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Incarnations of Javzandamba

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Image of Zanabazar in the Zanabazar Art Museum, Ulaan Baatar
Portrait of the 8th Bogd Gegen in the Zanabazar Art Museum, Ulaan Baatar

1. Lodoi-shindu-namdak — One of the Buddha’s original disciples
2. Barbizobo — head of the 500 pundits who dwelt at Nalanda Monastery in India, during the time of the Indian sage Nagarjuna (probably in the first century A.D.. ).
3. Narbujobdo — Born in India, biographical data lacking
4. Radanchenbo — Born in India, biographical data lacking
5. Ronsomchoisan — First incarnation to appear in Tibet, during the lifetime of the Bengal-born sage Atisha (982-1054 AD)
6. Dambabanchug — Born in Tibet, biographical data lacking
7. Odserbal — Born in Tibet, biographical data lacking
8. Brugdajantsan — Born in Tibet, biographical data lacking
9. Sanjairaichen — Born in Tibet, biographical data lacking
10. Samgabadra — Born in Tibet, biographical data lacking
11. Jamyan TsorjTashi Pelden in Tibetan; born in Tibet near Samye Monastery, A close disciple of Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug sect, he established Drepung Monastery in 1416 and more than one hundred other monasteries and hermitages all over Tibet.
12. Choijininjed — Born in Ceylon during the latter part of the life of the First Dalai Lama, Gendun Drubpa (1391-1474)
13. Gungaadolchog — Born in the Tibetan province of “Nari” (Ngari?) during the time of the Second Dalai Lama, Gendun Gyatso (1475-1542)
14. Gajedsajon — Born in India, the son of a Indian king. Died at the age of fourteen
15. JonanjavzandaranataTaranatha (1575–1634), member of the Jonang sect, founder of Puntsokling Monastery in Tibet; prolific author whose works include History of Buddhism in India and Origins of Tara Tantra; died in Mongolia in 1634.

Eight Bogd Gegens of Mongolia

16. (1) Zanabazar (1635-1723)
17. (2) Lusandanbidonme (1724–1757) Born in Mongolia, son of Dondub, himself the son of Zanabazar’s nephew.
18. (3) Ishüvdennyam (1758–1773) Born in Tibet
19. (4) Luvsanbanchujigmedjamts (1775–1813) Born in Tibet ,cousin of the 7th Dalai Lama
20. (5) Luvsantsültemjigmeddorj — (1815–1842) Born in Tibet
21. (6) Luvsanbaldanbijantsan — (1842–1847?) Born in Tibet, died a young boy of small pox.
22. (7) Choijibanchugprinleijamts (1850–1868) Born in Tibet
23. (8) Luvsanchoijinimadanzinbanchug (1870–1924). Born in Tibet.

Current Incarnation of Javzandamba

24. JambalnamdolchoijijantsanJampal Namdrol Chokye Gyaltsen, born in Tibet, apparently in the late 1920s. Recognized as the ninth incarnation of Javzandamba by the 14th Dalai Lama in 1991. Currently lives in India.
General Hanuman, shown on a Shambhala thankga. It should be noted that some Tibetan sources identify this fiqure as Raudra Chakra, the 25th Kalki King of Shambhala. In the Mongolian tradition the fiqure is often identified as General Hanuman., the last incarnation of Javzandamba.

Since there were only fifteen incarnations of Javzandamba between the time of Buddha, generally recognized as about 2500 years ago, and the birth of Zanabazar, the first Bogd Gegen, in 1635, and given the average life span of human beings, there would appear to be long periods of time when there was no living representative of the line, and that it was in effect dormant. This is not precisely the case however. As learned lamas explained to the Russian ethnologist A, M. Podzneev in the 1890s, “during the rest of the time he (Javzandamba) was reborn in diverse parts of the universe with the purpose of benefit not only to people but to beings of other worlds; these reincarnations of him are unknown to anyone beside the Gegeen himself, and that is why there are no legends about them whatsoever.”

According to Mongolian tradition, the last incarnation of Javzandamba will be reborn as General Hanuman, head of the armies of Raudra Chakra, the 25th Kalki King of Shambhala, who will initiate the final battle against the enemies of Buddhism. Whether this struggle will take place on the earthly plane or in some other realm is at this time unclear.