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The Rigden Kings 20-32

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20. TWELTH KALKI KING......Surya....Nyima (Who was the 12th Propagator...Kalachakra to India during the 12th Propagator)...

He ascended the throne in the year 1027 AD...and the first Rabjung began then in Tibet.....

19. (12) Surya/Suryapada, (Wonang) Nyima (1027-1127) All-Pervading, Radiant Jewel Light

"According to the 'Bro tradition, the Kalachakra was brought to India during the reign of Kalki Shripala. He taught to Kalachakrapada (who had been born in North Bengal). The Kalachakra system first appeared in India at the beginning of the 11th century. (1012 AD). This dates forms the basis for all the astronomical calculations in the Kalachakra laghukaranam." (Newman...1985)

Surya [[[nyi ma]])12th rigden, Surya, comes to the throne. In this year the 1st Rabjung of the conventional system begins with the Fire Rabbit year, and after that, the 403 years of the Lalos entering "me mkha'a rgya mtsho" [403 years] as above, begin with the Rabjung count.From Nyima there are 14 rigdens In the year of rigden Nyima coming to the throne, the Kaalachakra Abridged Tantra goes to the noble land of India. The astrological conventions of the 1st rabjung etc. are also engendered. The formula astrologers who first calculate the years of the rabjung are as well known as the 1st planet, the sun. That is 403 years from the beginning of the formula astrology. "Me mkha'a rgya mtsho", 403, equals the number of years that Gyamtso Namgyal and Gyalka are on the throne of Shambhala

The 11th rigden is Aja. He sits on the throne and grasps the leadership of action. He sits on the throne 221 years, after he teaches the Ddharma, Then the 12th rigden, Surya, comes to the throne. In this year the 1st Rabjung of the conventional system begins with the Fire Rabbit year, and after that, the 403 years of the Lalos entering "me mkha'a rgya mtsho" [403 years] as above, begin with the Rabjung count. By trying to give the count from the past years to the present, mistakes about the year will arise, and it is futile. After rigden Surya

21. THIRTHEENTH KALKI KING......Natsok Zuk.......13th is Vishvaruupa....Vishvaruupa [[[sna tshogs gzugs]])13th is Vishvaruupa........20. (13) Chitrarupa/Vishvarupa, Natshog Zug(chän) (1127-1227) Holder of the Vajra Prod and Noose

22. FOURTEENTH KALKI KING......Da O.....14th is Sasiprabha........Shashiprabha, Sasiprabha [zla ba'i a'od].......... 21. (14) Chandraprabha, Dawäi Ö (1227-1327) Lord of Secret Mantras, Holder of the Wheel and Conch

23. FIFTEENTH KALKI KING.....Thaye.......Ananta mtha'a yas... 15th is Ananta.......Ananta [[[kulika]] 15]...the 7 from Ananta to the end have the lion of men birthplace...... 22. (15) Ananta, Thayä (Nyen) (1327-1427) Holder of the Mallet that Crushes False Ideas, and the Lotus

24. SIXTEENTH KALKI KING......Sakyong....16th is Shripaala..... (16) Parthiva, Sakyang (#3: Sakyong) 1427-1527) (Holder of the Cleaver that Cuts the Bonds of Ignorance, and the Skullcup

25. SEVENTEENTH KALKI KING.....Shtipala, alkyong... 17th is Shripaala II............[1027 AD]...(17th Kulika King): "the 17th Kalki, King Shripala: through him the Kalachakra Tantra entered Tibet in 1027 AD." (Bryant: 71)......24. (17) Shripala, Pälkyong (1527-1627) Annihilator of the Host of Demons

26. EIGHTEENTH KALKI KING.......Hari....Sengge........Shripaala dpal ldan mgon po/ skyong po....17th is Shripaala II..........Some say that Palkyong and Senge, the 17th and 18th, should be counted as 1. ........18 Hari seng ge............25. (18) Singha, Senge (1627 -1727) Who Stuns the Elephant with his Vajra

27. NINETEENTH KALKI KING.....Vikrama...Nampar Non.........Vikrama rnam rgyal)]...........26. (19) Vikranta, Nampar Nön (1727 - 1827) Subduer of the Mass of Foes, the Inner and Outer Classes of Devils..... 19th is Vikrama.......

28. TWENTIETH KALKI KING.....Mahabala....Toppche....Mahaabala [[[stobs chen]])..... 27. (20) Mahabala, Tobpo Che (1827 - 1927) Who Tames all the False Leaders by Means of the Sound of Mantra...... 20th is Mahaabala

29. TWENTY FIRST KALKI KING......Aniruddha,....Magakpa...(21st Kulika King): "the 29th King of Shambhala, Magakpa (ma 'gags pa) who is reigning at the present, ascended the throne in 1927." (Kongtrul: 273)...."the 21st, Aniruddha. (Kongtrul: 273)..."The current Rigden, the 21st Kulika, is said to have ascended the throne in 1927. (Hopkins: 65)......Aniruddha ma a'gags

28. (21) Anirodha/Aniruddha, Magag Pa (1927 - 2027) Who Draws and Binds the Entire Three Worlds - Current Ruler of Shambala

The 21st Rigden is alive now and dwelling on the lion throne of Kalapa in his great palace. He has reigned for 73 years..... 21st is Aniruddha...... ******************************************

30. TWENTY SECOND KALKI KING.....Narasimha......Miyi Senge...Narisi.mha mi yi seng ge...22nd is Narasimha....RigdensNarisi.mha and [[[Maheshvara]]?] Mi'u thung, are the great lord dzaa ma da agni, the .ri.shi Yama's son Rama the battle axe grasper. ....Narasmiha, [[[Rigden]] 18].........29. (22) Narasingha, Miyi Senge (2027-2127) Ruling by the Wheel, Holding the Conch....... 22nd is Narasimha...........

31. TWENTY THIRD KALKI KING.....Wangchuk Chenpo.....Maheshvara dbang phyug chen po..........30. (23) Maheshvara, Wangchug Che (2127-2227) Victorious over the Armies of Demons......... 23rd is Maheshvara......

32. TWENTY FOURTH KALKI KING.....Anantavijaya....Thaye Namgyal.....Anantavijaya mtha'a yas rnam rgyal....Anantavijaya is human king Shingta's 10th son, having 10 million joys, Rama. ...rigden Anantavijaya.........The 24th rigden Anantavijaya mtha'a yas rnam rgyal that Ananta and vijaya, Thaye and Namgyal, are different.

(31.) (24) Anantajaya, Thayä Namgyäl (2227-2327) Holder of the vajra and Bell (See image on the right)...... 24th is Anantavijaya

33.TWENTY FIFTH KALKI KING......Rudrin Chakrin (Raudra Chakri) (Trakpo Chakkhorchen)(25th Kulika):..."the 25th King of Shambhala will ascend to the throne in the year 2327 CE." (Kongtrul: 46)...."the 25th chieftan of Sambhala (Raudracakrin)(Drag-po khor-lo-can) (Forceful Wheel Holder) is the last mentioned in the Kalachakra."

34 & 35...Tsangpa and Lhawang (Sons of the 33rd)

25 Raudrachakrin drag po a'khor lo can.....25th is Raudrachakrin.....all but Raudrachakrin teach the Dharma for 100 years. Raudrachakrin teaches the Dharma having sat on the throne for 97 years.....Raudrachakrin is Nag po or Krishna." As for these 8, on the asura Lalo family bestowing fear, they have rajas qualities' power and the a'byung po spirit

32. (25) Raudra Chakri/Rudra Chakrin, Dragpo Khorlo Chan or Rigden Dragpo (2327 - 2427, defeat of barbarians in 2424) Wrathful One with the Wheel.

In the tradition itself, the suitable things in this case are the 32 generations of seat holders. The explanation of birthplaces is clear and lucid. Adding the 2 sons of Rigden Raudrachakrin Drakpo and ÷sung is useless. The Rigdens other than Rigden Raudrachakrin are of the asura family because of bestowing fear. If 1 thinks this explanation is not suitable, Palden Raudrachakrin having a short spear bestows fear in the asura family. So it is taught.

At this time of fighting with the Lalos, dwelling on Mount Kailash, from the divinely built city Kaalaapa the wheel turner rigden Drakpa comes forth with his army.

It is said that Shiva, and the other 12 great gods with their retinues will give assisting troops to the rigden Raudrachakrin....These gods are: Hari (Vishnu), Nairrti, Vayu, Yama, Agni, Shanmukha, Kubera, Shakra (Indra), Brahma, Rudra (Shiva), Samudra, and Ganesha.

Since Rigden Raudrachakrin then arrives after the completion of 25 rigdens' reigns, he is said to be the 26th. Rigden Manjushrikiirti is said to have remained 200 years and Raudrachakrin 100. The other rigdens are explained to have taught the dharma for 60 years each.

At the end of his reign he will appoint his elder son Brahma as the lord of Shambhala and his younger son Suresha as master of the lands south of the Sita River. Having done this, Raudra Chakri, last of the Kalkis will return to the abode of bliss from which he came. The son of Brahma

25th is Raudrachakrin.

Kalachakra List of Prophets

In the Kalachakra text's list of Prophets we find mention of the "White-Clad One", probably referring to Mani. Buddhists believe that Buddha himself gave this Root Kalachakra Tantra in the ninth century B.C. and that the First Kalki King of Shambhala wrote The Abridged Kalachakra Tantra in the second century B.C. The Kalachakra Tantra appeared in India in the late tenth century and was probably written about this time. It predicts the coming of an Islamic Messiah figure named Mahdi about 2424 AD. In the Kalachakra text we read:

"Adam, Noah, Abraham, and five others - Moses, Jesus, the White-Clad One, Muhammad, and Mahdi - with tamas, are in the asura-naga caste. The eighth will be the blinded one. The seventh will manifestly come to the city of Baghdad in the land of Mecca, (the place) in this world where a portion of the asura (caste) will have the form of the powerful, merciless mlecchas." - Verse I.154 from The Abridged Kalachakra Padmini in his commentary says that "The White-Clad One" is Mahamayin, or Mani:

If you ask who propagated the Dharma of the mlecchas, it says, "Adam, Noah, and Abraham of the asura (caste) and, from the naga caste, the five others with tamas: Moses, this one, and The White-Clad One, Muhammad, and The Emanation. That eighth one will be the blinded one. The seventh will manifestly come to the cities of Baghdad and so on in the land of Mecca." Those with these names of non-Buddhists, and so on, will propagate the Dharma of the asuras. Among these, the one called "The White-Clad One" is Mahamayin. That one will propagate the Dharma of the asuras and so on in the cities of the land of Mecca and so on. If you ask what kind of land is that, it says, "(It is the place) in this world where the asura caste will have the form of the powerful, merciless mlecchas." A Commentary on Difficult Points Called "Padmini" The Order of O:N:E: accepts Adam, Noah, Jesus and Mani the White-Clad One as true Apostles and Messengers of Light. The teachings that cluster around the name of Abraham, Moses and Mohammad are not considered part of the Living Stream of Gnosis by the Order, however.