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Earth element

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The stability, support, and solidity of our experience comes from the energy of the Earth element. The Earth element also provides nourishment, and enrichment. The Earth element provides strength.

During this time, we can use a bowl of earthr a block of clay as our focus object during meditation as part of the Kasina practice for the Earth element. We do not really focus on the details of this object, but we focus on the general qualities. We can also repeat to ourselves, "earth" from time to time in our meditation sessions. Very quickly, we will begin to notice or have various qualities of earth arise in our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

First, we may notice that there is a very close relationship between our own solidity and the solidity of the objects that we interact with. One is measured on the basis of the other to such a degree that they are practically indistinguishable. Hitting a nail with a pillow has a totally different effect than hitting a nail with a hammer.

We may notice that external elements in the form of food will strengthen the internal earth elements of our bodies. In this way, the Earth element supports our life.

We can notice the hardness or texture, the ability to take different shapes, or how shape and size affect the function of an object. The Earth Element can also be very powerfully destructive as can be seen in earthquakes, landslides, and avalaches.

We also spend some time during this practice thinking about the solid parts of our body. Our body is composed of skin, bones, muscles, hair, nails, and teeth. Inside we have organs for sensing, the heart, lungs and blood vessels.

We also have the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen etc that are involved in the processing of food, changing it from external Earth element to internal element. There are even solid components to our liquids of blood, mucus, and bile.

We also pay particular attention to our contact with objects of the outside world and the sensations of touch and the differing textures that come from the contact between our bodies and outside objects.

Our internal solid objects along with the hard substances outside ourselves in the world around us, make up the Earth Element of our existence.

In the contemplation of the Earth element, we also focus during the day on the textures and solidity of all aspects of our world.

We feel the ground under our feet as we walk, and the chair next to our body as we sit. We pay attention to the process of eating and digesting food.

When we pick something up or touch something, we pay attention to the hardness or softness of the object. We pay attention to texture. We may even notice that situations also have a hardness or softness, a texture to them... This is all an indication of the Earth element.

We also pay attention to Nourishment versus Hunger, Support vs lack of Support, Strength versus Weakness. We pay attention to this within our selves, within other people and even within outside objects. In all of this, we look for the requirements for Balance. In this way, we come to understand the Earth element and Ratna energy.


Self Element

The Heavenly Stem of the Day pillar is the element that represents you. If the heavenly stem of your day pillar is of Earth (regardless of Yang Earth or Yin Earth), then you are consider a Earth person.

For example:


An Earth person is creditable yet reserved.

Below is a list of items associated with Earth. If Earth is favourable to you (whether Earth is your day element or not), you can try to apply or introduce them to your daily life:

Representing Directions

Earth is associated with the directions Southwest and Northeast. The centre of every place is also associated with Earth.

Representing Numbers

2, 5 and 8 are associated with Earth. When combined, 5 and 10 represents a Earth Combination.

Representing Years

Years ending with the number 8 and 9, for example 1998, 2008, 2028 etc.

Representing Animals (Chinese Horoscope)

Ox, Dragon, Ram and Dog.

Representing Colours

Earth colours include shades of Yellow and Brown.

Representing Characteristic

Among the five elements, Earth is associated with Creditablity.

Representing Industry/Careers

Property, Construction, Mining, Chemicals, Insurance, Antiques, Consultancy, Realty etc.

Representing Season

Earth is associated with all the four seasons. In the third month of every season, Earth is strong.

Representing Trigram

In the Later Heaven Trigram, Kun (Kun111.gif) and Gen (Gen111.gif) is associated with Earth.

Representing Body Parts/Organs

Stomach, Digestive Organs, Muscles, Spleen, Cheekbone, Nose etc.