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Avatamsaka Sutra: Volume 5: The Wonderful Adornments of the Leaders of the World, the 5th section by Thomas Cleary

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(Taisho Tripitaka 0279)
Translated into English by Thomas Cleary

Volume 5: The Wonderful Adornments of the Leaders of the World, the 5th section

Furthermore, The Great Enlightening Being Universally Good (Samantabhadra Bodhisattva Mahasattva) entered into the ocean of techniques and inconceivable doors of liberation and entered into the ocean of merits and virtues of the Thus Come One. That is to say, there was a Door of Liberation called Purifying all Buddha Lands, Pacifying the Sentient beings and causing them all to be ultimately emancipated. There was a door of Liberation called Going to All Realms of Complete Virtues cultivated by all the Buddhas. There was a door of Liberation called the Great Ocean of Vows defining the stages of all enlightening beings. There was a door of Liberation called Everywhere manifesting infinite bodies numerous as atoms in the cosmos. There was a door of Liberation called explaining an inconceivable number of different names throughout all lands. There was a door of Liberation called showing all the boundless realms of enlightening beings psychic powers in all atoms. There was a door of Liberation named showing the events of the formation and decay of the ages of past, present, and future in the space of an instant. There was a door of Liberation named showing the Oceans of Faculties of all enlightening beings, each entering their own spheres. There was a door of Liberation named ability to make various bodies appear by mystic powers all throughout the boundless cosmos. There was a door of Liberation called showing the processes of all enlightening beings practices, entering into the great techniques of universal knowledge.

At that time, The Great Enlightening Being Universally Good by virtue of his own accomplishment, and also receiving the spiritual power of the Buddha, having looked over the ocean of all the assemblies spoke these verses:

The immense, vast fields adorned by the Buddha
Are equal in number to all atoms;
pure children of Buddha fill them all,
Raining the inconceivable, most sublime teaching.

As in this assembly we see the Buddha sitting,
So it is also in every atom;
The Buddha body has no coming or going,
And clearly appears in all the lands there are.

Demonstrating the Practices Cultivated by enlightening beings
The various techniques of innumerable approaches to their stages
Expounding as well the inconceivable truth,
He causes the Buddha Children to enter the realm of reality.

Producing Phantom Buddhas numerous as atoms
Corresponding to the inclinations of all beings minds,
The expedient doors into the profound realm of truth,
Boundlessly Vast, all he expounds.

The Buddhas names are equal to the worlds,
Filling all lands in the ten directions;
None of his methods are employed in vain:
He tames sentient beings and purifies all.

The Buddha, in every atom,
Displays infinite great mystic powers--
Sitting in each on the enlightenment site,
He speaks of past Buddhas enlightening deeds.

All immense eons of past, present, and future,
Buddha reveals in every instant--
All the events of their formation and decay
His inconceivable knowledge comprehends.

The congregation of Buddhas Children is endlessly vast;
But though they try together to fathom Buddha state
The teaching of the Buddhas have no bounds--
To thoroughly know them all is most difficult.

Buddhas like space, without discrimination,
Equal to the real cosmos, with no resting place,
Phantom Manifestations Circulate Everywhere,
All sitting on enlightenment sites attaining true awareness.

Buddha teaches widely, with wonderful voice--
All stages of enlightenment are thoroughly clear
Appearing before each sentient being,
He gives all the Buddhas equal truth.

Furthermore the Great Enlightening Being Sublime Light of Pure Virtue, the Great Spiritual Hero found the door of liberation going to all assemblies of enlightening beings in the ten directions and adorning the sites of enlightenment. The enlightening being Light of the Supreme Lamp of Universal Virtue found the door of liberation in a single instant showing endless entrances to attainment of true awakening, teaching and developing inconceivable worlds of sentient beings. The enlightening being Lion Banner of Universal Light found the door of liberation cultivating the enlightening beings adornments of blessings and virtue, producing all Buddha Lands. The enlightening being Subtle Light of Flames of Universal Jewels found the door of liberation observing the realms of the Buddhas mystic powers, without confusion. The enlightening being Banner of Oceans of Qualities of Universal Sounds found the door of liberation showing the adornments of all Buddha fields in one congregation at a site of enlightenment. The enlightening being Light of Universal Knowledge Illuminating the Realm of Buddhahood found the door of liberation following the Buddha investigating the most profound and enormously vast matrix of the Cosmos. The Enlightening Being Light of Inexhaustible Virtue of Universal Purity found the door of liberation entering into all mundane activities and producing the boundless practices of enlightening beings. The enlightening being Universal Supreme Light found the door of liberation able to manifest the spheres of all Buddhas within the formless realm of truth.

At that time the Great Enlightening Being Sublime Light of Pure Virtue, the spiritual hero, empowered by the Buddha, looked over the ocean of liberation doors of all the enlightening beings and said in verse,

All lands there be in the ten directions
Are beautified and Purified all in an instant,
By the Sublime Voice turning the wheel of truth
Throughout the world, without an equal.

The realm of the Buddha has no bounds--
In an instant the cosmos is filled;
In every atom he sets up an enlightenment site,
Proving enlightenment in all creating mystic displays.

Buddha cultivated practices in the past
Extending through countless eons
Adorning all Buddha Fields,
Appearing unhindered, like space.

The Buddhas spiritual powers are unlimited,
Filling the boundless reaches of all time--
Even if one spent countless eons constantly observing,
One would never be weary or jaded.

Observe the realms of Buddha's mystic power--
All lands in all quarters are beautifully pure:
He appears therein in every one,
Instantaneously Changing, in infinite forms.

If you observe the Buddha for countless ages
You won't apprehend even the extent of one Hair--
The Buddha's boundless doors of Techniques
Illumine inconceivably many fields.

Buddha, in past ages in the world,
Served an infinite ocean of Buddhas;
Therefore all beings are like River Rapids
Coming to make offerings to the World Honored One.

The Buddha appears everywhere,
In infinite lands in each atom
The realms therein being all infinite too;
In all he abides for endless eons.

Buddha of Yore for the sake of all beings
Cultivated an ocean of boundless compassion,
Entering Birth and Death along with all beings,
Teaching the Masses, Making them Pure.

Buddhas abide in the Matrix of the Cosmos of Real Thus-ness--
Sign-less, Formless, Free from all taints.
When beings observe Buddha's various Bodies,
All their troubles and pains then dissolve.

Furthermore, the Great Enlightening Being Great Brilliance of the Moon Reflected in the Ocean, the Great Spiritual Hero, found the door of liberation producing the means of transcendence pertaining to each stage of enlightenment thereby edifying sentient beings and purifying all Buddha lands. The Enlightening Being Undefiled Treasury of Light of Oceans of Cloudlike Sounds found the door of liberation in every instant of awareness entering into the various distinctions of all objective realms. The enlightening being Topknot born of Wisdom found the door of liberation revealing pure great virtues to all sentient beings when they first arrive at the site of enlightenment. The enlightening being Brave Lotus Topknot found the door of liberation revealing all the Buddha Teachings to sentient beings in accord with their infinite faculties and understandings. The Enlightening Being Sun Banner of Clouds of Universal Knowledge found the door of liberation developing the knowledge of Buddhahood, abiding forever. The Enlightening Being Greatly Persevering with Indestructible Courage found the door of liberation of power to enter into all the boundless symbols of the Teachings. The enlightening being Banner of Light of Fragrant Flames found the door of liberation showing how all the present Buddhas first began enlightening Practice, And on through to their final consummation of the Body of Knowledge and Wisdom. The Enlightening Being Deep Beautiful Sound of Great Enlightened Virtue found the door of liberation Peacefully abiding in the ocean of all the great vows of Vairocana, the Illuminator. The Enlightening Being Born of Wisdom with the light of Great Virtue found the door of liberation revealing the most profound realm of the Buddha, which pervades the cosmos.

At that time the Great Enlightening Being Great Brilliance of the Moon reflected in the Ocean, Empowered by the Buddha, observed the ocean of arrays of all the hosts of enlightening beings, and said in verse:

The Paramitas and the stages of enlightenment,
Vast, inconceivable, are all fulfilled:
Infinite sentient beings subdued and harmonized,
All Buddha Lands are Pure.

As Buddha teaches in the worlds of beings,
All lands in the ten directions are filled:
In an instant of thought he turns the wheel of truth
Accommodating it to all states of mind.

Buddha, over countless vast eons,
Has appeared everywhere before sentient beings;
According to his past cultivation,
He shows his purified realm of action.

I see everywhere in all directions
And see the Buddhas showing Mystic Powers
All sitting in Sanctuaries Realizing Enlightenment
Surrounded by Listening Crowds.

The Immense Radiance of Buddhas Reality Body
Can Appear in the World through Expedient Means
According with the inclinations of all beings minds
Raining the teachings to suit their faculties.

The impartial, sign-less body of true Suchness
The Pure Reality Body of Untainted Light
With Knowledge and Calm, with innumerable bodies
He preaches the truth, adapting to all.

The Powers of the King of Truth are all Pure
His knowledge and Wisdom like Space, unbounded;
He reveals all without any concealment.
Causing all beings to be enlightened.

In accord with what Buddha Cultivated
Up to his perfection of all knowledge
Now he radiates light through the cosmos
Showing it all therein.

Buddha shows mystic powers through his original vow,
Illuminating all in the Ten Directions;
What the Buddha Practiced of Yore,
All is expounded in these networks of light.

There is no end of worlds in all directions.
No Equals, No Bounds, Each one distinct.
Buddhas Unhindered Power Emits a great light
Clearly revealing all of those lands.

At that time the Buddhas Lion Seat, It's round platform of exquisite flowers of many jewels, it's base, steps, doors, and all of its embellishments, each produced as many great enlightening beings as there are atoms in a Buddha Land. There Names were Oceanic Wisdom, Sovereign King of Occult Powers; Thunder Shaking All; Topknot of Lights of Many Jewels; Bold Intelligence of the Son of Knowledge; Seal of Knowledge made of Jewels of Inconceivable Qualities; Hundred Eye Lotus Topknot; Light Spheres of Golden Flames; Universal Sound of the Cosmos; Cloud Sound Pure Moon; Banner of Light of Benevolent Courage: These were the leaders, and there were as many of them as atoms in many Buddha Lands.

At the same time as they appeared, these enlightening beings each produced clouds of various offerings: For example, clouds of flowers of all jewels, clouds of all subtle fragrances of Lotus Blossoms, Clouds of orbs of jewel lights, clouds of fragrant flames of boundless realms, clouds of jewel like light spheres from the treasury of the sun, clouds of all pleasing musical sounds, clouds of flames of light from all jewel lamps, with boundless colors and forms, clouds of branches, flowers, and fruits from trees of many jewels, clouds of regal jewels with inexhaustible pure radiance, clouds of all the finest decorative gems; there were as many such clouds of various offerings as there are atoms in a Buddha World. Each of these enlightening beings produced such clouds of offerings unceasingly, raining on the oceanic assemblies at all enlightenment sites.

Having manifested these clouds, they circled the Buddha to the right, circling him countless hundreds of thousands of times. In whatever direction they came from, there, not far from the Buddha, they magically produced innumerable Lotus Lion Seats of various Jewels, and each sat cross legged thereon.

The spheres of actions of these enlightening beings were pure and vast as the sea. They had attained the state of universality of illumination of knowledge and wisdom. Following the Buddhas, They were unhindered in their actions. They were able to enter the ocean of all principles of discernment and elucidation, and had mastered the teaching of inconceivable liberation. They dwelt in the state of all sided-ness of the Buddhas. They had already mastered all techniques of concentration formulae, and were able to contain the ocean of all the teachings. They dwelt in the stage of equanimous knowledge of past, present, and future. They had attained the immense joy of profound faith. Their boundless stores of blessings were most pure. They observed everywhere in space throughout the cosmos. They diligently made offerings to all Buddhas appearing in any land in all worlds.

At that time, the Great Enlightening Being Oceanic Wisdom, Sovereign King of Occult Powers, the great spiritual hero, empowered by the Buddha, surveyed the oceans of masses at the scene of enlightenment and said in verse:

Buddha knows what all Buddhas have realized--
Unhindered as space he illumines all,
His light pervading countless lands everywhere.
He sits amidst the hosts all magnificently pure.

The Buddhas virtues cannot be measured;
They fill all the Cosmos in every direction.
Sitting under every enlightenment tree,
All the Great Powers Assemble like Clouds.

Buddha has such spiritual powers,
Manifesting infinite forms at once.
The Buddhas sphere is beyond bounds--
Individuals see according to their liberation.

Buddha passed oceans of eons
Working in all realms of being
Teaching Creatures by various means,
Having them accept and practice enlightening ways.

Vairochana replete with magnificent refinements,
Sits on a Lotus Bank Lion Seat.
All the assembled Hosts are Pure;
Silently all gaze in Respect.

The Banks of Jewels Radiate Light,
Emitting boundless clouds of fragrant flames;
Countless Flower Garlands are draped around
On Such a Seat does the Buddha Sit.

Various adornments decorate its glorious facades
Constantly Emitting Lamp-Like Clouds of Fragrant Flames,
Immensely Vast, Blazing, Illumining All.
The Sage sits upon Supreme Embellishments.

Beautiful Windows of Various Jewels,
Draped with Lotuses of Exquisite Gems,
Always producing Sublime Sounds delighting all hearers,
Thereon Buddha sits, most Radiant of all.

A Jewel Crescent Supports the Seat Shaped like a half moon;
Diamond is it's pedestal, its color blazing bright;
Enlightening Beings constantly circle it
Buddha is the most radiant among them.

His various mystic displays fill the ten directions.
Expounding the far-reaching vows of the Thus Come One,
All reflected images appear therein;
It is on such a seat the Buddha calmly sits.

At that time the Great Enlightening Being Thunder Shaking All, empowered by the Buddha, Looked over all the assembled hosts and said,

Buddha accumulated enlightenment practices,
Making offerings to infinite Buddhas everywhere.
Sustained by the power of the Well Gone One (Sugata)
None do not see him on his seat.

Jewels of fragrant flames, fulfilling all wishes,
Encrust the Buddha's flower lion throne;
Various adornments, all appearing as reflections,
Are clearly seen by all the hosts.

Buddhas throne displays magnificent forms;
Instant to instant their colors and types each differ.
According to the Differences in Beings' Understandings
Each sees the Buddha thereupon.

Jewel Branches hanging down, Webs of Lotus Flowers
As the flowers open, enlightening beings emerge.
Each producing sublime, pleasing voices.
Praising the Buddha on his throne.

Buddhas virtues are extensive as space--
All adornments are born from them.
The embellishing features of each particular state
No sentient beings can comprehend.

Diamond is the ground, indestructible.
Vast, Pure, Level, and Even.
Nets of Pearls hang in the sky.
All around the enlightenment tree.

The infinite colors of the ground are all distinct;
Gold dust is spread all around,
Flowers and jewels strewn about,
All beautifying Buddha's throne.

Earth spirits dance with joy,
With infinite manifestations in an instant,
Creating clouds of adornments everywhere,
While remaining reverently gazing at Buddha.

Jewel Lamps, immensely large, shining extremely bright,
Fragrant Flames and swirling light never ending,
These manifestations differ according to the time.
Earth spirits make offerings of these.

All the adornments existing.
In every single land
Appear at this enlightenment scene
By the mighty sacrosanct power of Buddha.

Then the Great Enlightening Being Jewel Light Topknot empowered by the Buddha, surveyed the Oceanic Masses at the site of enlightenment and said,

When the Buddha was cultivating practice in the past,
He saw the various Buddha Lands, all fully complete.
The lands he saw this way were endless:
All of them appear at this enlightenment scene.

The Buddhas enormous spiritual power
Sheds light showering gems everywhere
This treasury of jewels is scattered over the sight
Beautifying the ground all around.

Buddhas blessings and mystical powers
Adorn everywhere with precious gemstones;
The ground and the enlightenment tree
Alternately emit light and sound expressing the truth.

Precious lamps, infinite, rain from the sky,
Studded with regal sapphires,
All emitting subtle sounds speaking truth:
This, the earth spirits cause to appear.

The Jewel Ground manifests ubiquitous clouds of light
Jewel Lamps blaze bright as lightning
Jewel nets hung afar cover above.
Jewel boughs variously draped make decorations.

Look over the entire ground--
Adorned with various beautiful jewels.
It shows beings the ocean of actions,
Causing them to comprehend the real nature of things.

The enlightenment trees in all the spheres
Of all the Buddhas everywhere
All appear at the enlightenment site,
Expounding the Buddhas pure teaching.

In accord with the inclinations of beings' minds,
The ground produces wonderful sounds,
Conforming to what the Buddha would preach at his seat,
Each of the teachings fully explained.

The ground constantly produces subtle fragrant light;
In the light are chanted pure clear sounds;
If any beings are able to receive the teaching,
It causes them to hear, and their afflictions vanish.

Each adornment is fully complete.
And could not be described in billions of kalpas.
The Buddhas mystic power extends everywhere;
That's why the ground is beautifully pure.

Then the Great Enlightening Being Bold Intelligence of the Sun of Knowledge, empowered by the Buddha, looked over all the multitudes assembled on the scene and said in verse,

The World Honored One sits in the hall of truth with steady gaze
Brilliantly lighting up the palace.
In accordance with the dispositions of all beings
His body appears throughout all lands.

The Buddhas palace is beyond conception,
Adorned with stores of precious jewels,
Each decorations shining with light;
Sitting there, the Buddha is most conspicuous of all.

With pillars of jewels of various hews,
Chimes of real gold hanging like clouds,
Jewel Stairways in rows on four sides,
The gates open in every direction.

Arrays of banners of flowery silk,
Jewel trees with decorated branches and boughs,
Garlands of pearls draped on all sides
The Ocean of Wisdom sits calmly therein.

Nets of jewels, exquisite fragrant banners
Brilliant Lamps hung like clouds
Covered with various decorations,
The world transcending true knower sits within.

Everywhere he manifests clouds of mystic displays
Those clouds teaching throughout the world
Harmonizing and calming down all sentient beings:
All this appears from the Buddhas Palace.

Trees of gems bloom with fine flowers.
Having no peer in all the world;
The embellishments of the lands of all times
Reveal their reflections therein.

Everywhere there are heaps of jewels;
There light blazes in countless hews.
Gates and doors open at intervals all around;
The beams and ceiling are especially beautiful.

The Buddha's palace is inconceivable;
Its pure radiance contains every form--
In it appears all palaces,
A Buddha sitting in each.

The Thus Come One's Palace is boundless;
The naturally awakened one abides therein.
All the masses from all ten directions
Come gather around the Buddha.

Then the great enlightening being Seal Of Knowledge Made Of Jewels Of Inconceivable Qualities empowered by the Buddha, looked over all the oceans of Beings gathered at the scene of enlightenment, and said in verse,

The Buddha cultivated an ocean of blessings,
Many as the atoms in all lands;
Produced by the powers of his mind and will,
The enlightenment sight is pure, without any taint.

Wish fulfilling jewels are the roots of the trees
Diamond are their trunks
Nets of Jewels cover them
And a rich fragrance surrounds.

The tree branches are adorned by all kinds of gems,
The limbs are of precious stone soaring high;
The branches and twigs hang thickly, like heavy clouds:
Underneath sits Buddha on the enlightenment site.

The sight of enlightenment is unthinkably vast:
The trees surround it covering it all;
The dense foliage and luxurious flowers mutually cover and reflect,
While in the flowers grow gemstone fruits.

From among all the branches emanate beautiful lights
Illuminating the whole enlightenment scene;
Pure, bright, inexhaustible,
This appears by the power of Buddha's vows.

Banks of precious stones are the flowers,
Reflections shining like patterned clouds;
The encircling trees perfume all around:
The enlightenment sites adorned everywhere.

See in the site of the Buddha's enlightenment
Lotuses and Jewel Nets, all pure;
Flames of light in whirls appear from here,
Music of bells and chimes comes from the clouds.

All the wonderfully adorned trees
Existing in all lands
Appear in the enlightenment tree;
Buddha, beneath it, sheds all defilement.

The site of enlightenment is made of vast blessings;
The tree branches rain jewels without end.
In the jewels appear enlightening beings,
Going everywhere to serve the Buddhas.

The state of the Buddhas is inconceivable;
They cause all the trees there to produce music--
In accord with the enlightened way developed by the Buddha,
The host of beings, hearing the music can see it all.

Then the great enlightening being Hundred Eyes Lotus Topknot, empowered by the Buddha, surveyed all the assemblies at the scene of enlightenment and said,

All the jewels emit wondrous sounds
Extolling the names of Buddhas of all times,
The deeds of those Buddhas' mystical powers
Can all be viewed in this enlightenment scene.

Flowers bloom in profusion, like parti-colored cloth;
Clouds of light flow in all directions:
The spirits of Enlightenment trees bring these to the Buddha,
With single-minded devotion making offerings of them.

Flames of jewel light all form banners;
From the banners burst forth sublime fragrances,
The fragrances perfuming all the congregations--
Therefore the place is all beautifully pure.

Lotuses hang down, with light of golden hue,
The light intoning clouds of Buddha's wondrous voice
Covering all the lands in all directions,
Extinguishing the fires of sentient beings' torments.

The independent power of Enlightenment Tree King
Constantly radiates light extremely pure;
The assembled masses in the ten directions have no bounds,
Yet all of them appear reflected in the enlightenment scene.

The light flames of the jewel branches are like bright lamps;
Their light emanates sound declaring the great vow--
What the Buddha practiced of yore in all states of being
Is fully expounded therein.

Under the tree are spirits, as many as atoms in the land,
All staying together at this enlightenment site,
Each before the Buddha's enlightenment tree
Continuously expounding the liberation doors.

Buddha practiced many deeds of yore,
Making offerings to all the enlightened:
His practices as well as his fame
All appear within the jewels.

Everything in the scene produces wonderful sound--
The sound is vast, pervading the ten directions;
If any beings can hear the teaching,
It civilizes them and makes them pure.

The Buddha in the past cultivated
Infinite embellishments, all;
All the adornments, innumerable kinds,
Of every enlightenment tree (Bodhi-Tree).

Then the great Enlightening Being Light Spheres of Golden Flames empowered by the Buddha, looked over all the assemblies at the scene of enlightenment and said,

Buddha cultivated enlightening practices,
Comprehending all things,
Clarifying the true and the false;
This is the Buddha's first power of knowledge.

As in the past he observed the nature of all things equally,
He clarified the oceans of all doings:
Thus now, in the nets of light
He can tell it all throughout all quarters.

In past eons he developed great techniques
For guiding beings according to their faculties
Causing all their minds to be pure;
Thus was the Buddha able to perfect the knowledge of potentials.

As the understanding of sentient beings is not the same,
And their inclinations and actions are different,
He teaches them according to their needs:
Buddha can do this by his powers of knowledge.

Comprehending the Oceans of Lands in all Directions,
All the worlds of beings they contain,
Buddha's Knowledge is Equanimous, like space:
All he can show within a pore.

Buddha knows the outcome of all acts,
Comprehending past, present, and future instantly;
The Lands, Ages, Beings, and Times of all regions:
All he can reveal and make clear.

Meditation states, Liberations, and Powers are boundless,
And so are trances and other techniques:
Buddha shows them all to beings, gladdening them,
Causing all to wash away the darkness of afflictions.

Buddhas knowledge is unhindered, comprehending all times;
All he shows in an instant, in his hair pores:
The Buddha's teachings, lands, and sentient beings:
All these appear from his recollective power.

Buddha's Eye is as Vast as Space;
He sees the entire cosmos.
In the unimpeded state, with unequaled function,
All Buddhas can tell of this eye.

All sentient beings are totally bound;
All their intoxications and habits
Buddha causes to be removed by his methods,
Appearing throughout the world.

Then the great enlightening being Universal Sound of the Cosmos, empowered by the Buddha, looked over the assembled beings at the site of enlightenment and said,

The Buddha's awesome spiritual powers pervade the ten directions,
Their grandiose displays making no discrimination;
The transcendent means, enlightening practices
Fulfilled in the past¡ªall they show.

Of old he conceived compassion for beings
And practiced transcendent generosity,
Wherefore his body is most sublime,
Gladdening all who see.

In boundless eons past
He cultivated transcendent self-control,
So acquired a pure body all-pervading,
Extinguishing the various torments of the world.

He cultivated patience and tolerance, pure,
Faithful to truth, without discrimination;
So his physical form is perfect,
Shedding light in all directions.

He strove for boundless eons past,
Able to overthrow the barriers of sentient beings;
Therefore he can emanate bodies in all directions,
All appearing under enlightenment trees.

Buddha practiced, for long, long eons,
Oceans of meditations, all of them pure;
Thus he delights his beholders,
Removing all taint of afflictions.

Buddha mastered the ocean of practices,
Fulfilling transcendent wisdom;
Therefore he sheds light illumining all,
Destroying the darkness of ignorance.

Edifying beings by various means
He causes their practice to succeed;
Traveling everywhere in the ten directions
For endless eons, he never rests.

Buddha practiced for boundless eons
Purifying and mastering transcendent vows;
Therefore he appears throughout the world
Saving beings forever and ever.

Buddha cultivated extensively for countless eons
Transcendent power to deal with all truth;
He has thus perfected natural power,
Appearing throughout all truths.

Buddha cultivated the Wisdom of Universal Gate,
The nature of his omniscience is like space:
Therefore he has unhindered power
Illuminating all lands in the ten directions.

Then the great enlightening being Cloud Sound Pure Moon empowered by the Buddha looked over all the beings gathered at the enlightenment site and said,

The realm of his spiritual powers is equal to space
No beings do not perceive them
The stages he perfected in his past practice
Are fully explained in the Jewels.

Striving purely for countless eons
He entered the first stage, that of extreme joy
Producing the vast knowledge of the cosmos
He saw countless Buddhas of the ten directions

In the stage of purity amidst all things
He observed standards of purity numerous as beings
Having practiced extensively for many eons
He served the boundless ocean of Buddhas

Accumulating virtue in the stage of radiance
His store of calm was firm and enduring
The vast cloud of teachings he had already learned
So it is told in the Gemstone Fruits.

The incomparable stage of clear intellect like an ocean of flames
Comprehending situations, he gave rise to compassion
With an equal physical presence in all lands
These accomplishments of the Buddha are all expounded.

Universal Store of Equanimity¡ªThe difficult to conquer stage
According with action and stillness, without contradiction
The realm of the Buddhist Teaching is completely impartial
How the Buddha Purified it, the jewels can tell.

Far reaching practice¡ªThe stage of oceanic wisdom,
Totally comprehending all aspects of the teachings,
Appearing in all lands like space:
The voice of these teachings comes from the trees.

The body of space, pervading the cosmos,
The lamp of wisdom, shining on all beings,
All practical methods completely purified:
His past long journey he causes to be told.

Adorned by execution of all vows,
Infinite oceans of lands are all pure;
Undisturbed by any discrimination,
This pear-less stage is fully explained

Mystic powers of infinite scope
Enter the illuminating power of the teachings;
This pure stage of beneficent wisdom
And it¡¯s eons of practice are fully revealed.

The Far Reaching tenth stage of clouds of teaching
Engulfs everything, pervading all space;
The realm of the Buddha is told in the voice
This voice is the Buddha¡¯s spiritual power

Then the great enlightening being Banner of Light of Benevolent Courage, Empowered by the Buddha, surveyed the ten directions and said,

Innumerable sentient beings are in the congregation;
Their various minds of faith are all Pure;
All can enter into understanding of Buddha¡¯s Wisdom
And understand all states which adorn it.

Each initiates pure vows and puts them into practice;
All have made offerings to innumerable beings
They are able to see the real true body of Buddha
As well as all his mystical displays.

Some can see the Buddha¡¯s reality body
Incomparable, unhindered, pervading everywhere:
The nature of all the infinity of things
Is in that Body completely.

Some see the Buddha¡¯s sublime body of form
Its boundless physical characteristics blazing with light;
According to the different understandings of various beings
It transforms into various appearances, everywhere.

Some see the body of Unobstructed knowledge
Equal in all times, like space;
According to the changes in beings inclinations
It causes them to see all kinds of differences.

Some can understand the Buddhas voice
Pervading all lands in the ten directions;
According to sentient beings abilities to understand,
It produces verbal sounds for them without any hindrance.

Some see the Buddha¡¯s various lights
Variously shining throughout the world,
And some see too in the Buddhas light,
Buddhas displaying their mystic power.

Some see Buddhas oceans of clouds of light
Issuing from his pores of radiant hues
Showing the paths he practiced of yore,
Causing beings to deeply believe and enter Buddha¡¯s knowledge.

Some see the Buddha¡¯s adorning marks and blessings
And see where the blessings come from
The oceans of transcendent means he practiced of old
Are clearly seen in the Buddhas marks.

The Thus Come One's merits and virtues cannot be measured:
They fill the cosmos, without any bounds
These and the myriads of states of supernatural powers,
can be expounded because of the Buddha's power.

At that time, the ocean of worlds of arrays of flower banks, by the power of the Buddha, all shook in six ways, in eighteen manners: That is, they trembled, trembled all over, trembled all over in all directions; they welled up, welled up all over, welled up all over in all directions; they surged, surged all over, surged all over in all directions; they quaked, quaked all over, quaked all over in all directions; they roared, roared all over, roared all over in all directions; they crashed, crashed all over, crashed all over in all directions.

These various world leaders each caused clouds of inconceivable offerings to appear, raining on the ocean of beings at the Thus Come One's site of enlightenment: clouds of ornaments of all fragrant flowers; clouds and decorations of all precious stones; clouds of flower nets of all jewel flames; clouds of spheres of light of jewels of boundless varieties; clouds of treasuries of pearls of all colors; clouds of all precious sandalwood scents; clouds of canopies made of all kinds of precious substances, clouds of diamonds with pure resonance, clouds of necklaces of jewels shining like the sun; clouds of banks of lights of all gemstones; clouds of all sorts of decorations. These clouds of adornments where infinite, inconceivably numerous. These world leaders each produced such clouds of offerings, showering upon the ocean of beings at the Thus Come One's site of enlightenment, all reaching everywhere.

As in this world, the World Leaders joyfully produced such offerings, so did all the world leaders in all worlds of the ocean of worlds of arrays of flowers banks make such offerings. In each of their worlds there was a Thus Come One sitting on the site of enlightenment. The individual world leaders various resolutions of faith, foci of concentration, methods of meditation, practice of methods assisting enlightenment, accomplishments, joys, approaches, understandings of the teachings, access to the realm of Thus Come Ones' supernatural powers, access to the realms of Thus Come Ones' abilities, entryways into the Thus Come Ones' liberation, were the same as in the Flower Bank ocean of worlds in all the ocean of worlds in the entire space of the whole cosmos.

(End of Volume 5)
(End of Book 1)