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Early Rigden Kings & The Kalachakra Tradition

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1.FIRST DHARMA KING.....Dawa Zangpo (Suchandra, Chandrabhadra, Sucandra, Zla-bzang, zla ba bzang po)

..Dawa Zangpo was the first of the seven "SHAKYA" kings of Shambhala.

(Bryant:Wheel of Time Sand Mandala)...Sucandra died two years after receiving the Kalachakra teachings.

The six religious Kings of Shambhala were descended from the Shakya clan......"The father of Sucandra was Shakya Shambha"

( 285)......"King Dawa Zangpo (Sucandra) (Zla-ba bZang po) (Lord of Humanity)..(Kongtrul: 276)...

"King Suchandra compiled the Kalachakra Tantra in its long form, said to be 12,000 stanza.

This version no longer being extant. Suchandra was from Shambhala, near the Tarim river." (Hopkins 60)

"King Sucandra wrote the 12,000 verse root text to the Kalachakra in an unknown tongue called the 'twilight language.' (Bryant: 68)...

By the great goddess Tara His son will be the bliss holder Known as Jigten Wangchuck Suchandra, your line shall rise From my Shakya lineage;....

As it says there, the Buddha taught the Root Tantra, and the producer of the commentary on that, Dharmaraaja Suchandra, wrote 60,000 verses in many languages, the language of Shambhala and others.

When those volumes had been composed, the tantra was taught in the 96 cities of 10 million inhabitants of that country.

The details of meditation etc. they heard explained were widely grasped. At the time of teaching the Root Tantra in the 2nd year, King Suchandra, to bring about accomplishment for sentient beings, in the city of Kaalaapa, in the pleasure grove of Malaya, had constructed a ma.n.dala of Shri Kalachakra. There were also miraculous displays.

Wherever the nirmanakaya approached there the sambhogakaya went as well.

In the east of that pleasure grove was Lake Nyewe Yid and in the west was White Lotus Lake, both with a size of 12 pagtse.

In the center of the Malaya pleasure grove, produced by King Suchandra, was the mandala circle of Shri Kalachakra with its gods and goddesses.

Suchandra and all the buddhas And the students of the gurus Offered their beautiful wives, And cherished sons, and daughters, And always-desirable things.

in the Kalachakra Tantra the supplicator is King Suchandra.

The requestor and supplicator is King Suchandra, the ruler the city of Kalapa in the country of Shambhala, extruded from the womb of the lovely Nampar Gyalma, the goddess of his father king Nyima'i.

"There is little recorded history of Shambhala prior to Sucandra.

His father was Suryaprabha and his mother was Vijaya.

The dynasty belongs to the same Shakya line as Shakyamuni. " (Newman, 1985)

The sons of dharmaraja Suchandra are the wrathful dharmarajas....

(The sources are silent about the careers of the next six kings of Shambhala.

We are told that they each reigned for 100 years each...Suchandra's 6 successors, dharmarajas 2-7 are:

Suchandra, Dawa Zangpo (878-876 BC?) "Good Moon" (Tibetan)

In 878 BC he constructed a three dimensional mandala of Kalachakra

2. SECOND DHARMA KING.....Lhawang........Suresvara, Sureshvara, Suresha lha'i dbang ldan...In 887 BC the second dharmaraja aascended to the lion throne.....

Devendra, Lhayi Wang (876-776) Fond of Sentient Beings, Fusion of the Supreme

3. THIRD DHARMA KING..... Ziji Chang......Teji, Tejin, zi brjid can.......Ziji Chen

Tejasvin,Taji Ziji Chän (776-676) Bearer of the Dharma Wheel and the Auspicious conch.

4. FOURTH DHARMA KING....Dawe Chin....Somadatta zla bas sbyin....

Chandradatta/Somadatta, Dawä Jin (676-576) Lord of Speakers

5.FIFTH DHARMA KING.....Lhayi Zuk....Sureshvara, Suresvara II lha'i dbang phyug

Deveshvara/Sureshvara, Lhaji Wangchug (576-476) Destroyer of the City of Delusion

6. SIXTH DHARMA KING.....Natsok Zuk.....Vishvamurtti, Visvamurti sna tshogs gzugs

6. Chitrarupa/Vishvamurti, Natshog Zug (476-376) Conquerer of False Leaders, Holding a lotus

7. SEVENTH DHARMA KING..(DharmaRaja)..Lhayi Wangden...Sureshana."Hidden Omnipresent One (Khyab jug sbas pa) was the 7th Chieftan of Shambhala.

Fifty One years after he ascended the lion throne of the Kingdom of Shambhala, the 1800 year period of barbarism will begin."(Kongtrul: 163)...."the 7th King of Shambhala was called King Yashas, 'the Renowned', predicted the coming of the 'barbarian dharma' after 800 years." (Bryant: 71)...

"The seventh Dharma King of Shambhala, Sureshana and his queen Vishvamata gave birth to a son who was to leave his mark on the subswequent history of Shambhala. He was called Yashas,,,"the Renowned".

Devesha/Sureshana, Lhayi Wangdän (or Päldän?) (376-276) Cutter of Delusion, Uprooter of Karma and Klesha ******************************************************

the Rigdens (Kalkin).... The following 17 kings have the title "Kalki" ("Kulika" may be an incorrect spelling) or "Rigden"-kings; meaning "Holder of the Castes" or the Shambala's Knowledge Holders.

8. FIRST KALKI KING...Jampal Trakpa (Manjushrikirti)....(1st Kulika King)(1st Propagator):

"the 8th King of Sambhala, 'Manjusriyasas ('[[jam dp

al grags pa]]) was the first to be called Rigden." (Kongtrul: 273)....Jampa Trakpa ('jam dpal grags pa)...Kulika Manjushrikirti initiated 35 million seers into the Kalachakra mandala.

He composed a shorter tantra of 5 chapters with 1047 verses.

This is what is currently called the Kalachakra Tantra. (Geoffrey Hopkins: 60)...."Rigpan Jampa Dragpa, the first Propagator, was famous for his clear explanations."

"In 624 C.E., a non-Indic religion will arise in Mecca.

Because of a lack of unity among the brahmans? people and laxity in following correctly the injunctions of their Vedic scriptures, many will accept this religion when its leaders threaten an invasion.

To prevent this danger, Manjushri Yashas united the people of Shambhala into a single "vajra-caste" by conferring upon them the Kalachakra empowerment. By his act, the king became the First Kalki ?the First Holder of the Caste. ...........

As the founding of Islam dates from 622 C.E., two years before Kalachakra? predicted date, most scholars identify the non-Indic religion with that faith. Descriptions of the religion elsewhere in the Kalachakra texts as having the slaughter of cattle while reciting the name of its god, circumcision, veiled women, and prayer facing its holy land five times a day reinforce their conclusion."

In 624 AD the Sassian Shah Yazdigird is defeated by the Arabs at the battle of Nahavand...In Iran, the great Sassanian dynasty collapsed in the 7th century under the Arab onslaught...."in the era of the Mlecchas, the starting year of the Kalacakra chronology is the first year of the Hijra, calculated from the year 624 AD."..( 753)....

The First Kalki further predicted that the followers of the non-Indic religion will some day rule India.

From their capital in Delhi, their king will attempt the conquest of Shambhala in 2424 C.E. The Twenty- fifth Kalki, Raudrachakrin, will then invade India and defeat the non-Indics in a great war.

His victory will mark the end of the Kali Yuga, the age of degeneration of the Dharma, and afterwards, a new golden age will follow during which the teachings will flourish, especially those of Kala chakra.

8. (1) Manju Yashas/Manjushrikirti/Manjughoshikirti (Skt), Jampäl Dragpa (Tib)(Jamyang Drag(Tib)) (276 - 176 BC) The Renowned and Glorious Gentle One .......

The 8th king, Manjushrikirti was an incarnation of Manjushri and he put the Kalachakra teachings in a condensed and simplified form, called the "Sri Kalachakra".

He founded a second line of 25 Kings.

He also converted a group of non-Buddhist Brahman priests of Shambala to Buddhism and gave them the Kalachakra initiation to unite all inhabitants into one "vajra family" - or family of tantric practitioners.

Rigden Manjushri Yashas was born as a son of Sureshana.... His time on the throne began in 277 BC.....

Yashas and his queen Tara had a son named Pundarika. (Newman...1985)

King Yashas taught the Dharma on the lion throne of Shambhala for one hundred years. His minister was Sagaramait.

Full moon of Caitra (Feb-March)...None of the texts authored by Yashas have survived in the original Sanskrit other than the al-important Sri Kalachakra. ...Yashas's conversion of the brahman sages was inportant in the subsequent history of combining all the castes of Shambhala into one Vajra family, Yashas became Kalki, the lineage King of Shambhala."(Newman ...1985)

"the 1047 verses of the Kalachakra Tantra used today (the original is 12,000 verses) was composed by the eighth King of Shambhala, the first Kulika (Kalki), Jampal Trakpa.

The original 12,000 verses have never been translated into Tibetan." (Kongtrul: 271)..

Manjushrikirti. ..Manjughosha, Majushrikirti, chief of rigdens, who summarized so well the great vajra tantra, The Jamyang Human Lord Known as Manjushrikirti)], Will arise in the place called Shambhala.... Perfecting the glorious tantras, Rigden Manjushrikirti Will be the teacher of it.

The emanation of Akashagarbha., was born as the son of [Lha'i Wangdenís Consort of Delight, or some say of various other divine consorts, and was the emanation of Manjushri, King Manjushrikirti himself. Seated on a lion throne, he taught the Dharma or 100 years.

Then King Manjushrikirti said, "Let the followers of the Vedas quickly leave Shambhala." Accordingly, those brahmin .rishis abandoned the city of Kalapa. Sitting on a great precious lion throne, was Dharmaraja Jampel Manjushrikirti.

When the Bhagavan taught the Kalachakra tantra, a lord of humans explaining it called Jampel or Manjushrikirti arises in a place called Shambhala, north of the river Shita.

Sitting on the lion throne, he is Dharma-teaching nirmanakaya.

Manjushrikirti, this describer of the teachings, teaches the commentary. This is by power of composition, as is explained in the earlier commentaries. Manjushrikirti teaches the abridged tantra and nirvana.

600 years after the Tathaagata taught the Kalachakra Tantra is the time of Jampel Manjushrikirti.

Rigden Manjushrikirti has a fish-like birthplace. He is the 1st stopper of the Lalo dharma.

Therefore, the secret mantra vajra empowerment will be given to the 4 castes, and all the brahmins will be made into a single vajra caste, the Sage's family, and because of that they will be called "rigdens."

After that, the 8 kings of Shambhala up to Manjushrikirti also will be given the name "rigden."

According to the Kalachakra Root Tantra, 600 years after the Root Tantra is taught, in Shambhala the 1st rigden Manjushrikirti becomes a Dharma teacher, sitting on the lion throne as prophesied.

9. SECOND KALKI KING......Padma Karpo (Pema Karpo)....(2nd Kulika King)(2nd Propagator): Padma Karpo (Pundarika)(Pama Karpo)composed the most famous exposition on the Tantra.

Eight Hundred years after Pundarika (176 BC???), in 624 A.D. a Moslem invasion weakened the Kingdom."

(Geoffrey Hopkins: 60)...."the 8th King of Shambhala, Pundarika, was the son of King Yashas."..(Bryant: 71)..."The 2nd Propagator, Rigpan Pama Karpo wrote the most esteemed commentary, the Dri-me-wo.

These were hidden for over a 1000 years before coming to India during the 12th Propagator."....."Kalachakrapada, one of the first exponents of the Kalachakra School, wrote a commentary on the 'Vimalaprabhatika of Sri Pundarika',

Pundarika's detailed commentary to the Laghukalacakratantra." (Orofino: 142)...

9. (2) Pundarika, Päma Kar(po) (176-76 BC) White Lotus, Cherished by the Lord of Potala............

The 9th king, Pundarika or "White Lotus" was an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara, and he wrote a commentary called "Vimalaprabha" (Skt.) or "Stainless Light".

The Sri Kalachakra and the Vimalaprabha together comprise all the source texts of the Kalachakra system. All other available texts are commentaries to these root texts.

Yashas and his queen Tara had a son named Pundarika.

Yashas appointed Pundarika as the second Kalki and ordered him to write a commentary on the Sri Kalachakra; then Yashas passed away.

Kalki Pundarika followed his father's command and wrote the Vimalaprabha.

This huge commentary is the basic textual source for the Kalachakra system as a whole.

The Vimalaprabha survives in the original Sanskrit. "(Newman...1985)

Without doubt, on the south bank of the river Shiita, in the 10 million villages of the space realm, in the 8th hundred years, the dharma of the Lalos completely take over.

Moreover, after Pu.n.daarika sits on the throne the beginning of the reign of Shintu Sangpo is when 800 years of the rigdens sitting on the throne is completed.

2 Pundarika pa dma dkar po...Grasping his summary The producer of commentary Will be Pundarika.....Then Rigden Pundarika....The Tantra by Jampel Dorje Will have a commentary By Pundarika himself.

10. THIRD KALKI KING....Zangpo.....Bhadra (bzang po).......10. (3) Bhadra, Zangpo * One who Rules by the Thousand-spoked wheel

11. FOURTH KALKI KING......Namgyal...Vijaya rnam rgyal.......11. (4) Vijaya, Namgyäl (#3:Nampar Gyäl) * Attractor of Wealth, Victorious in War

12. FIFTH KALKI KING....Shenyen Zangpo.....Sumitra dge bshes bzang po...........12. (5) Mitrabhadra Sumitra, Shenyen Zangpo (327-427) Integrator of Method and Wisdom, Victorious over Samsara

13. SIXTH KALKI KING....Chakna Rinchen......Raktapani phyag dmar, rin chen phyag...... 13. (6) Ratnapani/Raktapani, Rinchen Chag (427-527) Holder of the Blissful Vajra and Bell

14. SEVENTH KALKI KING.....Khyabjuk Bepa......15.(?) : Khyabjuk Bepa..."the 7th King of Shambhala, Khyab-jug sbas pa (Hidden Omnipresent One)"..(Kongtrul: 274)........Visnugupta [[khyab a'jug gsang po/ [sbal pa]]...The 6 from Pundarika to Vishnugupta Bepa have the tortoise birthplace....from Suchandra to Lha'i Wangden, the 7 dharmarajas...........14. (7) Vishnugupta, Kyabjug Bäpa (527-627) Smiling Holder of the Trident and Rosary

16. EIGHT KALKI KING.....Nyima Trak........Arkakirtti.....ArkakI Irti nyi ma drags pa....Arkakiirti (kulika 8]...The 8th will be glorious Drakpa.î..........15. (8) Suryakirti/Arkakirti, Nyima Drag(pa) (627-727) Annihilator of Wild Demons

17. NINTH KALKI KING.....Shintu Zangpo.......Subhadra (nyi ma shin tu bzang po... the 7 from Subhadra to Da'ˆ have the pig birthplace.... Shintu Sangpo pass. kulika 9 Subhadra........ 16. (9) Subhadra, Shintu Zangpo (727-827) Holder of the Sword and Shield

18. TENTH KALKI KING.....Gyatso Namgyal...Beginning of the Fire Sky Ocean era.......10th rigden is Samudravijaya. He sits on the throne, having taught the Dharma, for 182 years.

After the 10th rigden, Gyamtso Namgyal comes to the throne, he teaches the Dharma for 182 years.

Those are recorded as his years on the throne In the year of Gyamtso Namgyal coming to the throne, the Lalos teach that their formula astrology begins with the 7th outsider Lalo teacher.

He is the teacher of it.........

The outsider formula astrology begins from the 1st year of Gyamtso Namgyal coming to the throne.....

According to year counted as that of the main teaching of the Kalachakra Tantra, 500 years later is the year of Samudravijaya going to the throne, and not far from that, the time of King Songtsen Gampo

17. (10) Samudra Vijaya, Gyatso Namgyäl (827-927) Annihilator of all types of Devils

Some say that Samudraa and Vijaya, or Gyamtso and Namgyal, in the case of the 10th rigden Samudravijaya/ Gyatso Namgyal, should be counted as different, so that 25 rigdens are produced;

19. ELEVENTH KALKI KING......Aja......Gyal Ka.....(11th Kulika King): "Rigden rgyal dKa (11th Kulika Durjaya) introduced the lesser Kalachakra chronology in 806 AD." (Roerich: 754)..

18. (11) Durjaya/Aja, Gyälka (927-1027) Who binds with Unbreakable Iron Chains

11th rigden is Aja. He sits on the throne and grasps the leadership of action.

He sits on the throne 221 years, after he teaches the Dharma,...After that, Rigden Gyalka comes to the throne and teaches the Dharma for 221 years. ...

The 7th teacher of the Lalos, Madhumati, often identified with Mohammed can be fully established.

By the lord of the Lalos, their leader or guru, Madhumati, the year when the formula astrology began, 403 is diminished by lag pa gdengs can zla ba, 182.

That is the year when the formula astrology of rigden Gyalka began.

Like the formula astrology produced by rigden Gyalka, this tantra also will be taught in the future.

20. TWELTH KALKI KING......Surya....Nyima (Who was the 12th Propagator...Kalachakra to India during the 12th Propagator)...

He ascended the throne in the year 1027 AD...and the first Rabjung began then in Tibet.....

19. (12) Surya/Suryapada, (Wonang) Nyima (1027-1127) All-Pervading, Radiant Jewel Light

"According to the 'Bro tradition, the Kalachakra was brought to India during the reign of Kalki Shripala.

He taught to Kalachakrapada (who had been born in North Bengal).

The Kalachakra system first appeared in India at the beginning of the 11th century. (1012 AD). This dates forms the basis for all the astronomical calculations in the Kalachakra laghukaranam." (Newman...1985)

Surya (nyi ma)12th rigden, Surya, comes to the throne.

In this year the pp1st Rabjung)] of the conventional system begins with the Fire Rabbit year, and after that, the 403 years of the Lalos entering "me mkha'a rgya mtsho" [403 years] as above, begin with the Rabjung count.

From Nyima there are 14 rigdens In the year of rigden Nyima coming to the throne, the Kalachakra Abridged Tantra goes to the noble land of.

India. The astrological conventions of the 1st rabjung etc. are also engendered. The formula astrologers who first calculate the years of the rabjung are as well known as the 1st planet, the sun.

That is 403 years from the beginning of the formula astrology.

"Me mkha'a rgya mtsho", 403, equals the number of years that Gyamtso Namgyal and Gyalka are on the throne of Shambhala .