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Tibetan Buddhist Encyclopedia:Feedback

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Here is listed people feedback about our encyclopedia. If you like to give your feedback please use this form
Please be noted that senders IP/Geographic-location will be recorded as well, in order to filter out spammers.

I am grateful to be connected with you here on LinkedIn, Vello. What an amazing resource on Buddhism! Congratulations! I have liked you on fb as well! Spirituality is the thread that joins the world together once we remember that this is so.

It is a daily part of my life as I live in a small Sangha in Europe that lives following the guidance of Tony Samara.

We are fortunate to have daily satsangs each morning Monday to Friday and again on Sunday evenings. We spend our day focused on a karma yoga schedule that allows for us to put aside the mind and to the best of our abilities immerse ourselves totally in the selfless services that we are to perform.

I am also a mother of 4 children who are predominantly my main area of karma yoga (with the help of some of the others here) is to assist them with their educations.

The children are 5,9,13,and 18 and have such various interests that I spend a lot of time seeking to find activities that will allow them to blossom into vital and valuable spiritual human beings. I was born in New Zealand, grew up in Australia and moved to Europe about 18 years ago.

The satsangs that I mention above are an invaluable possibility and perhaps you would also find the teachings of Tony Samara very interesting.

I will include a link here to the CMF page newly created here on LinkedIn in case you would care to follow.

It is really heart-warming to know you ...

I am thankful. Wishing you a beautiful day Rahma Kushtana Editor, Tony Samara Books "The Divine has created this moment in time. It is a very powerful moment, where there is only one way and that way is that you completely let go. Completely let go of what is known, what is safe, and move into the space of beauty.”

Rahma Kushtana

Editor, Tony Samara Books

Hi thank you for this. I am very much interested in Buddhism and I wish for more information and talk.

Priti Vaishnav, PhD

Hello Vello, I am familiar with the site. I like it very much. It's a great reference for those of us who want to learn more. Many times when I've found something in a text I didn't understand, I checked your site for a reference. Thank you.

Daniel Scharpenburg

Best wishes with your project. It is a long tedious work, but it will be helpful for thousands of people, year after year.

I compiled a Tibetan English Dharma Dictionary many years ago. At some point I decided to give it to the public domain. It is now in Wiki format here:

Erik Pema Kunsang

Dharma teacher - volunteer at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Denmark

My honor Sir.I visited the encyclopedia,that is really innovative and informative with buddhist culture.I am also emotionally attached with this great religion,because,you know ,that from 'SARNATH' lord buddha preached for first time for buddhism & this place is just beside Varanasi,where I am living now.However,congratulation to you for creating such a great evident of being human.If,I can contribute to do something do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you once again Best Regards Amit

Amit Chatterjee

Doctoral Research Scholar at Banaras Hindu University

Hello sir, and ?????! Your website and efforts are quite impressive and will be invaluable to dhamma students of all traditions who are also students of Chinese language arts. Thank you again for your kindness.

Paññavisuddhi Bhikkhu

Theravada Buddhist Monk

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Religious Institutions

Vello, I will propose to my friends in Hong Kong and Sichuan to use your Encyclopedia. But this proposition needs time. We should be connected with Buddhist schools in China for the subject "Buddhism and Science". Best Thom

Christian Thomas Kohl

Men are bound by the bondage of existence and are liberated by understanding the nature of this. Hevajra Tantra

Freiburg Area, Germany

Greetings, Vello, I am delighted you took the time to write to me and to forward the link to the Encyclopedia's web site. I also visited and "liked" the Facebook page during the weekend. Both sites have a wealth of information, and I look forward to learning more thanks to your efforts. I think both sites are treasures, and I am happy to know about the work to preserve and inform is being done. Please keep in touch. With warm regards, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Telson, Washington D.C. Metro Area

Dear Vello,

thank you so much for sharing these links with me.
What a wonderful job you're doing! A small donation and kind words is all I can humbly offer to support this beautiful work,

Light, joy and happiness,


Gerard Theuns

Author, thinker, Buddhist

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Writing and Editing


The Magic Happens Magazine, Tenzin Tashi


Satisfact*, Yacht Nederland BV, IBM


Maitreya Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hello Vello, this is a nice page (even if it looks a bit like wikipedia). I like the Buddhist Encyclopedia and I will put a post on the internet on, of which I´m the editor. Do you really want to invest in your own servers? I mean, they might be outdated in a few years. You can do a lot with professional hosting services. All the best and sincerely yours, Till Spurny

Till Spurny

we.CONECT Global Leaders - The tomorrow´s business company

Berlin Area, Germany
Information Services


we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH - The tomorrow´s business company


Rujia Travel Service GmbH, Asian Art Blog (, Auctionata AG


Freie Universität Berlin

Dear Friend, many thanks for this tremendous work of Chinese Buddhism. For me its very important there I`m practicing and studying Chan and Buddhism/Daoism of China. I have already spread it in the net to interested friends. I am going to send a donation to your work in Dharma yours Hugo klingler Tyrol Austria EU

Hugo Klingler

1.Representativ of the Austrian Buddhist Society for the Tyrol 2.Erwachsenenbildung bei Freiberufler


University of Innsbruck

Dear Vello Vaartnou, Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity to expand my mind and thoughts by offering me insights to the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. It is with certainty that I will enjoy and learn from your beautiful gift, and will people near to me tell about this precious work. I wish you and all your loved ones a smashing and blessed 2015 and beyond. Kindest regards, Jarry

Jarry Lim

H.E.A.O. (Academy of Economics and Administration in Enschede, The Netherlands)

Good evening, Sarva mangalam. Thank you very much for our connection. I am very interested in your Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia website and will take some time to research it...the work you have done is very impressive....I am honored.

Blessings, Angelina



The smile in a eye is like the light in a window which is telling that the heart is home... Thanks for nice greetings. All the best for the evening and the new year!! Best wishes, Annfrid

Thank you very much for connecting, and for your lovely message. I will enjoy the Chinese Budhist website, and thank you very much for creating it, and for introducing it to me. I have been a budhist for many years now, and I spend a lot of time in Thailand. I have read many books by Sulak Sivaraksa including his great book called The Wisdom of sustainability. I look forward to learning from your website, and I wish you peace and happiness for the New Year.

Best wishes Mark

Mark Ross

Business Development Manager

Reading, United Kingdom
Information Technology and Services

Hi the Simple Monk! Thanks for your Wellcome, even though, I suppose, it's a automatic one!Doesn't matter! It's a GREAT pleasure, anyway.... Best in all sort of activities & meditations. ... Dr.Eleonora Luka, MD, PhD

Eleonora Luka

Medecin chercheur independent

Geneva Area, Switzerland

It is a privilege to connect with someone with your talents and commitment. I am very glad that you have undertaken such a great endeavor as to make the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. I look forward to learning from this, and it wold not have been possible without your efforts. I wish you all the best in life and your future endeavors. Take care. Kind Regards, Rob

Robert Jenkins

Intelligence & Investigations, cold cases, missing persons, anti/counter human trafficking, anti & counter terrorism

I just want to wish you good luck with your important work, hope this will contribute to greater Peace and understanding, friendly greetings Marina ThorborgMarina Thorborg

Professor development studies


Hi Vello, Happy to be part of your wonderful project ! I will be happy to read you and I thank you for the culture you share with us. Have a great day and keep being as positive in your whole life and projects, Françoise

Françoise AUBERT

Chargée de Recrutement Expertise Cybersécurité

Paris Area, France

This is fantastic Vello thank you ever so much for this webpage link. I will find great pleasure in reading from this. Have a wonderful and a great weekend. Slanj: Good Health Warmest, Lynne

Lynne Somerville

The University of Stirling

Date: 19 June 2014
Name : Colleen A
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Vello,
I hope my note finds you well.
Thank you, kindly. I am grateful for this wonderful resource. I respect and admire your dedication and hard work.
I send my best wishes. May the wonderful aura of peace and positivity surround your always.

Kindest Regards,

Date: 12 June 2014
Name : Prof P.K.Keshap‏
How did you found us:
Message: "Simple Monk Vello is a marvelous down to earth personality. Though highly qualified and ardent devotee devoted to spread the philosophy of Buddhism, he is simple in living and appearance. Over 30 years that he has devoted to the mission is a long period of time. As a mortal of common nature, his blessings are welcome."

Date: 06 June 2014
Name : Jonathan Solomon
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello,

You are most welcome. I like what I read. Another thing I want to share is that being a simple monk is simply beautiful as in being simple you hold the key to happiness, to sharing from your heart, yo extending simple attribute of love in all of its beauty and meaningfulness. Being simple is elegance in its complexity and yet simple enough to embrace all that life has to offer.

Stay Blessed my Friend.

Date: 02 June 2014
Name : Manjunath Chikorde
How did you found us:
Message: Thank you for the knowledge!

Date: 02 June 2014
Name : Beauty Slesha
How did you found us:
Message: Very nice of your job as well as your effort to spread the hoary knowledge of Buddha.

Date: 02 June 2014
Name : Mon Moni
How did you found us:
Message: Dear sir,
Its interesting to know about your project and i too from Buddhist & hundu back ground but i believe in all god as same,all people same.Presently i am working
I am initiating Go Youth Go (GYS) Youth club in Thailand to promote international youth activities among the youth and this is ever first time network out side Bhutan in Asia.we have interesting youth activities like visiting poorest provinces of Thailand,visit to blind schools,develop organic farm for poor communities and farmers,youth exchange programs in Asia,youth talks and youth Magazine and Youth Fashion Show contest,Photography activities and visit to famous Dharmakaya foundation for meditation.
Please help us to join hands,do like and share our page.we hope to work together.This is my page you.

Date: 25 May 2014
Name : Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh
How did you found us:
Message: Recommendation Letter for CBE Project Dr.Arvind Kumar Singh.jpg

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Carmen Luk
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Vello,
For my advise, sometime it would be help for readers to know once your information can shownout the Chinese words in mostly significiant wisdom words or pray article.Because foreign people would go to Chines Temple or see more about Buddha's article in orginal ancient format.
Don't you agree?

With regards,

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Edwin Mendoza
How did you found us:
Message: Thank you very much for taking the time and sharing the encyclopedia with me.
Edwin Mendoza.

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Sam Fiaalii
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello,
I am intetested in the encyclopedia and your work.
Kind regards,
Sam Fiaalii

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Sonam Wangdi
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello,
Thank you very much for sharing your Dharma Teachings. I am interested to learn more. Best wishes to you & your family!

Kind Regards, Sonam

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Dream Adventure Travel Bhutan
How did you found us:
Message: Respected,
well, i being a buddhist from a buddhist country known as BHUTAN in the himalayas,
for sure i would appreciate your work always...
feel free to know if you need any informations and details about buddhism.


Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Bing WANG
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Mr. Vello Vaartnou,

Thank you very much for introducing me to the website of Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. I'm already connected to your facebook page.
Personally I read Buddhism scriptures and like them very much. It is the wisdom of the universe.
Millions of thanks for your great efforts!

Best regards,

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Xin YANG
How did you found us:
Message: As long as it is a language that is spoken from heart, it is a good language.

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Carmen Luk
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Vello,
I am located in HK. Nice to know that your have great effort in Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia and held many event in Perth, Australia.

Date: 23 May 2014
Name : Jaime Nadal
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello,
Thank you very much for your work.
Best wishes,
Jaime Nadal

Date: 18 May 2014
Name : Robert Espiau
How did you found us:
Message: It is a fantastic endevour that a group of people have finally come together to create the Wikipedia of Buddhism. What most people do not realize about the destruction of Tibet was not that it was the destruction of a culture but that the thousands of monasteries that were destroyed housed vast repositories of Buddhist scriptures and translations from all around Asia. As some cultures might have become conquered and no longer been Buddhist, thier writings were not lost but held in Tibet (Read the 14 Dalai Lamas by Greg Mullin). Hopefully now this Buddhist encyclopedia in the same way will become the vast online repository for all Buddhist teaching whether it be Mahayana, Shravakayana or Vajrayana.

Date: 18 May 2014
Name : Laura Ellingson
How did you found us:
Message: you are talented with illustration :-)

Date: 17 May 2014
Name : Elena Roush
How did you found us:
Message: Your Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia just spectacular!
I am impressed.
All the best to you!

Date: 15 May 2014
Name : Theodore Zimmerman
How did you found us:
Message: Keep up the good work,

Date: 15 May 2014
Name : Shiho Kanzaki
How did you found us:
Message: Thank you for adding me on your network.
I'm very honoured to be your friend.
If you've an opportunity to come to Japan. please visit to my studio.
My studio is south east of Kyoto about 1 hour by train.
Have a nice day!
With my best regards.
Shiho Kanzaki

Date: 15 May 2014
Name : Venkatraman Venkitachalam
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello,
I have the pleasure to have you on my network. Thank you for the information about the website. Good day

Date: 13 May 2014
Name : Thinley Wangchuk
How did you found us:
Message: Welcome!

That's very interesting and I will be very happy to go through your Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia website.

Date: 14 May 2014
Name : Kezang Dema
How did you found us:
Message: welcome...and moreover i would love to hear new things from you regarding this..


Date: 13 May 2014
Name : Choney Dorji
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello Vaartnou,
i am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity. And i must tell you, i very much appreciate the tremendous effort that you are putting to it.

Date: 13 May 2014
Name : Saad Almalki
How did you found us:
Message: Thank you so much..I am honored, I wish you continued success in all your endeavours.

Best regards,

Date: 13 May 2014
Name : Dema Tshetshog
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Sir,

Thank you. Being one of the Buddhist myself, i am hopeful that your link would be quite resourceful to me.

Keep spreading it!!!

Dema Tshetshog

Date: 12 May 2014
Name : sonam choiden
How did you found us:
Message: Hi

I am a Buddhist myself and I greatly appreciate your selfless efforts for humankind.
Keep up the great work!
With best wishes.

sonam choiden

How did you found us:
Message: OM SVASTI .☼*all the best for your Dharma work ¨*•♫♪♫ BUDDHA DHARMA-OBF INTERNATIONAL Serving, upholding & protecting the Teachings of Buddha by promoting 10 enlightened activities as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha and His emanation Guru Padma

Name : Brenda Eshin
How did you found us:
Message: Thank you for your great and noble heart. May your work shine light to all.

Name : Sonam Choden
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Vello,

Thank you for adding me. Glad to know about your noble idea. I really appreciate that and I will be looking forward to learn from you. And please let me know if I could help you in some projects, I mean in collecting some religious information from remote areas of Bhutan. Right now I am planning to research on religious female figures in Bhutan. I would love to have your advice on that too.

Thank You. Sincerely,
Sonam Choden

Name : Andrea Kennedy
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Vello,

Your project sounds interesting and I hope it is successful.


simple person;-)

Name : Lily Lavanchawee
How did you found us:
Message: Cool! I went in to "like" it already.

Name : Elena Sobolnikova
How did you found us:
Message: Уважаемый Vello, благодарю вас за письмо и восхищаюсь вашим опытом и целеустремленностью Моя мечта постигнуть мистику буддизма. Я хотела бы провести сравнительный анализ восточной мистики и западной мистики. Желаю вам приятного дня и благодарю вас за помощь. С уважением. Елена

Name : Kesang
How did you found us:
Message: Hello Vello Vaartnou,
Very nice to connect with you. Its amazing going through your profile.
Peace & Happiness to you from Bhutan

From Bhutan

Name : David
How did you found us:
Message: It does appear to be a wonderful project. I'm sure that our students at ITZI will find it useful. Namo Amitabhaya!

Name : Samten
How did you found us:
Message: Hi,

Thank you very much for sharing the valuable site for my benefit. I am a researcher with focus on Buddhism, culture and tradition of Bhutan working with Shejun Research Agency. This noble initiative and you site shall benefit all of us. May your work benefit all beings.

Thank you


Name : Natalia Bolsokhoeva
How did you found us:
Message: It is a great honor to learn that Vello Vaartnou is the author of the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project

As a professional specialist in Buddhist and Tibetan studies I would like to say that only Vello Vaartnou (whom I know personally last 30 years), is the only person who could come up with such unique idea. He is the only one able to manage such gigantic project, which needs knowledge both in Buddhism and IT.

I have deep confidence in his profound knowledge in Buddhism, both in theory and practice. Nowadays not many Buddhists are able to spend 8 years in solitary retreat to proof his theoretical knowledge and engage it into practice.

I wish Venerable Vaartnou and his team all the best in their valuable work.

Natalia Bolsokhoeva

Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ulan-Ude, Buryatia)

Name : Dr Balkaran Shivnauth
How did you found us:
Message: You may be simple Vello, but the work cut out for u in this life is varied and complex. Your indepth knowledge of Lord Buddha and his mission will awake your Kundalini Energy system in this physical body and you too will attain liberation from this mortal frame as all great Gurus have achieved. Keep up the good works and the rest the Lord Buddha will do.

Name : Karin Potrpin
How did you found us:
Message: Dear Vello,

I think you deserve all the best for your work.
My best wishes to you and your faith.Regards,Kari

Name : Dr Balkaran Shivnauth
How did you found us:
Message: Hi Vello This world is a global village in which our global family reside

Your thoughts as a Buddhist will enrich this global community.

The vision you entertain as the leader of this research project will no doubt take quite a few years to materialize but once there is hope in the objectives of this group I am sure you will attain success. Buddha persisted in his dream to become a self realized master, he fled the royal palace in search of the fulfillment of his mission in life and enlightenment came as he sat under the Bodhagaya tree in Bihar, India. His thoughts and teachings did not remain in India, but rather spread throughout Asia both major and minor.Such was the power of the GURU.

Name : Bhikkhu Mui
How did you found us:
Message: I went to your website the other day. I was so very impressed. The Institute for Buddhist Studies will certainly be making use of it as I shall in my teachings & writings. I am pleased and honored to have found it and the be connected with you.

Name : PertaJ
How did you found us: internet search
Message: Hi there,
I really appreciate your work,this is great endeavor from you !
I have followed this site from the last year and amazingly it grows continuously and fast. I have found this encyclopedia to be extremely useful tool, its logical and gives information in every area. Thank you, keep going:) PertaJ

Name : John
How did you found us: Through searching Buddhist Symbols in google
Message: Your site is very useful and there is lot of information. I find it very useful because i dont have to search around the internet to find thing because you have covered quite a large amount in your Encyclopedia. It save's lot of time.. Keep up the good work!!!

Name : Viren
How did you found us:
Message: Dear sir, all the data provided in ur website is very authentic, informative and knowledgeable. im a vajrayana sadhaka, and have found ur site to contain a tremendously authentic knowledge on Buddhism. Thanx frm my heart sir.

Name : Monique
How did you found us: I found it on the internet when I was searching for the meaning of the dorje or vajra.
Message: I recently discovered this Encyclopedia on the Internet. It provides valuable information regarding the background of Buddhism, and the different types (and origins) of Buddhas, which has added value beyond what I already knew and experienced about Nyingma and Tibetan Buddhism. I see many cross relationships with western concepts, and other religions. The information I found in the Encyclopedia, thus far, confirms the unity of all world religions and world teachers, and it broadens my horizon.

How did you found us: My Dhamma brothers introduce me this
Message: is very interested in studying Buddhism