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Six letters dharani king sutra

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 Shi Yi recorded in the Liang Dynasty Thich Vien Duc translation from Chinese to Vietnamese. As I have heard, once Buddha was in Svavasti country, in the forest of Jetjeta, there was a secular woman (Candala), who used sorcery on Ananda and many others. She worshipped the Asuras of mountains and trees, the sun, the moon, the five stars, the Asuras of the Great Bear constellation, ghosts and evil spirits. When the Buddha saw Ananda in distress from her spells, he felt compassion for beings in the three generations and revealed the Six Words Dharani. He said: “The Buddhas of the past have given this Dharani, today I also give it”. Then he recited: “...... (Dharani)”

If anyone from heaven, or from ghosts, Dragons, yaksas, rakchasas, kumbhandas, putanas, pishachas, Abamala (blue Demons), Upamala, Krstya (Demons who possess cadavers) and other Demons, Sramana Brahmane monk, Khattiya, (2nd class ruling India) Vaisya (3rd of the four castes-the settlers) Sudra (the workers in the field), Matanga, Candala (the lowest class), or Nigantha, the infidels, or servants, either man or woman etc. has used or is using cruel spells, poisons and germs to harm people, I use this Six Words Dharani King to cast a spell and eliminate the effects of black magic wherever it is. Whether in the sky or below, in the eight directions, up and down, on the wall, or on anything attached to that wall, in the clouds, in space, on or under ground, or in the far eight directions.

If I cast this spell on where black magic is, in the four directions, in the wind, in the water of four seas, in the side of the river Huai, or the river Hong, in the inside of a pavement, in a pool of water, in the mountain or mountain stream, in springs, ravines, caves, hills, in mounds, holes, inside of the big five mountains, inside deep and wide ponds, in forests, big waterfalls, in the grass, in big and small trees, in the roots and branches of trees and grass, on the inside of large or narrow short-cut roads, on the inside of big or small four-way crossroads, in the outside door of big or small cities and in the quarter of town, all the effects of black magic in those places will be eliminated.

If I cast this spell on where black magic is, in big or small city, quarter, hamlet, outside and inside the doors of the palace, graves, houses, cars, residences, ramparts, walls, roof of houses, beside poles, or under carved stones, inside the heap of fertilized soil, or the main rope of a fishing net, kitchens, mortars, mills, or inside stoves, latrines, stables, in the tools of big and small cars, in the adornment of saddles, in beds, narrow bamboo beds, soft wool, mattresses, shoes, hats, inside containers, in foods and beverages; or close to a person and his places of walking, standing, lying and seating, all the effects of black magic in those places will be eliminated.

If black magic was cast in the day or night, it will also be eliminated at such time by the power of this spell. This Dharani has the ability to eliminate magical conjuration of Indra, Brahma, Tchaturmahardja and evil spirits. Benevolent Deities supporting this Dharani will negate all nasty spells, bad germs and curses or poisons caused by Demons, Krstya, or Putanas. Reciting this Dharani brings security, peace and longevity of one hundred years. Why so? The highest position in this world does not surpass the power of Buddha whom the Heavens and Devas respect. If anyone uses black magic to poison and harm others successfully or potentially successfully, its effect will be totally eliminated. When and where this “Six Letters Dharani King Sutra” is recited, or thought of, all former bad karmas and its obstacles shall be eliminated.

Then he recited: “...... (Dharani)”

This Dharani eliminates the black magic spells from Deities, Dragons, yaksas, rakchasas, and all other Demons. Benevolent Gods and saints will safeguard and help the practitioner. One will be safe day and night to live up to 100 years and enjoy 100 autumns. Why so? The supreme worldly position cannot surpass the doctrine of Buddha. Heaven and human beings as well as the ghosts obey his teachings and end all desires.

Then he recited the Dharani: “.................” Why such effectiveness? The supremacy of the world cannot surpass the monks who are honest and blessed. They are respected by saints and supported by benevolent Deities.
Then he recited the Dharani: “................” All sins of wrongful actions such as the practice of black magic, or the making of poisons, or illegal actions, either right or wrong or bad karmas of past or present life will all be eliminated.

Then he recited the Dharani: “................” If anyone recites this on a dead tree, it shall live again with full foliage. One will live up to 100 years and 100 autumns just as Buddha had said and as Ananda had so transmitted. If the devout recites Dharani correctly, he can protect himself from all evils, and will draw good fortune to himself. If he recites it for another person, all the miseries of that person will also be eliminated. When cultivating one should not eat the five-spiced food, he must have a pure mind while reciting the Dharani so the disasters can be eliminated, and good things can come his way.
Then he recited the Dharani: “..................”followed by this prayer:

I bow down to the Triple Jewels, to the Tathagata of Perfect Wisdom, to all the Buddhas Enlightened with Right and Superior Knowledge. I bow down to the Holy Avalokitesvara (repeat three times), please consider and feel compassion for me. (Say this three times). I recite this Dharani to pray for peace and safety.

Then he recited the Dharani: “....................” This Dharani protects from all dangers. It has the pure qualities of liberation. It will tie down cruel people; it takes fear away. It saves the devout from all harms caused by evils. It protects him by tying down lions, tigers, leopard, wolves, monkeys, gorillas and all other wild beasts. I recite this Dharani for myself (the disciple)... and for my companion that all the power of Dharani to be directed to where we walk, stand, lie down or sit to make it safe.

Then he recited the Dharani: “........................................” Use this Dharani to pay homage to the Triple Jewels. This brings great goodness if properly done. Prior to reciting, one should bathe and put on new or clean clothes; one should be calm, abstain from sex, meat, the five spices, alcohol and refrain from saying cruel words. When reciting the Dharani, tie a knot on a white thread. Do seven knots. When this is completed, attach this knotted thread to the clothing of your opponent. This will protect you from accusations, curses or lawsuits, as well as any other troubles. Afterwards, one should burn incense, abstain from meat, observe the precepts and make offerings to pray to the Triple Jewels so to be worthy of their blessings. Undo the knots and pray: May all living beings in the four stages of birth and I be safe forever from the eight kinds of dangers. This is the wish from my heart.

Then he recited the Dharani: “...............” followed by this prayer: I bow down to all past, future and present permanent Triple Jewels, to all solemn King Buddhas with ocean like wisdom shining forth, to all Buddhas of Right knowledge, to the compassionate Saint of Salvation Avalokistesvara and to all great Bodhisattvas: Mansjuri Bodhisattva, Samantabhadra, Maitreya, Qi` Yin Gai, Ji Gen, Hui shang, Chang Bu li shi, Shurangama samadhi, Akasagarbha Bodhisattva, Precious Pennant Bodhisattva, The Peacock King Dharani, The Six Holy Bija, Bhaiwajya-raja (Medicine King) Bhaisajya samudgata (superior medicine) Drdhadhyasaya (Firm Will) and Immaculate Virtues Bodhisattva. One should call upon all the enlightened saints to take refuge in them.

Then he recited the Dharani: “................” This Dharani expels darkness. Buddha has transmitted this Dharani which is respected by celestial beings and benevolent Gods; by Brahmadeva who lectures on it, by Sakra Devanam Indra who worships and uses it to support this world, by Saints who understand it thoroughly and by the Immortals who recite it. This Dharani unites generations between families, unties all bindings and sorrows for celestial beings as well as humans. It ends all troubles, subdues all ghosts, converts the infidels and breaks vanity and arrogance. It helps the Dharma masters win all debates; it develops good roots in them and calms their mind. It makes their studying the doctrine enjoyable. It helps them preserve the Sutras and stay close to the general population.

The profound store of doctrines has compassion for all living beings and benefits the Triple Jewels. It is solemn by popular understanding. Due to such great benefits it is called “Infinite Store of Dharani Scriptures”. The Dharani does not assist but constantly assists. If anyone recites or copy it down or if he advises another person to copy it, or to just offer flowers to the Dharma Sutra, he would not have the thirty-two kinds of fears. One should bathe in the morning and evening, rinse the mouth, wash the hands and put on clean clothing. One should burn incenses and respectfully bow down to pay homage and recite the Dharani three times.

This secures whatever one does to be successful, everything one says to be respected, and every direction one goes to be favorable. The practitioner has the respect and trust of everybody, including his enemies. Ananda and others must sincerely worship and recite this Dharani. Upon this teaching, Heaven Dragons and the eightfold division of Atulas felt immense joy. They paid respect to the Buddhas and departed. II. Ucchusma Lectures on the Dharani of Great Satisfaction and Wonderful Magic North India, Tripitaka master Ajitasena (the Invincible General) translated from Sanskrit to Chinese.

Thich-Vien-Duc translated to Vietnamese. As I have heard, one time in Kusinagara, the country of the Mallas, (one of the sixteen major tribes in central India) close to Ajitavati River, and in Salavana forest, there were countless thousands of beings, the eight fold divisions of heavenly Dragon, human and non-human beings standing in four corners and around Buddha who was about to enter Nirvana. They were deeply sorrowful and cried sadly. There were Devas and people in great numbers. Among them was Sakra-Devanam-Indra who came to make offerings to Buddha. Everybody was there except Brahma Li Ji` (the Conch-Shaped Topknot Brahma King). He was entertaining himself with celestial maidens in the nearby town. Though he knew that Buddha was going to Nirvana, he chose not to come over. The multitude was saying: “Today, Buddha is going to nirvana, why does the Brahma King not come over? Maybe he is too arrogant. We should order the little Rsi (Immortal) to bring him here.

Many Rsi went to the Brahma's place, but they saw the castle wall that was built with filthy materials, and its spells caused them to die. The multitude was surprised as never before and they urged other Diamond Gods to go there. The Diamond Gods recited the Dharani on their way to the Brahma's place. However after seven days no one could reach the Brahma's place. Seeing what happened, the multitude was filled with more sadness and they unanimously said: “How sad it is for the Venerable Great Saint To enter Nirvana so soon?! No one can change The decision from Heaven The teacher of heavens is feeling much pain Entering Nirvana is like a dying fire.”

The assembly cried even more after saying this and which Buddha felt pity for all of them. He used his supernatural power of marvelous transformation and transformed out from his heart the “Indestructible Vajra”. The Indestructible Diamond God (Uchussma) rose from the assembly and said: “I have the wonderful mantra; I will go get that Brahma”. Upon saying so, he displayed his divine powers to all by shaking the world of Three Heavens and the Great Heaven six times. The abodes of Deities, Dragons and Atulas were demolished. Then he flew to the place of the Brahma, and pointed his finger to all the filthy materials of the wall and transformed them into great earthly elements. Pointing his magical finger at the Brahama he said to him,” you certainly must be a fool; Buddha is entering Nirvana, why don't you come over?”

The Brahma had a change of heart and went to Buddha. At this the multitude exclaimed: “Oh Indestructible Diamond God, your supernatural force is certainly marvelous. You alone can bring Brahma here”. The Diamond God said to them, “If anyone in the world has brain disorders caused by the Deities, Demons, cruel atulas, and by the infidels, just say my mantra one hundred thousand times. I will appear in person to grant all wishes so the people may forever escape poverty, misery and always be safe and happy. Such is the power of this mantra.
First make this Great Vow, and then invoke my teacher: “NAMO SAKYAMUNI BUDDHA.

When Buddha had entered Nirvana, I receive and hold this mantra, and I vow to save all beings. I vow to perpetuate Buddha’s Dharma in this world”. Then Ucchusma discoursed on this Great Perfect Supreme Dharani as follows: “Aum, bihua guru, maha pra hen na shu, ven shi ven, vi ji vi, manai, u-s'-mu, guru houm houm phat phat phat, svahaUcchusma said: After Buddha entered nirvana, if anyone wishes to receive and practice this Dharani, I will be committed to making his wishes come true. Today I gave the mantra in front of the Tathagata, and I hope that from Nirvana He sees through our hearts. Oh venerable Teacher of the World, by reciting this Dharani a person is permanently saved from the harms caused by Demons and Genies.

Oh Venerable Teacher of the World! If the faithful man or woman wants to heal the numerous illnesses, recite my Dharani over 400,000 times and all illnesses will be healed. He or she, either clean or unclean can order me at will, as I will always be there for them to fulfill all wishes. To make a dead tree live again with its full foliage, use one ounce of Eucalyptus (Bai-Jiao-Xiang –sweet gum resin) powder, and rub the powder on a willow branch. Facing the tree, recite the mantra 100 times, three times a day for three days. The tree will grow flowers and bear fruits. To make a dry spring have water, use clean ash to scatter around it.

Put fresh flowers in 30 liters of water from the well. Put it in the middle of the spring. Recite the mantra 108 times during the hour of the Tiger (between 3 to 5 am). The water will jet out from the dry spring as a turning wheel. To grow grass and trees on a bare mountain, take a sharp steel knife and make cuts in the air in the four directions of the mountain while reciting the mantra 3,000 times for seven days. Grass and trees will grow. To tame wild and ferocious beasts, burn Benzoinum scent facing the direction where wild beasts come from. Recite 1,000 times. By night the wild beasts will gather in front of the doorstep, subdued and gentle as domestic animals. One can order them at will and they will never go away. To subdue yakchas demon, take 10 peach branches and cut them even length.

Pour 50 liters of water into a glazed terra-cotta jar, and bring to a boil. Dip the branches in the water and take them out. Finally mix 3 ounces of cloves with 3 ounces of frankin powder, 3 ounces of eucalyptus powder and pour the water out in a pot. Stir the water with the 3 meters long peach branch and recite 100 times. All yakchas and rakchasas will appear to keep company with the devout, and beg to be his attendant. To eliminate the cruelty of Atulas, Demons, and poisons from snakes, centipedes and wild ferocious beasts, scatter clean ash around their cave entrance. They will all come out. Recite softly 100 times. Every snakes, poisonous worms and beasts will no longer be harmful to people. This also helps them attain liberation faster. To prevent a fierce dog from biting people, get a handful of rice and recite seven times.

Feed the dog the rice and it will stop biting or barking ferociously. To subdue a bad person, write his name and put it under your foot. Recite 100 times while thinking of him. He will come to surrender without resentment. To cause hatred between two people, write their names and put it under your foot. Recite 218 times. Love will end and they will forever be separated from each other. If hatred existed between two people, write their names, put it under your foot and recite 108 times. They will love and respect each other and never part. To make an unhappy person feel safe and happy, write his name, put under your foot and recite 300 times.

For his sake, you should initiate the Great Vow: “For this I will bring innumerable precious jewels to distribute among the poor so that everyone will have enough.” There are more magical powers. If you wish for intelligence and wisdom, you only need to recite 100,000 times. You will have great intelligence, wisdom, perfection, fluent reasoning, and satisfaction at will. Everything you wish for will be granted. To have all kinds of jewels and Jewels, heartily recite the Dharani. Everything more or less will be granted. To cure someone of illness, form the Dun –Bing- Yin Mudra (Illness Eradication) by crossing the left forefinger over the middle finger) and recite 108 times. Wave the Mudra seven times under the patient. He will quickly recover. To cure a dying person: Before treating the patient, first use the Jin-Wu-Lu Mudra (Forbid Entry to Five Roads).

This Mudra is similar to the one above; the only difference is that the ring finger bends in the palm and the little finger is straight. Recite 100 times. The person will live. To cure abnormal devilish illnesses, stay beside the patient’s head, burn the Benjamin scent, and recite Dharani. The patient will recover quickly. To cure someone jinxed with poisonous bugs by black magic, write the patient’s name on paper. Recite Dharani. To cure illnesses related to demonic enchantments (wet dreams) do the same as above. To cure long-standing bed confinement illnesses write the name of the patient and the ghost's name that caused the illness, and place it under the patient's bed. Recite Dharani.

The named ghost will appear. Order the ghost to tell the patient’s past three lives. The patient will recover. If the sickness of the patient is from seasonal air, the practitioner only has to look at the patient to cure him. To keep the Demon King that causes sickness from entering your area, keep a vegetarian diet for 10 days. On the tenth day, recite 1008 times. This will keep sickness thousand miles away. III. Ucchusma on the Supernatural Power That Stops Hundreds of Transformations North India, Samana Ajitasena brought over this Sutra under the Tang dynasty and translated it from Sanskrit to Chinese. Thich Vien Duc translated it into Vietnamese.

At this time Ucchusma submitted his case to Buddha: World Honored One! If faithful men or women recite my Dharani without results, they don't need to worship me. To bring down a mountain that may contain hidden treasure, use a sharp knife and cut in the four directions of this mountain. The basic ritual is to use a clean cloth, burn benzoinum scent in an urn and recite 1008 times, and then scatter 30 liters of white cabbage seeds into the four directions. Do this seven times and the mountain will collapse. If any treasure exists, the Guardian Deity will leave the mountain. One is free to take anything as desired. To dry out the sea, first recite 1008 times. Using gold or copper to make a Dragon and throw it into the sea. There will be no more water. To make the water of a spring or river flow upward, mold Benzoinum powder in the form of an elephant regardless of size, and throw it in the water while reciting 108 times. To make the water flow normally again, recite the Dharani while holding a clean stone, then throw it in the water. This will re-establish the flow.