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Fire Element

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The Fire element has to do with heat and with consumption. All elements can provide support or be the cause of destruction. We may notice that the Fire Element is warming and soothing, but it can also burn.

If we get too far away from fire, we don't get its warmth, but if we get very close, then it becomes intense. The same is true when it comes to objects of desire.

Our desire increases when we are close to a desirable object and we can think more clearly when we have put some distance between ourselves and the object. Our feelings are less intense with distance.

We may notice that Fire has a mezmerizing and attracting aspect to it. Fire has presence - its alive - its more active than passive, it's playful, its shape and colours can be constantly changing. There is light, shadows and colour and intensity associated with Fire.

Fire is not very stable at the same time.

It can be moved around easily by the wind. It requires a solid object to consume in order to provide it stability. Fire seems to represent fuel, energy, work, struggle.

It also represents cleansing through burning off impurities. It draws things in and consumes them in order to sustain itself. Fire is extinguished by other solid material that doesn't burn (earth element) or by water.

Anything that has similar qualities in our outside environment or inside environment is part of the Fire element.

This means that our internal temperature, whether we experience heat or the lack of heat (AKA cold), is part of the manifestation of the fire element. Included in this is the heat used to digest and the increase of energy and warmth that we get from digestion.

It doesn't include the sense of strength or sustenance that we get from digestion though, because that is part of the Ratna family energy.

It also includes the warmth we get from blood circulation and the heat that we get from fevers or the chills that we get during other types of illnesses, or in a scary movie or other frightening situations.

External sources of heat and warmth, including the sun, are all aspects of the fire element as well. It includes friction and the energy that is created through that process. This also includes human warmth and the heat of passion as well. This even includes a heated argument. This also has to do with the intensity of the energy which is a reflection of the intensity of Fire.

In the Kasina practice, we would use a candle or a fire in the fireplace or a campfire as our focus object in meditation. In the background of our meditation, we would maintain the notion of becoming aware of, and recognizing, the qualities of the Fire element.


Self Element

The Heavenly Stem of the Day pillar is the element that represents you. If the heavenly stem of your day pillar is of Fire (regardless of Yang Fire or Yin Fire), then you are consider a Fire person.

For example: Fire-element122.png

A Fire person is well-mannered yet impatient.

Below is a list of items associated with Fire. If Fire is favourable to you (whether Fire is your day element or not), you can try to apply or introduce them to your daily life:

Representing Direction

Fire is associated with the direction South.

Representing Numbers

9 is associated with Fire.

When combined, 2 and 7 represents a Fire Combination (although 2 is an Earth number and 7 is a Metal number).

Representing Years

Years ending with the number 6 and 7, for example 1997, 2007, 2027 etc.

Representing Animals (Chinese Horoscope)

Snake and Horse.

Representing Colours

Fire colours include shades of Red.

Representing Characteristic

Among the five elements, Fire is associated with Politeness.

Representing Industry/Careers

Electronics, Energy, Communicatins, Lightings, Entertainment, Alcohol, Food, Publishing, Stationery, Literature, Copywriter etc.

Representing Season

Fire is associated with Summer. In Summer, Fire is strong.

Representing Trigram

In the Later Heaven Trigram, Li (Li1121.gif) is associated with Fire.

Representing Body Parts/Organs

Eyes, Heart, Small Intestine, Blood, Lips etc.