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By Khenpo Rigzin Wangchuk

Once it was down there in Mysore, a time while Chene Lhendup Rimpoche and his root master H.E Geshe Pema Thinley were receiving teachings from H.H Dzogchen Polo Khen Rimpoche.

There in Mysore H.H Penlop Khen Rinpoche reveals that Chene Lhendup Rimpoche was the reincarnation of a great Tibetan Yogi Nubchen Sangye Yeshi]], one of the 25 disciples of Guru Rimpoche. H.H Penlop Khen Rimpoche insisted and said, "Do you have all the belongings that you inherit?" Chene Lhendup in turn said "I don’t know all my possession but I have got a White Horse, Dorji and Drilbu (vajara and hand bell), one old small hand drum, carpet and other religious stuff" received from Tibet. H.H Penlop Khen Rimpoche in dimmed mood said, "You haven’t got one important ritual belonging, but with difficulties you will soon have it with you."

Fortune was with Chene Lhendup Rimpoche. It was during the break time while H.E Geshe Pema Thinley and his follower Chene Lhendup set walk for refreshing, they came through a paired of dagger displayed for sale. To their astonishment, they saw the paired dagger fighting each other with dreadful sound of Thunder and heavy rain from the clear sky. So immediately with the symbol of thunder and rain in the clear sky, Geshe Pema Thinley knew that it has great link and importance in his life. Then without second thought, he bought the paired dagger (phurba) with huge amount of Tibetan coins.

After wards, Geshe Pema Thinley and Chene Lhendup went to H.H Penlop Khen Rimpoche, explained the symbolic happenings, and even requested to explain them back. H.H Penlop Khen Rimpoche was happy indeed and revealed the dagger (phurba) was the property of Chene Lhendup’s incarnation. Moreover, it belongs to Chene Lhendup. H.H Penlop Khen Rimpoche even passed an order to Geshe Pema Thinley to return, If not it could bring with various misfortunes. H.H Penlop Khen Rimpoche said that it was the good fortune of Chene Lhendup and perhaps the protector deity Mahakala believes that Chene Lhendup could benefit all sentient beings and brought the relics just close too.

However, there were several times, when Geshe Pema Thinley underwent numerous torments and even led him to madness extend for his reluctant to give back. However, Cheni Lhendrup never received Dagger (phurba) back.

It was then back in Bhutan, Geshe Pema Thinley never quenches the thirst of receiving Buddhist teaching. He again planned to go to Tibet. However, during those days, financing were big deal. Geshe Pema Thinley borrowed some amount that could reach him to Tibet from Umdze Jamgyang. Anyway, he could not repay the whole money but later Geshe Pema Thinley gave away his Dagger without the knowledge of Chene Lhendup. Unlike before then Chene Lhendup though that the dagger has been lost for lifetime.

Nevertheless, fortunes never dried up with Cheni Lhendup. Once again, a man (Umdze Jamgyang) with his belonging came closer to him. Umdze Jamgyang came to Orgyen Chholing monastery (Chene lhendup’s monastery) as a sculpture to build the Vajakilaya statue. Umdze Jamgyang back in home lost numerous lives and suffered a lot. Though Umdze never thought of the Dagger (phurba) that brought them with undeserving sufferings, he then requested Chene Lhendup Rimpoche for divination. The divination ruled out that Umdze possess the foul property, he could not believe and again asked for second time divination. The answer was same that he possess foul property. Umdze Jamgyang is asked to return the thing to its owner.

On proper interactive investigation, Umdze found, the dagger (phurba) was the main cause of his suffering and he knew that the dagger belongs to Cheni Lhendup. He did not look behind and sacrifice marking the good occasion and return the dagger (phurba) back. No sooner, as the dagger came back to Cheni Lhendup, peace prevails everywhere and misfortunes end in the life ofUmdze Jamgyang . Geshe Pema Thinley could not withstand the empowerment of this important relics (dagger) for misact of creating own virtues. He took the final breath peacefully.

Nevertheless, Geshe Pema Thinley was a root great master of Cheni Lhendup.

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