (one translation said aloe barbadensis a second one mentioned small cypress), piper longum (蓽茇), pepper and sea water bubbles (海水沫).

He/she should anoint the mandala and performs boundary protection; and recites mantra to empower medicine for 1,080 times. After that the ingredients are grind into fine power. In addition, the person should get some kasturi (麝香), karpura (龍腦香) and authigenic stone honey (自生石蜜) half of the quantity of the above medicine. He/she should mix and grind the ingredients into fine powder and then put them in a copper container; and place the container in the mandala in front of Avalokitesvara.

The mantri should recite the fundamental mantra, the maha- and hina-hrdaya-mantra. He/she should wait until the time when the sun and moon is full and perfect. When the medicine becomes warm, emits smoke or light; these are signs that the medicine is accomplished.

He/she should first use the medicine to anoint the feet of Avalokitesvara and then give rise to great compassion heart towards sentient beings. The mantri should recite the above 3 mantras for 108 times.

After that, if he/she rubs the medicine on the eyes, then all icy cataract (翳障), white halo (白暈), rheum (眵淚), red membrane (赤膜), night blindness (雀目), fetal redness (胎赤), blepharitis (風赤) and eye pterygium (眼中努肉) shall be removed. On the second rub, all of headache, or migraine (頭半痛), various oral illnesses, high fever (壯熱病) for 1 day, two days or 3 days; or those who are frequent sufferers shall be cured.

On the 3rd rub, all illnesses caused by evil spirits and sick spirits, epilepsy, wind diseases until 84,000 types of spirits; various types of illnesses and angers shall be cured.

On the 4th rub, all trouble makers vinayaka and various demonic spirits shall be afraid and stay far away.

On the 5th rub, all enemies, disasters, war and discords shall be won.

On the 6th rub, all serious sins and so-called 5 no-interval karma (五無間業); those ought to be cast in to Avici Hell. And all bad dreams and all disasters and unlucky omens shall not occur.

On the 7th rub, the king, prince, queen, concubines, maids, ministers, officials, assistants and all men and women shall bow to him/her. All will trust, follow and love the mantri and willing to serve and support him/her.

On the 14th rub, the person shall be isvara (大自在/absolute freedom).

On the 21st rub, the person shall have the fortune of the king. All subjects shall bow to him/her and willing to get close to this person and make offerings to him/her.

On the 28th rub, all yaksa and yaksinis and tribe retinues shall be subdued and willing to be his/her servants.

On the 35th rub, all yaksa and yaksinis, asura male and female, all naga and nagakanya (龍女) shall automatically be subdued and willing to serve the mantri.

On the 42nd rub, all maha-bala (大力/Hercules), illusive ones (幻化), flying genie (飛空), raksa (洛剎) and yogini (瑜吉尼) shall appear in various forms and willing to be deployed by the mantri. They shall follow and protect the mantri until he/she attains boddhi.

On the 49th rub, Mahakala (摩訶迦羅), Hariti (鬼子母) and spirits of 8 divisions (八部諸神八部諸神) shall be subdued and protect the mantri.

On the 56th rub, the person can see all invisible rsi (隱形仙).

On the 63th rub, the person can see all hidden treasures underground.

On the 70th rub, the person can see all rsi and asura palaces and all doors shall open for him/her. He/she shall be able to see everything in the palaces and he/she can enter and exit accordingly.

On the 77th rub, the mantri can see all medicine spirits (藥精) materialize in mountains and forests. He/she shall emit victorious light and obtain longevity; and also he/she shall obtain great power and he/she shall obtain whatever he/she wants.

On the 84th rub, the person can open all palace doors of mountain gods. The mountain gods shall come and welcome the mantri. He/she should bring the medicine if he/she wants to enter and all shall be wishful.

On the 91st rub, the mantri can open the doors of naga palaces in the sea. He/she shall be able to see all nagas and they will be happy to see him/her and they will not cause troubles.

On the 98th rub, he/she can see palaces in kamadhatu (欲界/desires realm) and open the doors.

On the 106th rub, he/she can walk and see in the dark as if under daylight.

On the 113th rub, he/she can see the realm of water, vajra, wind-cakra and the sky.

On the 120th rub, he/she shall see the Caturmahārājakāyikās (四天王天). The person can also see those sentient beings suffering in the hell. He/she can liberate those beings in the hell.

On the 127th rub, the person shall possess victorious light that can drive away darkness.

On the 134th rub, the person can see Arya-Vajradhara-Bodhisattva (聖執金剛菩薩). Whatever he/she wishes shall be fulfilled.

On the 141th rub, the mantri can see Arya-Avalokitesvara and whatever he/she wishes shall be granted.

On the 148th rub, he/she shall obtain magical power and this person can see various palaces in the kamadhatu heaven. He/she shall be able to play, enter and exit without problems. And that he/she can see buddha and bodhisattva realms of 10 directions.

If one applied the medicine for 1 year and he/she secretly recites the 3 mantra in secrecy, then he/she shall obtain the ‘pure 5 eyes’ (淨五), merits, skandha-punya (福蘊/concealed fortune) and magical powers. In addition, the above shall further increase until at par with all devas.

Before one wishes to anoint the medicine, he/she should use a copper chopstick to stir the medicine and at the same time recite medicine mantra for 3~7 times. After that the medicine is applied in the eyes and mantra is recited accordingly. If all sentient beings follow this practice to request for supreme wishes, they shall have deep faith and they should not doubt. And that they should always give rise to great compassion heart and learn about the wisdom of the Buddha. Then they shall at once obtain accomplishment that has been preached about.

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All matters shall not be void. If a mantri of this dharma is in doubt and he/she is not diligent in his/her practice; then whatever this person does shall not be successful.”

Chapter 9: Cintamani Cakra Dharani Homa 如意輪陀羅尼經護摩品第九

Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva again said to the Buddha:

Blessed One, this dharani mantra homa ritual can benefit all sentient beings and accomplishes all supreme dharma.

It can destroy all obstacles and stops all enemies. All vinayaka shall not be able to make trouble. All subjects shall be happy to see (this person).

A mantri should choose a clean and quite place and make a square measuring 3 elbows length on the ground. And then he/she should purify the place and paint the floor. In the center is a circle hole about one elbow deep and half elbow through (一肘深半肘穿). This would be the fire pit. Cow dung and yellow soil should be used to rub and wipe (the floor) according to the prescriptions.

White sandalwood measuring two and a half holds (二把半) in length should be chopped and burn in the furnace. Equal quantity of rice flowers (稻穀花), white mustard seeds and agarwood should be mixed well with butter, honey and cheese.

The homa ritual should begin between 3am~5am and one should make 1,080 times offering. Then all 5-no-interval sins (五無間罪) and all karmic obstacles shall be destroyed at one time.

If one performs the homa ritual for 7 days, then he/she shall have longevity and suffers no mortality. Further his/her various serious sins shall be purified.

If a person performs the homa ritual for 14 days, then his fortune and lifespan shall increase and exceed. The king, prince, prime minister and subjects shall respect and serve him/her after seeing this person as if that of the Agni (火天).

If one performs the homa ritual for 21 days, then the Tra-yastrim-sat-deva (三十三天) and Śakro-devānāmindra (釋提桓因) together with all devas, Suryadeva and Candradeva (日月天子) shall come to support the mantri and grant him/her wishes.

The Caturmaharaja (四天王), magician (持明), rsi (仙眾) together with retinues shall come and support and bestow efficiency (効驗).

The vajradhara-bodhisattva shall come to grant him/her supreme wishes. Avalokitesvara shall materialize himself to grant him/her big wishes so that he/she can be satisfied. All subjects shall respect and subdued.

If there is excessive drought, then a mantri can mix well butter and white mustard seeds and perform homa accordingly for 3 days and 3 nights. Then the long awaited rain shall fall. If the rain falls unceasingly, then one can collect some homa ashes and recites mantra for 108 times facing the sky. After that the ashes are thrown towards the sky and the sky shall be sunny again.

If (a place) is besieged by increasing number of disaster wind, hailstorm, rain mortality, then a mantri can recites mantra for 108 times to homa ash. After that he/she should stare at the direction then the wind and hail shall cease.

If a mantri always perform sadhana accordingly, then he/she shall possess victorious power and fearlessness such as that of the Narayana. When he/she dies, this person shall be born in the supreme joyful world of Sukhavati.

Wherever he/she is born, he/she shall always understand his/her previous lives (宿命) until he/she attains enlightenment; and this person shall not fall into evil paths.

Blessed One, this Cintamani Cakra Dharani Mantra contains immeasurable merit that is very much more than the ocean without edge.

If bhiksu, bhikṣunī, upasaka, upasika, kumara and kumara can follow this dharma without doubt, and those who always write and recites (the sadhana); whatever their hearts’ desires are shall be willful and victorious.

At all times the catuṣ-prakāra (四部/four classes) men and women shall respect and beloved him/her. The king of magicians and various rsi shall protect this person in secrecy. He/she shall receive extra blessings and all matters automatically accomplished.

He/she shall be bestowed with great honorability and being supported with all treasures, pearls, mani, gold, silver, glass, sankha (珂貝/cowrie shell), jade, clothing, musical instruments etc shall all be in abundance.

Since the mantri obtain great fortune and all wishes granted, he/she who is bestowed with these auspicious willfulness shall not reveal these to others simply. Otherwise magical powers bestowed to him/her shall fade forever.

Blessed One, this Cintamani Cakra dharani, mantra and mudra have magical powers and they are extremely rare. Those clean or not clean that can become sentient beings and that they can calm their minds into the ocean of dharma and enter various samaya; all those shall be able to achieve enlightenment with their magical plays. Because of this hetu-pratyaya (因緣/cause), I use great compassion to guide sentient beings to maturity. It is my hope that the Buddha gives adhiṣṭhāna (加持), coverage and protection.”

Chapter 10: The Urge Of Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sutra 如意輪陀羅尼經囑累品第十

At this time, the Buddha praised Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva:

“It is very kind of you the one with great compassion. You can skillfully preach this Cintamani Cakra Dharani Mantra.

This dharma in Jambudvīpa (贍部洲) shall benefit and mature bodhi-kusala-mula (菩提善根) of all sentient beings.

If sentient beings give adhimukticaryābhūmiḥi (發心/decided) to this Cintamani Cakra Dharani Mantra, and that they can recite and uphold it unceasingly; then in this life they shall attain the rūpa-darśana-mauna-siddhah-chaya-ṛddhi-vikrīḍita-prajna-samaya (見色寂圓照神通遊戲智三昧耶).

Not only that they shall obtain great merits this life, they too shall obtain great merits in the next life. Hence all 8 division beings (天龍八部) should all respect, protect and serve (this dharma) as if serving Agni.

I as the holder of this mantra urge you so that you must always be diligent in protecting and reciting this mantra and obtain real results. I am already rejoicing seeing you the believers in person.”

Then Avalokitesvara-bodhisattva-maha-sattva said to the Buddha:

“Since immeasurable number of kalpas, I depended on the power of great compassions embracing the teaching of Buddha to urge sentient beings. I always follow and support; and bestow efficacies. Only the Buddha can prove for the benefits of sentient beings that I speak this Cintamani Cakra Dharani mantra. If a beholder performs the sadhana as his/her practice, it is not difficult that his/her wishes fulfilled.

It is according the power of the Buddha that I have made this effort to save sentient beings from sorrow.

After the Arya-Avalokitesvara-buddhisattva-maha-sattva finished mentioning this sutra, the public were all extremely joyful and they all believed in and upholding this practice.

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This is the practice of Cintamani Cakra Dharani Sutra.