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Thigle – Literally means “drops” and is traditionally used to describe ‘spheres of rainbow light’ which is the ground substance reality.

In traditional Buddhism it is sometimes understood to be a very specific form or shape. However, from a Buddha Brats perspective it is the actual visual experience of the true nature of the universe experienced as particles of light which are seen as spinning or moving dots or wheels, both large and small. It can also sometimes be observed as squiggles or moving shafts of light.

More precisely its ‘nature’ can be described as Dakini (sky dancer) because of the way it constantly moves around. Its ‘form’ can be described as that of Daka (sky flower) when one sees the specific form that the light particles take. This gives one a direct experience of Dakini and Daka as moving, dancing light.

The practical experience is somewhat similar to that of static visible on a television screen. A good way of becoming aware of it is to look directly at clouds on a humid day. When one looks at it one can see these tiny sparks of light jumping around all over the place. These particles of light can sometimes be seen to be strung together in strands or at other times form part of large spiralling discs.

Another example is to look at a dense arrangement of plants just after doing some strenuous exercise. Often at these times one sees the leaves making a kind of spinning circle.

The trick is to realise that this is the true nature of reality, emptiness containing moving bits of energy. Once one experiences this, it is important to remember that everything is made of the same substance, including ones own body.

It is also imperative to remember that it is in fact a projection from your heart and exiting through your eyes, playing out ‘out there’.

This provides one with a direct visceral experience of the Nature of the Mind and the more one integrates it the more one is liberated. This is often described as the process of Thogal.


1) anusvara;
2) 0;
3) [[[vital]] essence;
4) bindu;
5) spheres/ circles * drop, dot *, spot, ring, nimbus;
6) center;
8) colored mark on the forehead between the eyes;
10) sperm, semen;
11) seminal point, nucleus, seed [IW]

1) spheres or circles, drop, dot, spot, ring, nimbus, circle, zero, bindu, center, The red and white essences.
2) dot over a letter representing the anusvara.
3) colored mark on the forehead between the eyes.
4) semen. seminal point. the nucleus or seed of the enlightened mind, white and red seminal fluids of the physical body, seminal points of light; sperm, vital essence - sphere. bindu; sphere (of being); drop; tiny sphere, essence, bindu; Tika, tilaka, essence; sphere [RY]


1) 0; 2) [[[vital essence]];
3) bindu tantra: of prana nadi and bindu rtsa thig rlung essence or seed of the great bliss, in the nadis dvangs snyigs sna tshogs kyi rnam par gnas pa'o. [syn: kunda, khams dkar po, khu ba, dvangs ma, sa bon;

4) sphere or circle, drop, dot, spot, ring, nimbus, center, red and white essences;
5) dot over a letter, anusvara
(6) colored mark on the forehead between the eyes
(7) semen
(8) seminal point, nucleus/ seed of the enlightened mind [a range of meanings-- from the white and red seminal fluids of the physical body to the seminal points of light which appear during All-surpassing realisation [Gdmk]. tserig [IW]

1) anusvara [dot over a letter representing the anusvara, klad kor;
2) 0 [= stong pa dang nam mkha';
3) [[[vital]]] essence snying gyi thig le: heart essence];
4) bindu [in vajrayana 1 of rtsa thig rlung gsum; essence]]/ seed of mahasukha/ bde ba chen po, in the nadis rtsa w various dvangs snyigs = kunda, khams dkar po, khu ba, dvangs ma, sa bon];
(5) spheres/ circles [in dzogchen] drop, dot thig le lnga bya: make the five dots. Notes: in the hand offering], spot, ring, nimbus
(6) center (8) colored mark on the forehead between the eyes (10) sperm, semen (11) seminal point, nucleus, seed [of enlightened mind, w range of meanings from white and red seminal fluids of the physical body to seminal points of light in All-surpassing realisation [Gd] tserig [IW]

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1). Essences.
2). Circles or spheres [RY]

bindu, sphere, bead, drop, solid circle, essence, sphere of light, spherical drop, spot, dot, droplet, seed-essence, vitalizing energies, creative potentiality, potential being, life-force, responsiveness, semen, sperm, virile, ornamental mark on forehead, creative fluids, a controlling-structuring process group-patterned by bag chags, pure potency with no structure of its own, empty nature of the energy, eye on peacock's feather, female monthly discharge, luminous sphere of 5 colors of the rainbow representing the principle of the potentiality of all visions whether pure or impure, seeds of light, bodhicitta, sphere of rainbow light, luminous sphere, thig le [JV]

bindus. [expl., The Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 36] [RY]

bindu; sphere (of being); edgeless expanse; isc. drop [RB]


principle of spherical ongoingness Erick Sherab Zangpo

Tiklé (Skt. bindu or tilaka, Wyl. thig le) lit. 'sphere' or 'essence-drop' – the essences within the psycho-physical system.

According to Jamgön Kongtrul, tiklé denotes the 'essence or seed of great bliss', and has two aspects:

    first, the ultimate tiklé of primordial wisdom (Wyl. don dam ye shes kyi thig le) and
    second, the (relative) substantial red and white tiklés (Wyl. rdzas kyi thig le).

The substantial tiklés are of two kinds:

    the quintessential or refined (Wyl. dwangs ma), and
    the residual (Wyl. snyigs ma).

The residual tiklé is further subdivided into refined and residual:

    the first (refined-residual) gives radiance and strength to the body;
    the second (residual-residual) refers to the essential fluids that are emitted from the body.

Alternative Translations

    essential fluids (Light of Berotsana)