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gelong - Tib. (<dge long>) - ge·long : a Lamaist mendicant friar, bhikshu, or ordained priest ; . "fully ordained monk" . dge slong - Skt. bhikshu - Gelong, monk, fully ordained with 253 precepts, i.e., A practitioner who has renounced worldly life and has taken the pledge to observe the 253 precepts of a fully ordained monk in order to attain liberation from samsara.

gelong ; The general term for an ordained monk of a Tibetan Buddhist Order.

(See Trapa and cp.Bhikkhu.)

In Buryatia all those who dwell within the monasteries, even before full gelong ordination, are named 'lamas'.

dge slong gi dngos po - gelong ordination vow [IW]

dge slong gi sdom pa - gelong vows [lifelong pratimoksha vow to abandon causes of harm to others] [IW]

dge slong gi sdom pa - gelong vows [IW]

dge slong gi tshul khrims - gelong discipline [IW]

dge slong rnam pa lnga - the five kinds of gelongs slong ba'i dge slong, ming gi dge slong, khas 'ches pa'i dge slong, bsnyen par rdzogs pa'i dge slong, nyon mongs pa dang bral ba'i dge slong [IW]

dge slong rnam pa lnga - the five kinds of gelongs [IW]

dge slong pha ma gnyis kyi sdom pa - male and female gelong vows

dge slong ma - gelongma (bhikshuni:) one of the so thar ris bdun, nun, fully ordained with 364 precepts [IW]

dge slong ma - gelongma (bhikshuni: [IW]

dge slong ma bsnyen par rdzogs pa'i las - nun’s act of taking the gelongma vow [IW]

dge slong ma'i bslab bya - gelongma precepts pham pa brgyad dang, lhag ma nyi shu, spang ltung so gsum, ltung byed brgya dang brgyad cu, sor bshags bcu gcig, nyes byas brgya dang bcu gnyis = 364 [IW]

dge slong gsum - the three kinds of sgras brjod kyi gelong rtags tsam 'dzin pa'i dge slong, ming gi dge slong, yang dag pa'i dge slong [IW]

dge slob ma - nun with six precepts [one of the {so thar ris bdun}, by dge tsul ma rnams dge slong ma vow for two years before the gelongma vow vowing to keep the rtsa ba'i chos six &, rjes mthun gyi chos 6: shiksamana [IW]

dge slob ma - ordination for females in between gelongma and getsulma [RY]

dge slob ma sgrub pa'i cho ga - gelobma liturgy before completing gelongma preliminaries two yr to getsulma &, de yang khyim so ma bzung na lo 18 dang bzung na lo 10 lon pa de nyid, yul dbus su gelongma 12 &, mtha’ 'khob tu]] six tshogs kyis gsol ba dang two kyi las kyis gelobma vow is given, after which rtsa ba'i chos six and rjes mthun gyi chos six gi precepts are expressed]] [IW]

'gyod pa skyed pa'i ltung byed - the downfall of producing regret [1of the 90 ltung byed 'ba’ zhig pa. Disparaging qualities of bsnyen rdzogs or saying “in you discipline has not arisen,” by such means making other gelongs unhappy.] [IW]

bsngos pa gzhan du bsgyur ba'i spang ba - 1 of the spang ltung sum cu, things by a householder dedicated to another gelong or sangha transfer to 1self bdag tu bzung ba'o [IW]

gcig 'gro - going along gelong rules] [IW]

gcig 'gro - going along = refers to gelong rules] [RY]

lci chos - heavy rules [for gelongmas [IW]

lci chos - heavy rules [for gelongma [RY]

lci chos brgyad - the 8 heavy rules [for gelongmas [IW]

nyes byas kyi sde - the 112 minor faults of the gelong [RY]

nyes byas kyi sde - the [112] minor faults of the gelong dge slong gi spang bya ltung ba sde lnga'i nang gses, nyes pa phra mo'i rnag bzhin yin pas nyes byas zhes bya ste, grangs ni brgya dang bcu gnyis zhes mdo'i sdom gyis bsdus pa [IW]

nyes byas kyi sde - the [112] minor faults of the gelong [IW]

bsnyen par rdzogs pa - 1) receive the gelong vow/ full vows of a monk; 2) vow to/ discipline of keep[ing] the gelong vows completely [IW]

bsnyen par rdzogs pa dge slong gi sdom pa - the gelong vow of all the precepts [IW]

bsnyen rdzogs - full ordination, full vow, complete monkhood, gelong [IW]

bsnyen rdzogs - full ordination, full vow, complete monkhood, gelong rdzogs: the ]]ultimate renunciation of nirvana)], bsnyen pa: being quickly established] [IW]

bsnyen rdzogs mkhan po - (aup'adhyaya: giver/ preceptor of the gelong vow [IW]

bsnyen rdzogs sdom pa - gelong vow [IW]

de bzhin gshegs pa'i 'khor bzhi - the four retinues of the tathagata [[[Wikipedia:male|male]] and female getsuls &, gelongs [IW]

gdams ngag bcu gcig - 11 instructions oral instructions at the end of conferring gelong vows, summary of the percepts, de la bslab tshul,

1) su bsten bya 'tsho ba rnam dag, 2) bsrung bya tshul khrims rnam dag, 3) nyams len spyod pa rnam dag la dge sbyong gi chos bzhi, 4) bsnyen rdzogs thob pas mchog tu 'dod pa'i don 'grub pa, 5) gnas brtan rnams dang tshul khrims mnyam pa, 6) mkhan slob la gus par bya ba, 7) grogs la gus par bya ba bcas dul ba'i gnas la bslab pa, 8) rtogs pa lta ba rnam dag la spong klog byed pa, 9) yang dag par blang ba la bslab pa, 10) bslab pa la gus par sbyar ba, 11) bsgrub par bya ba thabs carefully expressed [IW]

gding pa - special cloth to sit on for gelong and gets? [RY]

'dun pa 'bul ba - aspiration offering for restoring the vows ceremonies and so forth though one cannot really attend since one’s mind is conducive,

one offer’s one’s aspiration [[yul las byed pa'i] sangha and, by that sangha to gelongs appointed to receive this aspiration,

las assembly in that gathered individuals of defiled conditions without non-according karma cing for the sake of establishing accord, say[s] an aspiration offering mantra three times. [IW]

see also:Gelongma