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Legend of Guanyin - Princess' Birth

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by Joanna Lin

Once upon a life, Guanyin was born as Princess Miao San.

The story begins with a young prince....

Around 700 BC, there was a young prince who had his own troop at age of 17. He became a king and had his own kingdom at the age of 30.

His name is King Miao-Zhuang. During his 10 years of ruling, his people enjoyed democracy and everyone lived in peace and harmony.

At age of 40, he had everything he wanted - wealth, authority, and a beautiful Queen. Unfortunately, he had one wish not accomplished - he did have any children.

His wish was to have a son to inherit his wealth and authority.

The King often felt frustrated and worried for no descendant will inherited his kingdom. One day, he had a long discussion with the Queen.

The Queen suggested that they should setup up a special ritual to worship to God, repent their wrong doing in the past, and pray for the birth of a young boy. The King applauded Queen’s idea.

After a long preparation, they setup the special ceremony to pray to God for 7 consecutive days. Several months later, the Queen was found pregnant. During her pregnancy, everyone in the imperial palace observing beautiful lighting and divine scent filled in the air.

The first child was born - a princess. Everyone was excited except the King, who only wished to have a son.

In the following year, the second child was born - another princess. King was not pleased at all.

Several years gone by, the King was still anxious not having a son.

Weird Dream

One day, the Queen had a weird dream. In the midst of an ocean, the wave roared like a thunder storm. Suddenly, a small golden lotus sprouted from the sea level.

At first, the small golden lotus rose upward and grew dim from the middle of ocean. In a next few seconds, the golden lotus started to shine and glow miraculously.

The light became bright that the Queen can barely open her eyes. She had to close her eyes to comfort her eye sight from the golden bright glow.

When she felt the light went away, she opened her eyes again.

The golden lotus was gone. Instead, a mountain appeared to be in the mist of ocean. In the heavy mist, the mountain was surrounded by many trees, animals, dragons, and phoenix.

Sometime, she could see them clear, but sometime it was obscurely covered by fog and cloud.

Nested above the mountain, a brilliant crystal ball raised and shined in all direction.

While she was staring at the crystal ball, the ball rose up slowly, but suddenly, the ball enlarged so enormously and shined like a bright sun.

The ball kept rolling and continuously flied toward to the Queen until it rolled into her stomach. She was so scared and wanted to run away, but she could not.

When she woke up, she realized she was lying flat on her bed. It was only a weird dream.

The Queen told King about her weird dream. The King was delighted as he thought the glowing ball symbolize a good sign of giving birth of future king.

The Queen and the King were very excited about the dream foretell. In high spirit, the King told everyone about Queen’s dream.

As Queen’s weird dream spread, all the people in the kingdom were cheerful and looking forward for the next child to be born.

Indeed, the Queen was pregnant again. The only difference was she can’t taste or smell meat or fish. If she encountered any fish or meat smell she would feel vomiting.

The King was very exciting for anticipating the birth of a young king.

He started to celebrate his son’s birthday many months long before the big day. Few months later.. At King’s age of 47, in the month of February 19th, the child was born.

At the very moment the Queen had given birth, the earth trembled and a wonderful fragrance and flower blossoms sprang up around the land and hilllsides.

Although the King and the Queen were amazed by this blessing, they saw little valued in a child who appeared pure and kind.

They had asked for a son who could consolidate their power and their wealth. When the King was told that another princess was born, he was very disappointed.

While all the people were cheerful for the birth of the third princess, the king was not pleased. After a moment of thoughtful thinking, the King finally realized this must be his destiny that he should not have any boy.

He gave the princess name: “ Miao-San

Birthday Celebration

The people in the kingdom were overjoying for the birth of Princess Miao-San. Delighted spirit and joyful talk were everywhere.

The King also enjoyed the big celebration in the imperial palace with all the solders, guards, officers, supervisors, and counselors.

Wooden plaque, poetic door couplets, fascinating ceiling banner, dazzling paper cutout, and colored lantern were decorated everywhere in the palace.

Moreover, festival dishes and wines were served continuously for several days.

On the third of birthday celebration, the King wanted to introduce the princess Miao-San to his prime ministers. He ordered the nanny to bring the princess to meet everyone.

The nanny carefully held the princess and walk from princess’ room to the main lobby, the princess appear to be sleepy and calm.

As soon as she was brought into the banquet room which the air were filled with the smell of the wine, barbecue, carnival dishes, she started to cry as if she was terrified. No one can stop her.

The intense crying sound filled up the whole palace. Everyone stopped eating and drinking with all the eyes staring at the princess. The King was furious about Miao-San.

The Elder’s Visit

At this moment, outside of the imperial palace, one elder requested to meet the King and indicated he had special offering to the Princess Miao-San. The King ordered the guard to let him in.

Upon entering the banquet room, the King asked: “Who are you?”, “What’s your name?”, “Where are you come from?”, and “Why are you here?”

The elder stated: “Please do not ask about me, allow me to explain the reason I am here.

I hear the third princess was born, and feast was served continuously for several days, thus, I come here to congratulate the King and the Queen.

Moreover, I need to deliver a message about the destiny of the young princess.”

The elder continued on: “The princess is very compassionate individual, and she will one day become Buddha and save the humankind.” The King laughed and replied: “I think you telling me a joke.

The Buddha is enjoying the life in heaven, why would he reincarnate to be reborn in the filthy human world.

Any one will not believe your dummy joke.”

The elder answered: “All the saint and Buddha in heaven understand the bitterness of being human, thus, some want to be reborn to save the humankind. How dare I am to make a joke out of it. The message I deliver is real.”

The king questioned: “That is fine. If what you stated is true, the Buddha would be reborn as a male.

Who want to reborn as a female Buddha? This is what I can’t comprehend.”

The elder continued: “Everything has a reason. I could not to explain to you. Believe or not. One day you will understand.”

While the King and the elder were discussing, Miao-San Princess, being held in the nanny’s arm, suddenly cried horrendously.

The King asked the elder: “If you know there is a special reason for my daughter’s reincarnation, please explain why she cried so loud?”

The elder explain: “I know the reason”.

He went on: “To celebrate the Princessbirthday, the King, had ordered the kitchen to prepare a gigantic feast for all people in the palace for several days.

During this period of celebration, numerous cows, sheep’s, chickens, pigs, shrimps, crabs and fishes were killed to satisfy everyone’s taste.

She cries so loud because many living souls were sacrificed for the sake of her birthday.”

The King asks: “Is that so? Can you stop her from crying?”

The elder replied: “Yes, allow me talk to her.” He walked closer to the Princess Miao-San by placing his palm on her head. He started to recite: “No more crying, and no more crying.

Crying will make your eyes blind, your ears dull, and your heart blunted. Don’t forget the reason for your reborn.

Don’t forget your mission to save all humankind. There are numerous soul waiting for rescue from thousands disaster and casualties. Don’t forget thousands of virtues waiting for you to deliver. Don’t’ cry.”

Miraculous, Princess Miao-San seemed to understand the elder’s words and finally stopped crying. Everyone was surprised.

Upon the moment of silence, the elder politely bowed to the king and say good-bye. The elder turned around and walked away rapidly. He was gone so fast that he did not seem like an old man.

After observing elder disappearing in only few second, the King finalized the elder might be a prophet or someone who has super-natural power. The King immediately ordered his guards to chase after the elder.

However, the guards can’t find him anywhere inside and outside of the imperial palace.