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Phussa Buddha

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Phussa, the eighteenth of the twenty-four Buddhas, was born in Sirima-uyyana in Kashi. The name of his father was Jayasena, who was a Khattiya noble. (According to Manorathapurani, a commentary on the Anguttara Nikaya the name of his father was Mahinda). His mother was Sirima. He had a sister named Ambapali; and three step-brothers: one was Uruvela Kassapa. He was married to Kisagotami who bore him a son named Ananda (also called Anupama).

His body was fifty-eight cubit high. He lived in three palaces, namely, Garuda, Hamsa and Suvannabhara for six thousand years. He then renounced the world riding on an elephant. He practised austerities for six years until he attained Enlightenment.

A merchant’s daughter, Sirivaddhaa, offered him milk-rice before his enlightenment under the amalaka (or amanda) tree; and an ascetic Sirivaddha presented him grass for his seat to be laid down under the tree.

His chief disciples were Sukhita and Dhammasena among the men; and Sala and Upasala among the women. His personal attendants were Sambhiya, Dhananjaya and Vishakha among men; and Paduma and Naga among the women. The two women were also his chief patrons.

Those days, the Bodhisatta was born in a Khattiya family in Arimanda. His name was then Vijjitavi.

Phussa Buddha lived for ninety thousand years and died at Setarama (Sonarama) in Kusinara (modern Kushinagar). His relics were scattered.

See Buddhavamsa 19; Buddhavamsa Atthakatha 192 f; Manorathapurani 1.144; 165.

After the Buddha Tissa Parinibbana in Manda kappa where there are two Buddhas, the age of human life come down slowly land of a hundred thousand years to ten years and then rise again until asaïkhyeyya. When the age of human life decreases again until you reach ninety thousand years, bodhisatta Phusa after fulfilling his Perfection, born in Heaven Tusita, according to the tradition of all bodhisatta. Accept the petition of the gods and Brahma to become a Buddha, he is down to nature humans and into the uterus Sirimà Queen, consort of King Jayasena from Kàsika City. Ten months later bodhisatta born in the Garden Sirima. Palace Life When Prince Phussa adulthood, he lived in three palaces, namely, Garulapekkha, Hamsa, and Suvaõõabhàra and served by thirty thousand female servants, led by his wife named Princess Kisa Gotama, he enjoyed the luxury of the palace like a god for nine thousand years. Removing worldliness When bodhisatta Phussa saw four signs, and after Princess Kisa Gotama gave birth to a son named Anupama, he go off worldliness with elephant ride. Ten million men to follow His example and be a hermit as well. Perfect Enlightenment Accompanied by ten million hermit that, bodhisatta Phussa undergo dukkaracariya practice for six months; later, with leaving his followers, he tried to practice with lived in seclusion for seven days.

On full moon day in month Vesàkha, the day when he will reach the Perfect Enlightenment, He ate rice milk that is brought to you by Sirivadhhà a daughter of a rich man from a town and spend simsapa that day in the woods nearby. In the evening He walked alone toward the Mahabodhi àmaõóa and in He received eight journey of a bunch grass hermit named Sirivaddha. Soon after he cast a grass under the Mahabodhi, appeared in that place Aparajita pallaïka as high as thirty-eight arms. Sitting cross-legged on He attained Buddhahood pallaïka such a way that same as the previous Buddhas. Three Events resentatiom Dhamma (Dhammàbhisamaya) After attaining Buddhahood, Buddha Phussa silent during forty-nine days near the Mahabodhi, then he Brahma application undertakes to teach the Dhamma. As he pondered who would he teach first time, he saw one crore hermit, who accompanied him during let go of worldliness that armed with the services they have, can penetrate Road and fruit.

Buddha soon travel through space and get off at the Deer Park Isipatana near City Sankassa. In the middle of the hermit The Buddha preached the sermon Dhammacakka to all those present as that of Buddha-Buddha earlier. On that occasion, one hundred thousand crore humans, gods, and Brahma reached Roads and fruit. (This isis the first Dhammàbhisamaya ) On another occasion, King Sirivaddha from Bàranasã, after leave their wealth, a sage together with nine million followers. Buddha came to the place ascetic and taught the Dhamma to them; nine million being reached Roads and fruit. (This isis the second Dhammàbhisamaya ) On another occasion, the Buddha preached the sermon to His son, Prince Anupama. Eight million gods and humans achieve the Roads and fruit. (This isis the third Dhammàbhisamaya ) Three Events Conferences Students (Sannipàta) There are three events of the gathering of Buddhist students Phussa; which The first occurred in Kaõõakujja.

There Prince Surakkhita and Dhammasena adviser son, later became Chief-Student, and the urban population of six million people welcome Buddha who is visiting the city: they are very respect the Buddha and giving offerings for the past seven days. After listening to the sermon of Buddha, the second prince be sure to Buddha and became a monk together with six million men who accompany him, it all worked out Arahatta attained. In the middle of the Arahanta This Buddha expounded Ovada Pàtimokkha.

(This isis the first Sannipàta ) On another occasion, a meeting of relatives Buddha led by his father, King Jayasena from City Kasika- Buddha told a history of Buddha. After listening story, five million people became 'IHE-monks' and succeed Arahatta attained. During the meeting five million Arahanta this, the Buddha expounded Ovada Pàtimokkha (This isis the second Sannipàta ) On another occasion, when men and gods discuss about the blessing (maïgala) which brought prosperity in the world, but did not get an answer that is acceptable by all parties, then they asked the Buddha, Buddha expound Maïgala Sutta.

After listening to this sermon, four million people became monks and managed to reach the level of Arahatta purity. In the midst of this Arahanta, Buddha Ovada expound Pàtimokkha. (This isis the third Sannipàta ) As the Buddha would be King Vijitàvã Receiving Forecast of Buddha Phussa At that time, we are the King Vijitàvã bodhisatta City Arindama. After listening to the sermon of Buddha, he became believes in the Buddha, he gave offerings large, left the city, became a monk and studied Three Pitaka.

Having mastered the Three Piñaka, he spread Dhamma to all people. He is also perfectly Perfection meets Morality. Then Buddha Phussa, leader of the three realms, predicting Bhikkhu bodhisatta Vijitàvã, "Ninety-two kappa of now, Venerable Vijitàvã this will become a Buddha named Gotama. " After hearing predictions Phussa Buddha, Bhikkhu bodhisatta Vijitàvã filled with confidence and determined to meet His Perfection Ten more serious.

As a monk and the Buddha's servant in Phussa and had studied the teachings of the Buddha nine sections including the Vinaya and Sutta, a noble bodhisatta add glory and triumph of the Buddha Phussa. (No lie at all), to practice only in three postures, sitting, standing, and walking, living the life bodhisatta lofty and noble (Brahmàvihàra) without laziness and negligence, managed to achieve not only the eight achievement, but also the culmination of five high wisdom; after death, He is reborn in the Brahma.

The characteristics of the Buddha Phussa Buddha was born in the City Phussa Kasika; His father was King Janasena, and his mother was Queen Sirimà. He ruled for nine thousand years, three of his palace is Garulapakkha, Hamsa, and Suvannabhàra. His wife named Kisa Gotama served by thirty thousand waiter; His son was Prince Anupama. After seeing the four signs, he let go of worldly with elephant riding; He underwent dukkaracariya practice for six months.

Two of his students are Surakkhita Thera and Dhammasena Thera. His valet is Sabhiya Thera. His two main girls are Cala and Thera Thera Upacàlà. Tree His is the Bodhi tree amaõóa. Two students lay His major is rich and Dhananjaya Visakha, and the two girls lay His major is Upasika Padumà and Upasika dragon. Phussa Buddha height is fifty-eight arms; shine like the sun that has the characteristics of beauty moon. Age of human life in the Buddhist Phussa is ninety thousand years. Over four fifths of age life, the Buddha to save the creatures Phussa like humans, gods, and Brahma of the ocean and saÿsàra placing it on the beach nirvana. Having fame and followers are unequaled, and several Buddhist Phussa His Arahanta students achieve and end Parinibbana The last life. Cetiya Thus, the Buddha Phussa, Conqueror five Mara, reaching Parinibbana Sena Park near City Kusinárá. In accordance with His will, His relics spread throughout Jambådãpa and adored by humans, gods, and Brahma.